Is IKEA Coming To Montana Or Billings? [Full Guide]

With over 52 stores in operation in the US, IKEA can cater to just about any furniture and homeware needs across the United States.

However, you may be wondering if IKEA currently has any plans to open stores in the yet untapped market in Montana. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Is IKEA Coming To Montana Or Billings?

Unfortunately, IKEA has no plans on opening a store in either Montana, Billings, or surrounding areas. IKEA typically opens stores in areas with high population numbers (2 million-plus) within a 60-mile radius. Because of this, there is no viable location or city in the state of Montana for IKEA to open a store.

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Why Are There No IKEA Stores In Montana?

Montana’s largest municipal city is the city of Billings, which has a population of around 109,000 people.

IKEA prefers to open stores in areas with a population of 2 million people within a 60-mile radius, this is so that they can ensure that their investments are valuable and profitable. Currently, Montana is unlikely to appear financially viable for IKEA.

Are There Any IKEA Stores Nearby To Montana?

Unfortunately, by looking at IKEA’s United States store locator, we can see that Montana is generally one of the states furthest away from any IKEA store.

Surrounding states such as Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Minnesota all have IKEA stores, but they are each two states over from Montana, meaning that reaching them would be a considerable endeavor.

Journeys to IKEA stores in Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington would take in excess of 12 hours each, which is completely unviable.

Does IKEA Deliver To Montana?

IKEA endeavors to provide delivery services all across the United States, even if you are in a state without a dedicated IKEA store.

This is because IKEA deliveries are handled in separate locations from IKEA stores, being handled at IKEA distribution centers.

Delivery to Montana with IKEA may vary in price depending on the number of items being delivered, the size of them, the delivery method, and the nearest distribution center’s distance.

There may also be local and independent delivery services that you can use to have IKEA furniture delivered from IKEA stores.

Keep in mind that because of Montana’s distance from IKEA stores, you may have to wait some time for your delivery, which could cost a considerable amount.

IKEA Montana Potential Locations

If IKEA were to open a store in the state of Montana, it would need to be in an opportune location with a vast surrounding population, and a wide land space to accommodate one of their wide and expansive stores.

While this might not be on the cards in 2024, it may be possible in years to come if the population of the state continues to grow

To learn more, you can also see if IKEA has any plans of opening stores in New Mexico, Iowa, Alabama, and South Carolina.


IKEA, unfortunately, has no current plans to open any stores in Montana, largely due to location issues, and perceived issues with profitability.

As well as this, the closest IKEA stores to the state are a more than 13-hour drive away, so heading to a nearby location is also unfeasible.

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