Is IKEA Coming To South Carolina Or Charleston?

IKEA prides itself on being able to offer high-value home goods to their millions of everyday customers across the United States.

However, you may be wondering if IKEA has any plans to open stores in South Carolina or Charleston. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Is IKEA Coming To South Carolina Or Charleston?

Unfortunately, IKEA currently has no plans to open a store in South Carolina, Charleston, or surrounding areas. IKEA generally opens stores in areas with a population larger than 2 million people. Since Charleston has a population of around 130,00, is it not worth the investment from IKEA to open a location.

Read on to find out more potential locations, delivery, and closest locations!

Why Are There No IKEA Stores In South Carolina?

South Carolina’s largest municipality is currently Charleston, with a population of around 135, 257 people.

IKEA stores tend to open up in densely populated areas with a population of at least 2 million people within a 40 to 60-mile radius. This is so that IKEA can ensure that their investments in specific areas are profitable and valuable.

Currently, South Carolina is unlikely to appear valuable to IKEA, and so it may be some time before a local store opens there.

Are There Any IKEA Stores Near To South Carolina?

If you are living in South Carolina and wish to visit an IKEA store in person yourself, you are considerably luckier than residents of states such as Montana. Your nearest IKEA stores are merely a state away.

However, this is still a considerable journey, so be sure that your trip is entirely necessary before you head out!

The nearest IKEA stores to South Carolina can be found in the city of Charlotte, in North Carolina, Atlanta, in Georgia, and Jacksonville in Florida.

The nearest IKEA location to South Carolina is that of Charlotte, in North Carolina, which should take just over 2 hours to reach by car. This is great for those living towards the North-East of South Carolina.

If you live towards the South-West of South Carolina, your nearest stores are in Jacksonville and Atlanta, which should take just over 3 hours to reach by car.

Does IKEA Deliver To South Carolina?

Yes, IKEA endeavors to deliver to locations all across the United States (including South Carolina), even those without their own local IKEA store.

IKEA delivery can vary in cost depending on the amount of items and their size, the delivery method, and the overall distance from the distribution center to your home.

You may also be able to find local and independent delivery drivers and delivery companies who may be willing to pick up and deliver your IKEA order for a far lower price than you could expect from IKEA.

To learn more, you can also see whether or not IKEA is coming to Oklahoma, Lousiana, or Idaho!

Conclusion – Is IKEA Coming to South Carolina Or Charleston?

IKEA currently has no plans to open stores in South Carolina or the Charleston area. This may mostly be due to the fact that IKEA does not view such a venture as commercially viable or profitable.

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