Is McDonald’s In China? (Locations, Menu + More)

While McDonald’s is known throughout the world, you may wonder which countries have McDonald’s and which countries don’t.

Moreover, are you curious about whether or not there’s a McDonald’s in China? And if so, what kind of food does McDonald’s serve in China? Well, look no further for answers! I’m going to answer those questions and more below, so keep reading!

Is McDonald’s in China?

There are 3,787 McDonald’s locations throughout China, making the country the second in most McDonald’s locations worldwide. Additionally, you can find special food at Chinese McDonald’s, such as the Sichuan Double Chicken Burger, Japanese Beef Bowl, and Congee.

Keep on reading to learn all about McDonald’s in China, such as what menu items are unique to China and when China first got a McDonald’s in the country!

How Many McDonald’s Are in China?

Currently, there are 3,787 McDonald’s locations throughout China, and it’s the second-most McDonald’s locations in one country!

What Is McDonald’s Called in China?

McDonald’s is called Jingongmen in China, a name that started in 2017, and it roughly translates to “Golden Arches.” Before 2017, McDonald’s was called Maidanglao.

However, the name change is more on paper than anything else, according to representatives for McDonald’s.

That said, the name change came as McDonald’s sold over 80% of its stake in the Hong Kong and China restaurants to Carlyle Group LP, a private equity firm.

When Did McDonald’s Enter China?

The first McDonald’s appeared in China in 1990 and opened up in Shenzhen, which is near Hong Kong.

Further, opening up near Hong Kong was different from other restaurants, such as KFC, which opened its first restaurant in Beijing.

Is McDonald’s Successful in China?

Yes, McDonald’s is incredibly successful in China and plans on expanding in the next couple of years, with a goal of 4,500 restaurants within the next couple of years.

Furthermore, the people of China love McDonald’s and enjoy the traditional beef burgers and enjoy the Chinese influence and special items exclusive to China.

What Does McDonald’s in China Serve?

What Do McDonald's In China Serve?

You’ll find that McDonald’s in China has a lot of different foods than you see on the American menu, although you can also find classic American menu items.

Fried Pineapple Pie

While America has baked apple pie, China has the Fried Pineapple Pie. The Fried Pineapple Pie is gooey and delicious but looks similar to the apple pie; it’s just fried!

McDonald’s Bowl

The McDonald’s Bowl is a bed of rice with hamburger and pieces of chicken on top of it with some lettuce and sauce.

Furthermore, it’s not a very filling dish, but many people in China enjoy it because it has rice in it, which is a staple of Chinese culture.

Taro Pie

Taro Pie is a fried, purple, and white vegetable that’s starchy and has a hint of vanilla flavoring.

Sichuan Double Chicken Burger

At McDonald’s in China, the Sichuan Double Chicken Burger is a delicious burger that contains two chicken patties, Szechuan sauce, a brioche bun, and lettuce.


Congee is a common breakfast food for Chinese people, and McDonald’s has its version featuring corn, eggs, beef, and oats.

Furthermore, Congee is a very healthy breakfast that’s worth a try if you’re in China.

German Sausage Double Beef Burger

If you’re starving, order the German Sausage Double Beef Burger, which is quickly becoming a favorite among Chinese McDonald’s customers.

This item includes two double beef patties, two German sausages on top of the patties, and mustard squirted all over it, plus a soft bun!


At Chinese McDonald’s, it offers both traditional McNuggets and the McWings, which are served as either a two-piece, four-piece, or six-piece meal.

Grilled Chicken Burger

The Grilled Chicken Burger was so popular with the people in China that McDonald’s had to bring back this menu item full-time!

Crisscut Fries

Crisscut Fries are what Americans call waffle fries, and you can get either Crisscut Fries or normal French Fries in China.

Japanese Beef Bowl

The Japanese Beef Bowl is a trendy item in China, and it’s one of the most unique items that McDonald’s serves in China.

Further, this filling bowl comes with pieces of beef, noodles, and mixed vegetables!

Beef Or Chicken Rolls

China loves rolled food, and McDonald’s caters to this love of rolled food by offering Beef or Chicken Rolls, but they’re a seasonal item.

That said, the beef and chicken rolls feature meat and cabbage with other vegetables rolled up in a crispy skin.

Additionally, it’s very similar to a traditional Spring Roll, so if you’ve ever had one of those, then you’ll know what this food is all about!

How Much Does McDonald’s Cost in China?

McDonald’s offers food in China at similar prices to what you’ll find elsewhere in the world, such as in the United States.

Further, McDonald’s bases prices on the geographical location and the wealth of the people and economy in that country.

Because McDonald’s alters prices based on geographical location, prices can fluctuate.

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