Does Hawaii Have McDonald’s? (All You Need To Know)

You can find McDonald’s in any of the 48 continental United States, but have you ever wondered whether Hawaii has McDonald’s?

Well, look no further for answers! I’m going to tell you whether or not you’ll find McDonald’s in Hawaii and even more facts, such as what a McDonald’s in Hawaii has to offer!

Does Hawaii Have McDonald’s?

Hawaii has many McDonald’s locations. Also, the first McDonald’s in Hawaii opened in 1968 when Maurice Sullivan bought a franchise. Additionally, there are many menu items that you won’t find anywhere else, including Spam breakfast platters, Haupia Pie, Kona Coffee, and a delicious Fruit Punch!

While it’s great news that there’s McDonald’s in Hawaii, the menu isn’t the same elsewhere, so read on to learn about the McDonald’s menu and other important facts!

What Does McDonald’s in Hawaii Serve?

McDonald’s serves many different food items in Hawaii compared to what you’ll see in the continental United States.


One thing McDonald’s offers in Hawaii is Saimin. That said, this meal is noodles in soup, and it’s similar to Ramen noodles but lighter.

Furthermore, you can get seaweed, fish cake, and sliced eggs on top of it, and it’s something a lot of younger kids like to eat.

Spam Platters

Additionally, there’s Spam on the menu at McDonald’s Hawaii locations, and you can order all kinds of Spam platters, including Spam, eggs, and rice.

With that, the people of Hawaii love Spam, and McDonald’s has included a variety of Spam offerings, including breakfast sandwiches.

Haupia Pie

You can’t go anywhere in Hawaii without running into coconut, and that’s exactly what the Haupia is at McDonald’s. Also, it’s deep-fried for even crispier gooey goodness!

When thinking of Haupia, it compares to an apple pie, but instead, it has coconut in the middle, although it’s more of a creamier filling that includes coconut milk.

Fried Taro Pie

Fried Taro Pie McDonald's

The Fried Taro Pie features Taro, which is only available in the Pacific Islands.

Additionally, when you open up this fried pie, you’re going to see purple chunks, kind of like chunky mashed potatoes.

However, the Taro Pie isn’t on the menu at the same time as the Haupia Pie, so it’s not something you can order all of the time.

Fried Apple Pies

Even though McDonald’s took fried apple pies off the menu in most locations, it’s still something you can find in Hawaii, which is worth a try if you visit because it’s so much better than baked!

McTeri Deluxe

A McTeri Deluxe is a Teriyaki burger, and it’s one of the most delicious menu items at McDonald’s locations in Hawaii.

However, this burger isn’t served all of the time, and it’s only available during certain times of the year, similar to the limited availability of the McRib.

Fresh Cut Pineapple

If you’re looking for a sweet treat or just a snack, the Fresh Cut Pineapple is a great choice, which is just pineapples served in a cup.

Furthermore, it’s a cheap menu item at $1.80 for a cup of fresh pineapple, so it’s something you can get for the whole family.

Royal Kona Coffee

Royal Kona is the coffee brand you’ll find at McDonald’s in Hawaii, and it’s the only state where Royal Kona is found at McDonald’s.

Furthermore, since the beginning, this coffee has been with the Hawaii McDonald’s locations because it’s the coffee of choice for Hawaiian natives.

Fruit Punch

Only in Hawaii will you find Harders Supreme Fruit Punch served as the fruit punch drink option at McDonald’s, and it’s worth a try if you like fruit punch flavored drinks.

Additionally, this drink is a favorite among adults and children alike, as it’s one of the hottest sellers, especially in the summer.

How Many McDonald’s Are in Hawaii?

There are 73 McDonald’s locations in Hawaii, and that number is growing every year as more franchise locations continue to pop up throughout the state.

When Did McDonald’s First Open in Hawaii?

McDonald’s started in Hawaii in 1968 when Maurice Sullivan bought a McDonald’s Franchise.

Furthermore, Sullivan was the owner of Foodland Super Market Ltd., the only locally-owned supermarket and largest supermarket in Hawaii.

How Much Is a Big Mac in Hawaii?

A Big Mac in Hawaii costs $6.19 on average, although the price does fluctuate a little depending on which McDonald’s location you’re going to in Hawaii.

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