Is Meijer Gas Top Tier? (Is It Any Good, Who Supplies It + Other FAQs)

With different varieties of fuel available in the petroleum industry, customers have been keen to learn about the various types of gas and their compatibility with vehicles. 

As a result, most customers who visit Meijer stores and gas stations often ask if Meijer gas is Top Tier. Well, I’ve conducted in-depth research on the matter, and here’s what I found out!

Is Meijer Gas Top Tier In 2024?

Meijer gas stations sell Top Tier gasoline as well as diesel fuel in 2024. The store has been listed as one of the licensed retail brands for supplying Top Tier gasoline, meaning that the fuel meets the requirements set by engine manufacturers. The gas station also offers discounts when customers shop with Meijer credit cards and fleet cards.

 If you want to find more information on Meijer’s top tier gas, the kind of gas sold at Meijer, what makes the gas sold at Meijer top tier, if the gas is any good, and much more, keep reading!

What Kind of Gas Does Meijer Sell?

As a Top Tier licensee, Meijer sells Top Tier gasoline for cleaner and running engines.

The gas stations display the TOP TIER™ logo as a supportive marketer of fuel with high standards.

This means that the gas sold at the station meets the specifications for being a Top Tier licensee.

Furthermore, as one of the LEED-certified stores by the US Green Building Council, Meijer offers a variety of fuels alongside gasoline grades.

This selection includes kerosene, diesel, propane, and alternative fuels.

The alternative fuels include E-85 as well as compressed gas at selected stores.

What Makes Meijer Gas Top Tier?

Meijer and Meijer’s Express gas is considered as Top Tier since the gasoline meets the high-performance standards of the Top Tier program.

The gas in the station has passed several tests measuring its ability to keep intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers clean as well as prevent the sticking of the intake valve.

Developed in 2004, Top Tier gasoline goes beyond the minimum standard for detergent additives to protect sophisticated engines from carbon buildup and deposits on the intake valves.

Generally, once oil companies receive bulk fuel from refineries, they create their own blend of gasoline by mixing detergents and additives to improve fuel quality.

Therefore, for gasoline to be Top Tier, it must have an additive package to make the gas more effective than the minimum standard for additives set by the government.

Hence, the gas sold at Meijer gas stations becomes a Top Tier gas since it meets specific detergent additive specifications that surpass the requirement of the EPA.

Is Meijer Gas Good?

Since Meijer sells Top Tier gas, the gasoline sold at the station is considered a good choice since it improves automobile performance as well as longevity.

Top Tier is recognized as a premier fuel performance specification that was specially developed and enforced by heavy-duty equipment and leading automotive manufacturers.

The gas is recommended by the American Automobile Association (AAA) since it hinders carbon buildup in the engine, which could reduce fuel economy.

It may also cause acceleration hesitation or engine knock. 

In general, the Top Tier gas at Meijer has the following advantages over other kinds of gas:

  • Deposit control on intake valves
  • Deposit control on fuel injectors
  • Deposit control on combustion chambers
  • Prevention of intake- valve sticking

Generally, vehicles using the Top Tier gasoline have more benefits than vehicles using gasoline that meets the basic EPA standards.

With the Top Tier Gas, new vehicles will benefit by keeping the engines clean and running optimally, while old vehicles will benefit from increased engine performance as well as prolonged vehicle life.

How Much Does Meijer Gas Cost?

How Much Does Meijer Gas Cost?

Although Meijer gas prices may vary depending on the location, the following is a summary of the approximate prices of gas at Meijer:

  • Regular gas: $3.94 per gallon
  • Mid-grade: $ 4.24 per gallon
  • Premium: $ 4.54 per gallon
  • Diesel: $4.59 per gallon    

How Can You Save on Meijer Gas Prices?

If you want to save some money on Meijer fuel costs, you can sign up for a Meijer Mastercard and Meijer Fleet Card, and use the card when purchasing gas at Meijer gas stations.

With the Meijer Fleet Card, the customer’s business can save up to 5 cents per gallon with a monthly rebate from the first gallon.

With the Meijer Mastercard, you will receive a 10¢ discount per gallon whenever you fuel at any Meijer gas station.

Furthermore, you will receive a $10 reward for the first purchase, and an additional $10 for every $750 spent using the Meijer cards.

Consequently, if you combine such rewards and mPerks rewards, you can save money and spend it on other commodities other than gas.

What Time Does Meijer Gas Stations Close?

Gas pumps available at most Meijer gas stations operate 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, except for Christmas day.

However, Meijer gas station convenience stores open from 6 am to 12 am, while others open at 5 am and close at noon.

Some Meijer Express stations open at 7:00 am and close at 9:00 pm.

However, the service turnstile window at these locations is available from 6: 00 am to 7:00 am and 9:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Does Meijer Top Tier Gas Require Membership?

Fortunately, Meijer doesn’t require customers to get a membership for purchasing Top Tier gas or any other fuel from the stations.

The store operates as a regular retail store and does not use the business model of warehouse clubs.

Hence, customers can pay for the gas at the pump or inside the gas station without worrying about a membership.

What Other Gas Stations Sell Top Tier Gasoline?

Apart from Meijer, several licensed retail brands sell Top Tier gas. These licensed brands include the following:

●     76 ●      Express Mart ●     Metro Petro ●     Reeders
●     ARCO ●     Exxon ●     Mobil ●     Road Ranger
●     Aloha ●     Fast Fuel ●     Ohana Fuels ●     Rutter’s
●     Beacon ●     GetGo ●     PUMA ●     Shamrock
●     Breakaway ●     HFN – Hawaii Fueling Network ●     Philips 66 ●     Shell
●     CITGO ●     Harmons Fuel Stop ●     Primax ●     Simonson Station Stores
●     Cenex ●     Hele ●     QT ●     Sinclair
●     Chevron ●     Holiday ●     QuikTrip ●     Sunoco
●     Conoco ●     Kirkland Signature Gasoline ●     Ranger ●     Texaco
●     Costco ●     Kwik Star ●     Ranger Fuel ●     Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery

 All of the above retail locations have proven to meet the high standards of the Top Tier Program and hence approved to have the Top Tier logo prominently displayed.

These logos are displayed on the gas pump, the pump handle, canopy, or in the station window.

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Meijer and Meijer Express gas stations sell Top Tier gas that surpasses the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and helps in improving the performance of automobiles.

Customers can purchase the Top Tier gas at any Meijer gas station and receive discounts when they use Meijer Mastercard as well as the Meijer Fleet Card.

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