Is Page Plus Verizon? (All You Need To Know)

Have you heard about Page Plus before and are wondering, is Page Plus Verizon? Do you want to know if Page Plus uses Verizon towers?

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Is Page Plus Verizon In [currentyear]?

Page Plus is an MVNO that ran exclusively on the Verizon network and is now a subsidiary of Verizon Communications since it’s owned by Tracfone Wireless, which Verizon Communications just acquired as of [currentyear]. Furthermore, Page Plus customers will now have the same service and features as regular Verizon customers.

Do you have even more questions about Page Plus, such as if it’s worth buying? If so, continue reading to have all of your most important questions answered!

Does Page Plus Use Verizon Towers?

Page Plus exclusively runs on the Verizon network, which means Page Plus uses Verizon towers.

Also, since Verizon acquired Tracfone, it means that all Page Plus devices and customers will be on the Verizon network and cannot switch to another provider.

Will Page Plus Service Change With Verizon?

Verizon acquired Tracfone, which owned Page Plus, so there will not be any changes to the service that Page Plus customers receive.

However, Page Plus customers will have even better services and features due to this acquisition, including more plan features, device options, and international calling options!

Can I Use A Verizon SIM Card With Page Plus?

You can use a Verizon SIM card with Page Plus since Page Plus runs exclusively on the Verizon network, which means there’s no incompatibility with Verizon SIM cards.

Do All Verizon Phones Work With Page Plus?

All Verizon phones will work with Page Plus since Page Plus uses the Verizon network, and all phones being sold now are capable of 4G LTE, so there are no issues to worry about!

Additionally, if you have an unlocked phone from any manufacturer such as Samsung or Motorola, they will also work with Page Plus.

Is Page Plus Coverage As Good As Verizon’s?

Is Page Plus Coverage As Good As Verizon’s?

Page Plus coverage is just as good as Verizon’s since it runs exclusively on the Verizon network.

That said, you can use a Page Plus phone and prepaid plan in rural or suburban areas without issue.

Is Page Plus Cheaper Than Verizon?

Page Plus is an MVNO, a mobile virtual network operator, and that means it does not have its own network but relies on Verizon to run and provide excellent 4G LTE coverage.

Also, Page Plus provides low-cost cell phones and prepaid plans that are much cheaper than Verizon.

For example, Page Plus has an unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $55 per month, which is a better deal than a single unlimited line with Verizon.

Also, several other prepaid plan options are available for Page Plus customers, which are significantly cheaper than any Verizon plan you can get.

How Do I Switch Phone Numbers With Page Plus?

You can easily switch your phone number with Page Plus by contacting Page Plus customer service at 1-800-550-2436, and you can change your phone number within minutes.

In addition, you’re not charged a fee if you change your phone number, so you can switch it without worrying about that.

Can I Transfer My Page Plus Number To Verizon?

You can transfer your Page Plus phone number to Verizon when you activate any Verizon Wireless prepaid phone.

Further, it takes up to 24 hours to transfer your phone number to Verizon, and it’s easy to do just by going to the Switch To Verizon page and starting the process.

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Page Plus has been a subsidiary of Verizon Communications since Verizon acquired Tracfone, which operated Page Plus.

Additionally, Page Plus customers don’t need to do anything since they already use the Verizon network, but new services and features will be coming to Page Plus customers.

Also, Page Plus has the same great coverage as Verizon since it uses the Verizon towers. Therefore, you can expect reliable 4G LTE service.

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