Verizon FIOS Remote Not Working (List of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Do you have Verizon Fios and have run into a problem with your remote not working, and would like to know how to fix this problem quickly?

Well, I’ve been researching why your Verizon Fios remote might not be working and have found several potential fixes, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Verizon FIOS Remote Working In [currentyear]

To fix your Verizon Fios remote, you can try to change out the batteries to see if that fixes the issue, or you can take them out and wait 30 seconds, and put them back in. Additionally, you can try to reboot your cable box and ensure it’s plugged into a working power outlet in [currentyear].

Are you looking for more ways to solve the Verizon Fios remote problem? If so, keep reading, because I have even more possible fixes below!

1. Change the Remote Batteries

The easiest way to fix your Verizon Fios remote is to change out your remote batteries, which can be done in less than one minute.

Furthermore, the batteries that come with your remote are a generic brand and they are not known to last very long, so switch them with a good name-brand battery so they last!

2. Take Out the Batteries & Put Them Back In

Simply taking out the batteries and putting them back in can solve problems with the Fios remote not working, since they may have become dislodged from the remote being dropped.

3. Reboot Your Cable Box

Rebooting your cable box can fix the Verizon Fios remote, especially if there is a sync issue between your cable box and your remote.

To illustrate, just turn the cable box off, unplug the cable box, wait a few minutes, turn the cable box back on, and wait for it to completely load.

Try to change the channels with the remote or power the cable box on or off to see if it’s now synched.

4. Ensure TV and Cable Box Are Plugged in a Working Outlet

The issue could be with your television and cable box and not with the remote.

Therefore, make sure that your cable box and television are hooked up to a working power outlet to eliminate that possibility.

For example, you can plug a lamp or other item into the same power outlet that the cable box and television are on to make sure there is power running to both devices.

5. Reprogram the Remote Control

If you want to fix your Verizon Fios remote, you can try to reprogram it.

However, the steps to reprogram the remote will vary depending on which remote you own, but you can find the steps in the user manual for your remote. 

6. Remove Items in Front of the Sensor

6. Remove Items in Front of Sensor Verizon

Your remote needs to have a direct line to the sensor on the cable box or television for it to work, so if you have items blocking your cable box or television, it could cause interference.

Therefore, remove those obstacles that are blocking the sensors from seeing each other to fix the issue.

7. Check All Cables

You want to check all of the cables running from your television and your cable box to make sure everything is plugged in and secure if you’ve found Verizon Fios remote not working.

For example, you’ll want to make sure that the HDMI cord is plugged into the cable box and television, that the power cords are plugged in and secure, and coaxial is plugged in.

You also want to inspect the cords for damage to make sure there are no frayed ends or holes that could cause either device to not work properly, which leads to the remote not working.

8. Contact Verizon Fios

Lastly, if you cannot fix the Verizon Fios remote, then you should contact the company for further assistance, and a technician might need to come out and see what’s going on.

Furthermore, there could be an issue with your cable box, lines running to your home, or you may have a defective remote control.

Does Verizon Replace Remotes for Free?

Verizon only replaces remotes for free if the remote is found to be defective within the first 90 days, or else you’ll have to pay $14.99 for the new remote control.

How Do You Reset Your Verizon Fios Remote?

You can reset your Verizon Fios remote quickly if you have P265 by pressing down on the “2” and “OK” buttons at the same time, letting them go, and then pressing 9-0-0.

However, resetting your Verizon Fios remote will vary depending on which model you own, so you should look at your remote user guide or the back of the remote for further instructions.

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To fix a Verizon Fios remote, you can try to first install new batteries into the remote since they could be drained or almost drained.

Additionally, you can take the batteries out and put them back in since they could have become dislodged, or you can unplug your cable box and plug it back in.

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