Is Sony Rewards Legit? (All You Need to Know)

Sony Rewards sounds like a great idea. Why not sign up for a membership if it can help you earn prizes, right? However, reward programs often come with a catch.

So, before you go to the effort of joining, you probably want to know if it’s legit. If so, keep reading to understand more about the Sony Rewards program and if it’s safe to join!  

Is Sony Rewards Legit in 2024?

Sony Rewards is a legit membership-only program in 2024. Members earn points by purchasing Sony-related goods and services and using Sony or PlayStation Visa credit cards. After they accumulate points, they can redeem them for Sony merchandise, experiences, or special deals. This program comes with an app to make the Rewards program easier to use.

Now that you know the Sony Rewards program is legit, you may have more questions about how to join. Read on to learn all you need to know about Sony Rewards!

Is Sony Rewards a Real Thing?

Sony Rewards is a real thing, and you can check out the Sony Reward website to sign up and learn more. 

What Is the Sony Rewards Program?

This membership-only program has people earn points for purchasing Sony items through the Sony or PlayStation store. 

These points can be accumulated and redeemed for Sony merchandise, games, event tickets, and special deals. 

Did Sony Make Sony Rewards?

Sony created Sony Rewards to recognize consumers and incentivize them to purchase items with Sony and PlayStation credit cards. 

Is Sony Rewards Free?

Currently, it is free to sign up for a Sony Rewards membership.

However, you will earn the most points by purchasing items in the Sony and PlayStation stores and by using the Sony and PlayStation credit cards. 

So, while the membership is free, you will likely have to pay to get points. 

How Do You Earn Rewards on Sony Rewards?

Rewards are earned through a point system. To get points, you must be a Sony Rewards member. Then, you must use Sony-related credit cards or purchase Sony products or services. 

After accumulating points, you can redeem them for merchandise, experiences, or special deals. However, note that you need a certain number of points to redeem each reward item. 

How Can You Earn Sony Rewards Points?

How Can You Earn Sony Rewards Points?

You can earn Sony rewards points in the following ways:

  • Use your Sony Visa or PlayStation Visa credit cards.
  • Register DVDs on the Sony Rewards app.
  • Upload your select movie ticket stubs to the Sony Rewards app.

What Are Sony Rewards Trophies?

Trophies are prizes won through Sony PlayStation’s loyalty program, PlayStation Stars. This program is separate from the Sony Rewards system. 

PlayStation Stars allows PlayStation users to get points by completing campaigns and activities. 

Campaigns can earn you points for checking-in monthly or winning tournaments or trophies. 

You can use these points on the PlayStation Store. However, they don’t count toward Sony Rewards points. 

How Can You Redeem Sony Rewards Points?

Head to the Redeem section on the Sony Reward site to use your Sony Reward points. Here, you can view Sony Reward options:

  • Shop the catalog of Sony items.
  • View event tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other shows.
  • Browse special deals on select items.
  • See exclusive rewards for members.

What Is the Sony Rewards App?

Sony Rewards also has an app exclusively for reward members. 

To download the app, you’ll need to enter your phone number and wait for a text message with the link. You can also search for it on the Google Play Store. 

With this app, you can perform useful functions related to Sony Rewards:

  • Check your point balance.
  • Upload select movie tickets to earn points.
  • Complete challenges and score with Sony Rewards Passes.
  • Use points to bid on Showstopper experiences. 
  • Redeem your points for Sony products.
  • View select Sony Entertainment content.

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Sony Rewards is a real program to incentivize consumers to purchase Sony products and services. In return, they earn points they can redeem for Sony merchandise, experiences, and deals. 

You can earn points using Sony Visa or PlayStation Visa credit cards or buying from the Sony Store. Using the Sony Rewards App, you can also upload movie stubs and register DVDs for extra points.

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