Is There Walmart In Chile? (All You Need to Know)

Almost everyone knows what Walmart is and the seemingly endless products it has to offer. However, Walmart isn’t solely based in the United States, as the company continues to expand into the international market.

With this in mind, you might be wondering if you can find Walmart in Chile. I was curious about the same thing and researched the matter in-depth. So, if you have questions about Walmart’s presence in Chile, its history, and more, you’re in the right place!

Is There Walmart In Chile In [currentyear]?

There’s Walmart in Chile as of [currentyear]. After beginning negotiations in 2008, Walmart acquired Chilean company Distribucion y Servicio D&S S.A in 2009. Becoming a majority shareholder, Walmart quickly changed the company’s name to Walmart Chile or Walmart de Chile. Latin America was a popular location for eCommerce, and Walmart wanted to be in the market.

Walmart has a rich history in Chile; keep reading to learn more about its presence!

When Did Walmart Come To Chile?

Starting in December 2008, Chilean company Distribucion y Servicio D&S S.A began negotiations for Walmart to obtain a majority stake in the company.

Then, in 2009 Walmart and D&S began the integration process to maintain good practices and cultural values.

Also, Walmart began implementing new, more efficient systems to help the company grow globally.

As soon as the company was acquired, it was rebranded as Walmart Chile or Walmart de Chile.

Why Did Walmart Decide To Expand Into Chile?

Although Walmart will spend money renovating building locations in Chile, it will primarily emphasize online sales and eCommerce.

As seen with other Chilean retailers, Latin America has been a hot spot for eCommerce in recent years, and Walmart wants to capitalize on this trend.

Where Is The Headquarters For Walmart In Chile?

Walmart Chile headquarters are in Santiago, Chile. According to Bloomberg, the address for the Walmart Chile headquarters is:

Avenida del Valle 725

Ciudad Empresarial

Huechuraba, Chile

What Is Walmart Called In Chile?

Walmart Chile is also known as Walmart de Chile or Walmex.

With that, Walmart has successfully created a supermarket chain that’s now one of the most popular supermarkets in the country.

Additionally, under the Walmart Chile brand, you can find several sub-brands, including:

  • Lider
  • Lider Express
  • Super Bodega aCuenta
  • Central Mayorista
  • (an eCommerce site)


At Lider, you get to experience the “one-stop-shop” for all your needs. From grocery to home appliances, this hypermarket has everything you need and more!

Lider Express

At Lider Express, Chileans can conveniently shop for groceries on their busy weekdays quickly and easily.

That said, Lider Express offers a wide range of goods to satisfy your needs, including essential home goods, quality groceries, and household necessities.

Super Bodega aCuenta

Super Bodega aCuenta Walmart

SuperBodega aCuenta does what no other bodega can do; provide quality products for low-income customers (all at dirt-cheap prices).

Therefore, it’s an excellent bargain for your buck with simple, no-frills stores and a large selection of private label products!

Central Mayorista

For the best prices on wholesale beverages, head to Central Mayorista!

Businesses like liquor stores, kiosks, and restaurants are just some of the many types of customers who come to Central Mayorista for their needs.

By shopping on, you have online access to the many Walmart products.

Further, is the eCommerce platform that offers groceries, electronics, computers, home goods, sports gear, and more!

Also, with home delivery and store pick-up options, you can get everything delivered right to your door or go pick it up at Walmart stores.

Who Is The CEO For Walmart In Chile?

Currently, the CEO of Walmart in Chile is Gonzalo Gebara. That said, he’s been with the company since 2000 and has had a lot of experience in international business.

Internationally, he was Senior Director of International Integration in Brazil, Central America, Japan, and China before arriving in Chile in 2009, where he became Director of Operations.

In 2016, Gebara was promoted to Commercial Vice President of Walmart Chile.

While in this role, he oversaw developing the strategy and overall management of all commercial initiatives for brick-and-mortar stores and the eCommerce division.

During his ten-year tenure in Chile, he developed and launched the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics division.

After that, he was appointed Chief Administration Officer in Chile and Argentina in 2019.

Now, he’s responsible for implementing the company’s real estate strategy regarding the construction and remodeling of stores.

How Do I Find A Job At Walmart In Chile?

If you’re interested in working at Walmart in Chile, there are many jobs available. With that, interested applicants can search on Walmart Careers Page by clicking Súmate a Nuestra misión.

Since Spanish is the national language, that’s the default language on the website.

But, you can have your search engine translate the webpage, if necessary, by clicking on the chat bubble next to refresh in the search bar.

When you’re ready to apply, you must visit the newly designed employment portal. Inside the employment portal, you can find a lot of helpful information.

Within this system, applicants will not only be able to apply for a job, but they can track the status of their application.

Therefore, HR staff can review submitted documents from applicants in real-time and get you results quicker.

Additionally, employees use this system to track training, onboarding, and benefits to keep human resources running smoothly. 

What Is Walmart Called In Mexico And Central America?

Walmart de México y Centroamérica or Walmex is the Mexican and Central American Walmart division.

That said, it’s the company’s largest division outside the US and consists of 2,703 stores around the country.

As of last count, Walmex operated 2,703 retail outlets in Mexico, under the banner of Walmart Supercenter, Superama, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrerá, Mi Bodega Aurrera and Bodega Aurrerá Express.

Since 2012, Walmart has been Mexico’s largest private-sector employer with 209,000 employees. Further, approximately one-fifth of Walmex stores are in Mexico.

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Walmart came to Chile to take advantage of the rise in eCommerce in Latin America and expand internationally by associating with a well-known brand.

That said, multiple brands operate under the Walmart Chile umbrella to provide a wide range of low-cost services to Chilean residents.

Through this relationship, Walmart has gained access to thousands of qualified workers and a CEO that’s well-versed in international business that will benefit the company for a year to come!

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