Is Tractor Supply In Canada? (All You Need To Know)

Since Tractor Supply focuses on supporting a rural lifestyle and Canada is very much an agricultural country, you would expect to find Tractor Supply stores there.

Read on if you’re among those who’ve wondered if Tractor Supply is in Canada. I’ve looked it up and have all you need to know here!

Is Tractor Supply In Canada In [currentyear]?

Tractor Supply does not have any stores in Canada as of [currentyear]. All Canadian Tractor Supply operations were sold to a Canadian investment company in 1987 and functioned independently of the US stores. In 2016, Tractor Supply operations in Canada were bought by Peavey Industries Ltd. and rebranded as Peavey Mart, which sells farm supplies and hardware.

If you want to learn out more about the history of Tractor Supply in Canada and where to find Peavey Mart stores, carry on reading. You’ll find all the details here!

Does Tractor Supply Have Stores In Canada?

The first Tractor Supply in Canada opened back in 1966, but there are currently no Tractor Supply stores in Canada.

In 2016, all Tractor Supply operations in Canada were acquired by Peavey Industries and rebranded as Peavey Mart. However, Tractor Supply stores do have a history in Canada.

For example, the first Canadian Tractor Supply store was in London, Ontario, and by 1987, there were ten locations in the province.

In 1987, these were sold to a Toronto-based investment company, Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc.

For a long time, Canadian Tractor Supply stores operated independently of the US chain, but in 2016 they were sold to Peavey Industries and rebranded.

Then, Peavey Industries renamed the Canadian Tractor Supply stores Peavey Mart, so there are no more Tractor Supply stores in Canada now.

Currently, there are 89 Peavey Mart locations in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

What Do Peavey Mart Stores Sell?

Like Tractor Supply, Peavey Mart stores specialize in hardware and agricultural supply products for a rural lifestyle.

Moreover, Peavey Mart’s tagline is “Hardware And A Whole Lot More”, and its product categories live up to this claim. That said, the product categories at Peavy Mart include:

  • Animal & Equine
  • Automotive
  • Clothing
  • Farming
  • Fencing
  • Footwear
  • Homesteading
  • Home Improvement
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Outdoor Living
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Pet & Birding
  • Tools & Welding
  • Toys
  • Sporting Goods

How Do I Find A Peavey Mart Store In Canada?

How Do I Find A Peavey Mart Store In Canada?

You can use the online store locator tool to find a Peavey Mart store location in Canada. With that, you can search by address, location, and zip code.

Where Is Peavey Mart’s Headquarters In Canada?

Peavey Mart’s headquarters in Canada are located in Red Deer, Alberta. Currently, Peavy Mart has 89 stores across Canada, from British Columbia to Ontario.

Additionally, the Peavy Mart headquarter address is:

Peavey Industries Home Office,

7740 40 Avenue,

Red Deer, AB T4P 2H9

Also, Peavey Industries owns the Canadian operations of Ace Hardware.

Does Tractor Supply Deliver To Canada?

Unfortunately, Tractor Supply does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

Instead, online shoppers in Canada can look for their items on the Peavey Mart website, as the company carries very similar products to Tractor Supply.

What Are Some Other Stores Like Tractor Supply In Canada?

Canada is a major agricultural producer with farms of many kinds and sizes, and it has several major farm supply stores to keep them running.

However, many farm supply stores in Canada are online-only, and several only supply very large farms or retailers.

Moreover, some of the major farm supply retailers in Canada besides Peavey Mart include:

  • Rona: a division of Lowe’s Canada that sells farm supplies, hardware, and construction supplies
  • Livestock Equipment Canada: sells livestock and farm equipment in stores and online
  • QCSupply: sells farm supplies in stores and online
  • Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd: sells agricultural and pet supplies in its stores and online

Also, other farm stores in Canada besides Peavey Mart may not have the same wide range of products as Tractor Supply.

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Tractor Supply no longer has any stores in Canada, as the stores were sold to Peavey Industries in 2016 and are now known as Peavey Mart.

Currently, 89 Peavey Mart stores in Canada continue to sell a range of merchandise very similar to Tractor Supply in stores and online.

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