Is Walmart Evil? (An Unbiased Look At The Good & Bad) 

Walmart is the biggest company globally, with over 11,500 stores and the largest employer, with more than 2.2 million employees.

So with such a large footprint, many question their practices and wonder if Walmart is evil. Here is what I uncovered. 

Is Walmart Evil? 

Walmart has been called evil many times by the media. Some of the scandals include overworking and underpaying their employees and using child labor overseas. So, while Walmart cannot be considered evil, some of the things they do have been known to make many people unhappy. 

It seems like the majority of the public either loves or hates them, but almost everyone has shopped there at least once. 

Let’s look at some of the good and evil things that Walmart has been accused of in the media.  

Why Walmart Is One of the Good Guys 

Why Walmart Is One of the Good Guys 

As a place to shop, Walmart is hard to beat. They have a large selection, most are open 24 hours a day, and their prices are almost impossible to beat.

In fact, if you need something they do not have, they will get it delivered from another store.

And if they do not have the lowest price on something, they will beat the competition if you show them the ad.

So, if you are a Walmart customer, you know the benefits of shopping there. But you may not know all the good things they do for the community. Here are some of the most important programs that Walmart has for communities: 

  • The Associate Giving” program encourages employees to easily give to local charities by having it taken out of their checks.  
  • Their Fight Hunger Spark Change program has raised over $75 million in food for Feeding America. 
  • Their Volunteerism Always Pays program provides grants to local nonprofit organizations. They also support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They provide jobs for over 2.2 million people (including 200,000 jobs to veterans). 
  • Walmart has been working with the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign since 1996.

Walmart May Be Guilty Of Some Evil Things

Walmart May Be Guilty Of Some Evil Things

Just Google the name Walmart, and you will get a variety of good and bad articles. Some websites blame the company for everything from discrimination to sweatshops.

However, many of these stories are not verified. We do not want to spread rumors that may not be true, so you should take these accusations with a grain of salt.  

  • According to the Telegraph, Walmart buys from sweatshops where women and children are forced to work long hours. 
  • Although they are supposed to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, Walmart has lost many lawsuits over the years for discrimination 
  • And CNN claims that women who work for Walmart factories overseas have mandatory overtime in unsafe working conditions 
  • The company has also been found guilty of making their employees skip breaks and work off the clock. But often, they settle out of court rather than being found guilty. 
  • The company orders the management to work with the smallest crew possible. This may seem like a no-brainer for businesses to make a profit. However, it also causes those who work these skeleton crews to be overworked.
  • Walmart also buys from the prison system so they can offer the lowest prices. Although, many feel this does not seem like a big deal since the prisoners are actually getting paid to do the work that they would normally do for free.  
  • Walmart takes money away from communities by causing small companies to go out of business.

It is important to note that many of the claims about Walmart may be true, but some are not backed up by reputable sources.

It is easy to find out whether these accusations are true in some cases just by looking it up online. However, you can never be completely sure whether what you are reading online is true.  

You will really just have to use your own judgment and make your own decision about Walmart 

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