Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy (All You Need To Know)

Major retail stores continually offer a range of discounts and promotions on items for their customers year-round, along with a price adjustment policy for customers who have very recently missed out on these special deals.

So if you’ve bought items from Kohl’s only to later find their prices reduced after your purchase, you may be wondering – what is Kohl’s price adjustment policy, and can you get the difference refunded? Read on to find out!

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy

Kohl’s will adjust the prices of select items if customers bought them at a regular/sale price which was reduced later on. However, customers must make the price adjustment request within two weeks after purchase and bring the original receipt to receive the refund for the difference.

If you want to learn more about how to ask for a price adjustment at Kohl’s, which products do not qualify for an adjustment, and much more, keep on reading!

How Do You Ask For A Price Adjustment At Kohl’s?

The way customers can ask for price adjustments on Kohl’s clothes and other items will depend on whether they made their purchase online or in a physical Kohl’s location.

If the purchase was made in a Kohl’s store, customers are required to bring their receipts to the Customer Service Desk. This also includes clothing and other products ordered online to be picked up in-store.

For orders made on Kohls.com, customers can request a price adjustment by chatting with customer service representatives on the Ask Us button at the bottom of the website page.

Note that customers who made online purchases can also get prices adjusted at a physical Kohl’s store.

Does Kohl’s Offer A Price Adjustment After Two Weeks?

Does Kohl’s Offer A Price Adjustment After Two Weeks?

Kohls.com does not specify whether or not Kohl’s will grant an extension on the two-week time limit for price adjustments.

However, according to a Kohl’s customer service agent, Kohl’s does generally enforce the two-week limit and will not accept price adjustment requests made after two weeks from the purchase date.

Note that this may vary depending on the product and the time of year it was purchased, so customers should speak to their local Kohl’s associates or a Kohl’s customer service agent to see if an extension is possible.

Does Kohl’s Offer Price Adjustments For All Store Products?

Kohl’s will offer price adjustments to customers for most of its clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other products.

However, there are some items (such as discounted and on-sale products) that do not qualify for a price adjustment.

For example, if the item was part of a BOGO (buy one, get one free) or clearance sale or was marked down to either of these sales within two weeks of the original purchase, Kohl’s will not be able to grant an adjustment.

Additionally, Kohl’s Care items are also ineligible for price adjustment as the funds for those products go towards a charitable cause. This also applies to gift cards, as they are not subject to discounts and coupons.

Which Kohl’s Brands Do Not Qualify For Price Adjustment?

In most cases, Kohl’s will be able to grant a price adjustment on clothing, shoes, and other merchandise.

However, there are some categories and brands that Kohl’s carries that currently do not qualify for price adjustments.

Here is a list of the brands excluded from Kohl’s price adjustment policy:

  • Columbia
  • Dyson
  • KitchenAid (select items)
  • Koolaburra by UGG
  • Levi’s
  • Lovepop
  • S’well
  • Timberland

Other than that, Kohl’s will not adjust the prices of these categories of products:

  • Online exclusives (select)
  • Beauty and fragrance
  • Toys
  • Sporting goods (Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc.)
  • Sports team merchandise (MLB, NHL, NBA, etc.)
  • Premium sunglasses (DKNY, Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, etc.)
  • Consumables (Candy bars, Starbucks, Tassimo, etc.)
  • Select electrics (Nikon, Scholastic, Nespresso, etc.)
  • Premium athletic
  • Curated by Kohl’s Brands (Adore Me, Citrus & Lemon, Cleancult, etc.)
  • Premium electronics (Skullcandy, Acer, Dell, etc.)
  • Gift cards

Note that Kohl’s stores will indicate via signage which brands are eligible and which are not for price adjustments.

If customers are uncertain, however, they can consult a Kohl’s associate or check the list of all excluded brands on Kohls.com.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on Sam’s Club’s price adjustment policy, Walmart’s price adjustment policy, and Target’s price adjustment policy.


Kohl’s offers price adjustments for clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other items that are eligible, as long as customers ask for a refund within two weeks of their original purchase. These refunds can be processed both in-store and online.

However, Kohl’s does not grant price adjustments for ineligible products such as sporting goods, gift cards, beauty and fragrance products, and other select merchandise.

Customers can reference Kohl’s Exclusions list to see if they are able to ask for a price adjustment for a particular brand or product.

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