Lowe’s Aisle RW, LW, GC, 950 + Other Store Meanings

With over 2000 stores in operation, navigating around Lowe’s can be a challenge if you do not know the aisle meanings.

Frequent visitors to Lowe’s may be wondering what some of the store meanings are, including RW, LW, and more. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have discovered about Lowe’s store meanings!

Lowe’s Aisle RW, LW, GC, 950, + Other Store Meanings In 2023 

The initialisms of Lowe’s aisles often refer to their location in the stores to help customers find their way around. For example, the GC store meaning is the Garden Center and LW means Left Wall. Lowe’s employees can help you find the correct aisles.

For more information about Lowe’s aisle meanings, including what they are, what they mean and how to find them, then keep reading!

What is Lowe’s Aisle RW?

The Lowe’s aisle RW often refers to as the Right Wall.

Often, the W in Lowe’s store meanings will stand for ‘Wall’, with the letter before it indicating the direction of the wall.

What is Lowe’s Aisle LW?

The aisle LW at Lowe’s refers to the Left Wall.

What is Lowe’s Aisle BW?

The aisle BW at Lowe’s refers to the Back Wall.

What is Lowe’s Aisle GC?

What is Lowe’s Aisle GC?

The GC aisles at Lowe’s refers to the area of the store that is dedicated to their Garden Center.

If the product location describes GC and a number, it usually means the product is located in the tall outdoor aisles in the garden center at Lowe’s.

Products that Lowe’s stores in their tall aisles include soils, stones, and other large products.

If the Lowe’s product does not have a number and instead reads GCSW, it means the product is located in the Garden Center along the Side Wall. 

What is Lowe’s Aisle N?

The use of N before a product at Lowe’s actually means the product can be located on equipment known as a Clip Strip.

The Clip Strip at Lowe’s is usually used for hanging smaller products that do not require their own shelf or aisle, rather in addition to central products found in that area.

Clip Strips at Lowe’s are often identified through the use of the letter N, however, online shoppers have reported there can be other letters for Clip Strip items.

What is Lowe’s Aisle A13?

A13 at Lowe’s usually suggests the product can be located within a promotional bin or a large cardboard shipper.

Lowe’s often stocks popular and necessity items within A13 locations, such as smoke alarms and other electronics.

What Do I Do if Lowe’s Has the Same Product in Different Locations?

Some products at Lowe’s may be stocked in different aisles within the store. If there are several numbers relating to the location of the item, it means the item is stocked in all those aisles.

Alternatively, the item may be on an end-cap of the aisle, meaning it is shared between the two aisle numbers at Lowe’s.

How Can I Find out Store Meanings at Lowe’s?

Using the Lowe’s website, customers will be told the precise location of their product using the aisle codes provided.

Additionally, customers can ask greeters or other Lowe’s staff about the location of their product, or ask to be directed to the specific aisle found using the Lowe’s website.

Lowe’s have also updated their shopping app to allow virtual maps of each specific store, meaning customers can identify the location of their products.

The Lowe’s virtual map can also help customers locate amenities such as restrooms, call buttons and other services, such as carpet cutting.

Does Lowe’s App Have a Store Map?

The Lowe’s app allows shoppers to easily locate items within their local stores. Once a customer has selected their local Lowe’s store, the Lowe’s app will be able to provide the desired aisle through the interactive map on the app.

Additionally, customers can earn rewards on purchasing these items through the app using their MyLowe’s loyalty program.

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The Lowe’s aisle meanings are used to help employees and customers locate products in-store. Using initialisms is an efficient way to order Lowe’s inventory and make the shopping experience of their customers seamless.

As well as asking Lowe’s greeters and other employers, the hardware retailer has also introduced an app to help customers locate their products. The Lowe’s app offers a virtual map to help guide customers to their desired items.

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