Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More? (Guide)

To help customers with their DIY projects, Lowe’s provides a number of products and services in-store and online. Shoppers can visit their local Lowe’s and have their materials cut or bent to size.

Customers at Lowe’s may be wondering if the hardware retailer is able to bend pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing, copper pipe, and more. After doing some research, here is what I have found out about materials that can be bent at Lowe’s!

Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not bend pipe, including conduit, rebar, flashing, or copper pipe within their stores. However, Lowe’s does sell and rent a variety of tools that will allow customers to bend the pipe themselves. Additionally, Lowe’s may be able to recommend local stores that can bend these materials for customers.

For more information about whether Lowe’s can bend pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing or copper pipes, and more, then keep reading!

Does Lowe’s Bend Metal Pipe?

While Lowe’s can offer free pipe threading and cutting for galvanized or black iron pipe, they cannot bend pipes in-store.

The service used at Lowe’s to cut and thread pipes is a machine designed for the purpose. Therefore, Lowe’s staff do not have the means to bend pipe material in-store.

Where Can I Get Metal Pipe Bent Instead?

Lowe’s sells tools to help you bend pipes yourself. Some of the top options sold at Lowe’s for pipe bending include the Kobalt Spring Tube Bender and the LENOX Od Tube Bender.

Alternatively, Lowe’s competitor Ace Hardware is also able to bend pipes in-store, including metal and plastic pipes.

At Ace Hardware, you can also purchase and cut the exact length of your pipe required and have it bent by a professional.

Does Lowe’s Bend Conduit?

Lowe’s is also unable to bend conduit in-store, despite the fact that they sell a range of conduit products.

However, Lowe’s does sell a range of products in order to help you bend conduit yourself. Two of the top options sold at Lowe’s are by IDEAL, including the ¾-inch IMC Conduit Bender and the 1-inch IMC Conduit Bender.

Where Can I Bend Conduit Instead?

It may be recommended to contact your local electrician shop, as they may have facilities that will enable you to bend conduit material.

Bending conduit can be done manually using the right tools, which can be purchased from stores such as Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Bend Rebar?

Does Lowe’s Bend Rebar?

Lowe’s is unable to bend rebar as they do not have the correct equipment, similar to competitors Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

Where Can I Bend Rebar Instead?

While Lowe’s cannot bend rebar, they sell a range of tools that are suitable for the purpose, as well as rebar.

Lowe’s has a range of rebar cutters and benders available in their stores. Some of the top options for bending rebar at Lowe’s include the 60-inch Single End Rebar Hickey Bender and the Mini 3-Pin Rebar Bender.

Alternatively, it might be best to get a local contractor to bend the rebar for you if you have a lot to do.

Does Lowe’s Bend Flashing?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not bend flashing in their stores, but they do sell a range of flashing materials and products.

Lowe’s also sells a range of tools to bend flashing, which includes the Malco S2RLS (priced at $51.98) and the IRWIN Vise-Grip Sheet Metal Locking Pliers (priced at $12.98).

A higher-end option for bending flashing sold at Lowe’s is the Builder’s Edge Siding Brake ($1260.65).

Where Can I Get Flashing Bent?

Roofing specialists may be able to help you bend your flashing, which you can find in your area online.

Additionally, Lowe’s employees may also be able to recommend local services and professionals to assist you in bending your flashing.

Does Lowe’s Bend Copper Pipe?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not bend copper pipes in stores. 

Instead, Lowe’s sells several tools and pieces of equipment that can assist you with bending the copper pipes yourself.

Some of the best-rated options sold at Lowe’s include the Kobalt Spring Tube Bender and the Lenox Od Tube Bender.

Your local plumber and similar companies may be able to bend copper pipes for you as they are predominantly used within the plumbing industry.

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools to Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe, and More?

Lowe’s does rent tools that can assist with bending materials, including pipe, flashing, conduit, and rebar.

Renting tools from Lowe’s rather than buying them allows you to use professional methods to bend your materials for a fraction of the cost.

The cost of renting tools from Lowe’s varies from store to store, so it may be worth contacting your local Lowe’s to inquire about pricing.

Select Lowe’s stores will rent tools to adults 18 and older and towable equipment to adults over 21.

In order to rent tools from Lowe’s, you must have a valid photo ID and credit card to pick up your rental. If you wish to extend the rental period from Lowe’s, you can extend for 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly, and 4-weekly rental rates.

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