Lowe’s Complaints (How to Make One, Types of Complaints + More)

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of Lowe’s business, and so the company has invested in a complaint resolution mechanism for aggrieved customers.

Therefore, if you wish to understand how Lowes deals with complaints from its dissatisfied customers, keep reading to learn more about filing complaints to Lowes!

Lowe’s Complaints

Lowes complaints can be made through any of its online media platforms, non-affiliated review sites, as well as by calling customer care in [currentyear]. These are available for in-store and online shoppers. Once received, Lowes channels the complaints through its resolution mechanism and makes amends accordingly. Nonetheless, Reviews indicate some shoppers are dissatisfied with Lowe’s complaint resolution.

Keep reading to learn more about how to make complaints at Lowes, what sort of complaints you can make, and what Lowes does to resolve your grievances!

How Do I Make a Complaint If I Shopped In-Store at Lowes?

Customers who have shopped in-store or completed their purchases in-store at Lowes can always seek relief first from Lowe’s workers on the floor.

These floor staff are competent to solve minor complaints. If they can’t, however, or the complaint is against them, then you can refer your case to the store’s manager.

Further, you can escalate this to your region’s corporate office if you feel your concern has not been addressed adequately.

Otherwise, the avenues open to online shoppers are also available to offline shoppers, including contacting Lowes through online media channels.

How Do I Make a Complaint If I Shop Online at Lowes?

There are several options to present your complaint if you shop online, and even for those who shopped in-store at Lowes.

You can call Lowes’ customer care during working hours, and log your complaint with a customer service representative.

Depending on the complexity of your complaint, you may be attended to in real-time.

Dissatisfied customers can also email customer care, fill out a form on Lowe’s website, or post or comment on Lowe’s social media pages.

Here are contacts through which you can lodge your complaints at Lowe’s:

What If Lowes Won’t Resolve My Complaint?

What If Lowes Won't Resolve My Complaint?

There are various other options if Lowes does not satisfactorily address your complaint.

Other than Lowes internal complaint resolution mechanisms, there are other sites on which you can achieve more than space to vent.

On sites like the Better Business Bureau, you can post your complaint, and the bureau will deliver it to Lowe’s.

Sites like nonono.com promise to both deliver and follow up on your complaint for you for a fee.

The Federal Trade Commission will investigate Lowes, and force it to make amends for you if the complaint you make seems to hold water.

Posting on review sites may move Lowes to action, as the company battles to fight negative attention.

If the circumstances call for it, you can have recourse to the law, though the extent of your damages will most likely only qualify you for the small claims court.

What Happens When I Lodge My Complaint at Lowes?

The moment you lodge your complaint to Lowe’s through any of its contact points, you will receive some acknowledgment.

Afterward, a Lowe’s staff member will reach out to get more information regarding your complaint, and tell you the procedure as you go forward.

It’s important to supply as much accurate information as possible, and provide whatever evidence you have.

You may be asked to wait as all the information is verified, during which time it may be necessary for you to follow up.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Lowe’s may clarify its position, or make an offer of amends. Either way, you can expect it to be as conciliatory as possible.

What Are the Common Complaints Made at Lowes?

These are the common complaints Lowe’s receives:

  • Like any other business, the complaints made at Lowe’s concern product quality, staff, and transaction processes.
  • Besides complaints about poor service, customers are aggrieved by the slow customer service and pushy customer representatives desperate for a sale.
  • Staff who don’t know enough about the product to assist customers and are rude are also a cause for complaint.
  • Customers also complain of delayed or misdelivered items, credit card issues, and slow or no refunds.

How Satisfactory Is Lowe’s Complaint Resolution Mechanism?

Lowe’s has 1.5 stars based on 1,196 reviews on Site Jabber and only 6.3% positive reviews over 12 months.

Trustpilot gives Lowe’s 1.4 stars, while the Better Business Bureau gives it 1.1 stars.

Lowes manages 2 stars on the Complaints Board after 1,198 reviews, and 1.28 stars based on 947 reviews on Hissing Kitty.

Most of the positive reviews Lowe’s receives are for its local stores and products, rather than the quality of customer service.

When Is Lowe’s Customer Care Available?

You can contact Lowe’s at any time online.

However, you can only make in-store complaints during working hours.

If you call Lowe’s customer care services, do so from Monday to Friday between 7 AM to 11 PM and on Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

However, you can expect a quicker response when you call in than when you file a complaint online.

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As an aggrieved Lowe’s customer, you have several ways to contact the company, though you may not always get the result you hope for. In that case, you can choose to make your complaint outside Lowe’s resolution mechanism and hope you succeed.

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