Lowe’s Slogan (What Is It, History & Meaning + More)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s is a central destination for customers looking to improve their homes and businesses through DIY projects. Lowe’s has been operating since 1921 and has used a variety of slogans to attract shoppers.

Fans of Lowe’s may be wondering about its slogan, including what it is, what it means, and how long Lowe’s has been using it. After doing some digging, here’s what I’ve learned about Lowe’s slogan!

What Is Lowe’s Slogan?

Lowe’s slogan has been used since 2019 and is “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,”. With that, Lowe’s slogan aims to draw customers’ attention to its competitive prices and encourage customers to visit its stores and website. Also, Lowe’s slogan points to a shift towards the DIY market.

For more information about Lowe’s slogan, including what it means, when Lowe’s changed its slogan, and why, keep reading!

What Is Lowe’s Slogan?

Currently, Lowe’s slogan is “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,” and it’s been used since 2019.

Business Insider has noted how Lowe’s slogan resembles its major competitor Home Depot, which uses the slogan “More Saving. More Doing” as part of its advertising and marketing campaigns.

With that, both Lowe’s and Home Depot’s slogans aim to draw attention to low prices and savings and how the staff can assist customers with their DIY projects.

What Does Lowe’s Slogan Mean?

Lowe’s slogan suggests a movement towards the DIY market, including customers who wish to take on larger projects independently.

With that, Lowe’s and its competitor, Home Depot, are often the two central retailers for people taking on DIY projects. 

Also, Lowe’s slogan, “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,” indicates to customers that they can find the correct materials at the best prices at Lowe’s.

Additionally, the slogan suggests Lowe’s should be the first step of any DIY project as it can offer the tools and expertise to assist customers.

Finally, Lowe’s company slogan aims to attract and incentivize customers to visit and purchase tools and materials from its stores and website.

What Was Lowe’s Old Slogan?

What Was Lowe's Old Slogan?

Previously, Lowe’s has used several slogans as part of its marketing campaigns.

Before the current slogan, Lowe’s used the phrase “Never Stop Improving.” Lowe’s introduced the slogan “Never Stop Improving” in 2011 alongside a TV ad campaign.

Katie Cody, a spokesperson for Lowe’s in 2011, stated it was a rallying cry and mindset for its customers, indicating Lowe’s commitment to improving its business, communities, and customer experience. 

In 2006, Lowe’s used the slogan “Let’s Build Something Together,” which highlighted Lowe’s as a retailer with a service edge provided through professional and informed employees.

What Is Lowe’s Tagline?

Recently, Lowe’s introduced the tagline “Home to Any Possibility,” following a media campaign to celebrate its 100th birthday.

With that, the idea of being a “Home to Any Possibility” allows Lowe’s to challenge the concept of the American Dream while retaining an appealing drive for customers to visit its stores.

Also, the tagline serves as a celebration of Lowe’s 100 years in business.

Additionally, this tagline is an additional sentiment to Lowe’s current slogan rather than a replacement. 

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