What Is Code 3 at Lowe’s + Other Intercom Meanings (Full Guide)

Like many other retail stores, Lowe’s has specific codes that it announces for employees over the intercom. But as a customer, these codes can be confusing.

If you’ve ever been to Lowe’s and heard ‘Code 3’ or ‘Code 50’ over the intercom, you may be wondering what these codes mean. I was curious, too, so here’s what I found out in my research!

What Does Code 3 Mean at Lowe’s?

If you’re at Lowe’s and you hear “Code 3” over the intercom, it means that an area needs more staff present. At Lowe’s, employees often use Code 3 when more than three people are waiting in line at the cash registers, and the store needs more cashiers.

Customers shouldn’t worry when they hear Code 3, as it doesn’t indicate any kind of emergency. However, if you have more questions about the codes at Lowe’s, keep reading!

What Is Code 50 at Lowe’s?

Another common code to hear over the intercom at Lowe’s is Code 50.

When you hear “Code 50,” the loading area needs help, and employees not assisting customers should report to the loading area.

That said, Lowe’s typically uses Code 50 when a large delivery has come in and there’s not enough loading bay staff to unload it quickly.

What Is Code 75 at Lowe’s?

Many Lowe’s stores also use Code 75 to call more employees to the parking lot to put away carts. Like Code 3 and Code 50, this code is for all employees not busy helping a customer.

What Is Code 99 at Lowe’s?

Another code at Lowe’s is Code 99, used in an emergency in many Lowe’s stores.

That said, if you hear this code on the overhead as an employee or a customer, you should wait for further instructions.

Does Every Lowe’s Store Have the Same Intercom Codes?

The only official intercom codes in all Lowe’s stores are Code 3 and Code 50. With that, these are the only codes programmed into Lowe’s intercom system.

Additionally, other intercom codes can differ between stores and districts, but you can find more common codes in many Lowe’s locations, such as Code 75 and 99.

Does Lowe’s Have the Same Intercom Codes as Other Stores?

Does Lowe's Have The Same Intercom Codes As Other Stores?

No, every company will have its own intercom codes. Although there may be some similarities, the codes used at Lowe’s will usually be different from those used at Home Depot or Walmart.

Moreover, the only universal intercom code is “Code Adam,” used when a child goes missing in the store.

That said, this isn’t only universal to every Lowe’s store but many stores and malls across America.

What Is ‘Code Adam’ at Lowe’s?

Like many retail stores, Lowe’s will announce “Code Adam” over the intercom in its stores to indicate that a child has gone missing on the premises.

With that, the announcement of “Code Adam” will most likely be followed by the child’s description to begin a search for them.

If employees hear “Code Adam,” they must stop what they’re doing and help look for the missing child. Also, designated employees will monitor entrances and exits of the store.

Then, if employees cannot find the child within ten minutes, Lowe’s calls the police.

Further, this code is not exclusive to Lowe’s, and it originated at Walmart.

Since its beginning, many department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, and amusement parks have implemented the code.

What Is the Intercom Code at Lowe’s For Shoplifters?

For security reasons, Lowe’s employees are not allowed to disclose what sensitive codes are used for, including the code for shoplifting or potential shoplifting.

That said, the shoplifting intercom code is confidential in most stores.

Also, it’s more common for employees to communicate about a potential shoplifter over radios so they don’t alert the suspect.

Moreover, it’s not up to Lowe’s employees to chase or confront any potential shoplifters.

Instead, they take a description of the suspect and their license plate (if possible) to create a case.

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