Lowe’s Pro Desk (How It Works, Sales, Discounts, Is It Free, Who Can Use + More)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s is able to provide for both consumers and professionals in their stores, online, and on their app. Lowe’s introduced their Pro Desk to give customers even better support while shopping in stores.

Customers may be wondering what the Lowe’s Pro Desk is, including how it works, what discounts you can get, and who can use it. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have discovered about the Lowe’s Pro Desk.

Lowe’s Pro Desk

The Lowe’s Pro Desk is a membership-based service that offers additional support to businesses and professionals. To access the Lowe’s Pro Desk, you will need to have a Lowe’s Pro Account. Additionally, the Lowe’s Pro Desk can help you with purchasing in bulk, financial solutions to purchasing your items, as well as applying for Lowe’s Credit Cards.

For more information about the Lowe’s Pro Desk, including how you can sign up for a Lowe’s Pro Account, how it works to benefit you, what discounts you can receive at the Lowe’s Pro Desk, and more, just keep reading!

What Is the Lowe’s Pro Desk?

The Lowe’s Pro Desk serves the Pro Members within Lowe’s stores, which are reported to be up to 25% of total sales made at Lowe’s.

The Lowe’s Pro Desk is located within Lowe’s stores and allows businesses, contractors, and professionals to easily access necessary products and information while shopping at Lowe’s.

Additionally, the Lowe’s Pro Desk is different from both Customer Service and regular checkouts at Lowe’s as it is only available to be used by Lowe’s Pro Members.

As well as in their stores, the Lowe’s website also has a dedicated section for Lowe’s Pro Benefits where shoppers can sign up for an account, sign into their account, and download their mobile app, which can help in a similar way to the Pro Desk.

How Does the Lowe’s Pro Desk Work?

The Lowe’s Pro Desk operates similarly to the regular checkout and Lowe’s Customer Service desk, but it only serves Pro Members. Lowe’s Pro staff are able to provide more tailored support to professionals including.

  • Assisting you with managing your account to keep on top of your purchases and view your purchase history.
  • It can also help you with ordering items in bulk and collecting orders and special orders.
  • Offers several features such as enhanced organization and loyalty features such as 24-month purchase tracking.

By signing up for a Lowe’s Pro Account, you are entitled to a range of exclusive benefits and discounts, including using the Lowe’s Pro Desk while shopping in stores.

How Do I Use the Lowe’s Pro Desk?

How Do I Use the Lowe’s Pro Desk?

To be entitled to use the Lowe’s Pro Desk in-store, you must become a member of the Lowe’s Pro Program. To become a member, you can join either online or visit your local Lowe’s store.

To sign up online, visit Lowe’s for Pro’s website and select a business or government account. You can choose to sign up for Lowe’s email alerts that can offer you additional discounts as a pro member.

Alternatively, you can visit the Lowe’s Pro Desk in-store and inquire about becoming a member.

To become a Lowe’s Pro Member, you will require information about your business, including financial information as well as personal information.

What Benefits Do I Get with the Lowe’s Pro Desk?

Once you are a member of Lowe’s Pro Desk, you can receive additional help with shopping in Lowe’s, such as ordering products.

The Lowe’s Pro Desk can also help you with buying the products you need, sourcing products they may not have in store, and whether you qualify for any tax-exempt purchases.

Additionally, the Lowe’s Pro Desk can offer extended store hours in some locations for necessary supplies, offer priority checkout, and quicken the process with reserved parking.

Lowe’s also has a featured Pro Zone that has commonly used tools and accessories available for easy selection in their stores.

The additional support offered by the Lowe’s Pro Service Desk can help you with last-minute project changes, as well as monitoring and managing your purchases, finances, and more.

While you visit the Lowe’s desk, you are also entitled to a phone charging station, free air for your tires, and windscreen cleaning.

What Discounts Do I Get with Lowe’s Pro Desk?

Through the Pro Program, the Lowe’s Pro Desk can assist shoppers by offering discounts to professionals that can range between 5% and 50% on over 2000 products on bulk orders.

Lowe’s Pro Program members have access to a broader variety of products than regular shoppers at Lowe’s due to their professional status.

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