Lowe’s Wrong Price Policy (Do They Honor Price Mistakes?)

With a typical Lowe’s home improvement store carrying around 35,000 items for sale, it can be difficult for staff to ensure each item is priced correctly and placed under the correct product label.

As a customer, it can be annoying when there’s an unexpected price change during checkout. But does Lowe’s honor pricing mistakes? Here is everything you need to know about Lowe’s wrong price policy!

What Is Lowe’s Wrong Price Policy?

If a product is mispriced at Lowe’s, the store usually honors the price, though this relies on the manager’s decision as of [currentyear]. Lowe’s honors the price if the cost difference isn’t too big or cancels the order as a pricing error. Also, Lowe’s offers partial refunds if a product’s price drops within 30 days of your purchase.

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Does Lowe’s Honor A Product With The Wrong Price Tag?

Whether or not Lowe’s honors a product labeled with an incorrect price tag depends on certain circumstances. 

For example, if a customer misplaces an item and it’s placed in the incorrect location under the wrong price tag, Lowe’s is entitled to refuse a price match.

Alternatively, if a Lowe’s employee has advertised or labeled a product at the wrong price, customers are more likely to receive a price match on said product. 

However, price matching also depends on the value of the product as well as the store manager. With that, less expensive items are more likely to be price-matched to avoid profit loss.

What Happens If An Item Has Been Mispriced At Lowe’s During Checkout?

If an item has been mispriced at Lowe’s during checkout and the cost is different than what the customer expects, pricing is subject to the staff’s decision.

Usually, a store manager will observe the difference between the actual price of the item and the price that appears during checkout and find out what’s causing the error.

If you are undercharged by several dollars, the store manager may cancel the transaction due to a pricing error. However, if you’re only undercharged a small amount, the manager may allow the transaction.

No matter the circumstances, it is important to note that Lowe’s is entirely within its right to cancel a transaction due to a pricing error.

What Happens If An Item I’ve Purchased At Lowe’s Goes Down In Price?

What Happens If An Item I've Purchased At Lowe's Goes Down In Price?

If you have purchased an item at Lowe’s and, within 30 days, the item’s price has dropped, you may be eligible to receive a partial refund.

To receive your partial refund, simply bring in your receipt as proof of purchase and show it to the customer service desk.

Then, a Lowe’s staff member will be happy to assist you with your price match refund.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Other Stores?

Lowe’s does price match with other stores, though the product must be identical to the item for sale at Lowe’s.

To see if an item is eligible for a price match, you can print out the advertisement or show evidence via a screenshot on your mobile phone.

However, there are some exclusions to Lowe’s price-matching policy. For example, Lowe’s will not price match discontinued items, products on sale, or produce on sale because of damage.

How Can I Get A Price Match At Lowe’s?

If you have found an identical product in another store that is cheaper than what Lowe’s offers, it may be able to price-match the item for you.

Simply present an ad, photo, screenshot, or printout of the price and show it to a staff member at Lowe’s.

Before Lowe’s can offer a price match, a staff member first must validate the competitor’s price.

What Items Are Excluded From Lowe’s Price Match Guarantee?

Some items are excluded from Lowe’s Price Match guarantee and are not eligible for a price adjustment. For example, these items include the following:

  • Any items on clearance at both the competitor and Lowes stores
  • Items on closeout sales
  • Hiring installation labor
  • Damaged items
  • Discontinued items
  • Used items
  • Senior discounts
  • Pricing errors
  • Lumber
  • Advertisement misprints
  • Refurbished items
  • Items on a buy one get one free promotion scheme
  • Rebate offers

What Can I Do If Lowe’s Overcharged Me?

If you think you have been overpriced by Lowe’s, bring your receipt to a checkout station or the customer service desk and explain your situation to a staff member.

Staff will be happy to assist you with whether or not you have been overcharged, and if you have, you may receive a partial refund.

How Does Lowe’s Price Promise Work Online?

Lowe’s price promise also works for qualified items advertised by an online competitor.

The price promise online also includes the shipping or delivery cost, but the competitor’s item must be available to ship to the customer’s address to be eligible.

To price-match an item online, you will need to call Lowe’s customer helpline at 1-877-465-6937 to validate the price adjustment.

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