McDonald’s Bereavement Policy (All You Need To Know)

Dealing with the death of a family member often means trying to figure out if you can take time off of work and, if so, how long you’ll be able to get off to deal with the grief.

If you work at McDonald’s, you should know the details of the McDonald’s bereavement policy and how to handle the situation with your employer. We’ve got all of the answers to your questions below!

McDonald’s Bereavement Policy In 2023

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not have a bereavement policy, but the store managers are usually willing to give you a few days off to deal with the death. Some franchise owners or managers might require documentation of the death or funeral, while others just need a written note from you detailing the time-off request.

We know you’ve got more questions about the McDonald’s bereavement policy, so read on to learn more important details!

What is the Federal Law on Bereavement Leave?

There are no federal bereavement laws that mandate an employer give you bereavement time to deal with the loss of a family member or friend.

However, most employers, including McDonald’s, are very understanding, especially if the person was a very close blood relative or friend.

You can speak to the manager and explain the situation to them, with most giving you two or three days off after the death to process the grief.

Does McDonald’s Offer Paid Bereavement Leave?

McDonald’s doesn’t offer paid bereavement leave, so any time off that you are granted will be unpaid leave.

Does McDonald’s Require Proof of Death for Bereavement?

Since McDonald’s doesn’t have a set policy on bereavement, there might be managers or franchise owners that require proof of death before approving your time off for bereavement.

Furthermore, it’s best to speak to the manager and ask whether documentation is needed, and if so, what kind, when the death of a loved one occurs, and you’d like a few days off of work.

What Type of Documentation Might be Needed for Bereavement Leave?

What Type of Documentation Might be Needed for Bereavement Leave?

  • A written request for time off listing the relationship of the deceased to you, why you need the time off, and how much time you’re asking for bereavement.
  • An obituary of the deceased or the announcement of death on the funeral website.
  • Sometimes a funeral program is required to show you attended the funeral, which is given out at the funeral home on the day of service.
  • If you had to travel to get to the funeral, a copy of the airline ticket or other similar information would also be acceptable.

However, not everyone will ask for documentation of a funeral or proof of death, as it’s generally thought of as an honor system policy unless you’re asking for more than a few days off.

Can You be Denied Bereavement Leave at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, it’s always possible that your request for bereavement leave be denied since there is neither a company policy nor federal law mandating bereavement leave.

Most managers at McDonald’s will show compassion for your situation and work with you as best they can so that you can grieve in private and get into a better mental state of mind.

How Can You Take Paid Bereavement Leave at McDonald’s?

The good news is that you might be able to get your bereavement leave as a paid leave if you have vacation or paid-time-off accrued that you could use.

Additionally, McDonald’s offers three weeks of paid vacation per year to employees that have been there for a year or more.

If you want to use bereavement as paid-time-off or vacation, you’ll need to follow the policies and guidelines when you submit your request.

Furthermore, you should be listing the death circumstances and request time off up-front to help get your request approved quickly.

What Else Can You Do to Get Bereavement Leave at McDonald’s?

If you don’t have any vacation or paid-time-off accrued, there are a couple of other ways you may be able to get the time off without issue and make it easier on your manager including:

  • Speak to co-workers and see if someone can cover your shifts on the schedule for a few days so that you can immediately have time off to deal with the death.
  • Look into if you qualify for time off under Family Medical Leave Act, which has requirements such as hours worked, and use FMLA benefits short-term.

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McDonald’s doesn’t have a set bereavement policy and it can vary depending upon your manager or franchise owner, although a request asking for a few days off is usually granted.

Furthermore, you’re more likely to get time off if the person was a close blood relative, and sometimes documentation might be required to prove death or prove you attended the funeral.

Unfortunately, most of the time the bereavement leave is unpaid, but if you have vacation time or paid-time-off accrued you can use that so you’re getting paid for the leave.

You also may be able to use other benefits to get the bereavement time as paid, such as FMLA, but it’s restricted to people that have worked a certain amount of hours at the company.

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