13 McDonald’s Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you recently been to McDonald’s and wondered if there are any McDonald’s hacks that will allow you to get the most out of your meal and money?

If so, keep reading because we have 13 excellent tips for you that will allow you to get the most out of your McDonald’s experience!

13 McDonald’s Hacks To Use

1. Use the Fry Flap for Ketchup

Did you know that the flap on the McDonald’s box of fries serves a real purpose?

It’s there so that you can squeeze out your ketchup and dip your fries into it!

Furthermore, if you have kids, you should utilize this flap for ketchup so that it’s not as messy, and your kids can quickly and easily dip their fries without getting too much or too little ketchup.

2. Always Ask for Your Receipt & You’re Almost Guaranteed a Fresh Burger

If you go to McDonald’s, you want to always ask for your receipt because it’s almost a sure way to have a fresh burger in your order instead of one that’s been sitting around.

The reason for this is that mystery shoppers ask for receipts, so the staff may think you’re a mystery shopper and will give you fresh and hot food as a result of the possibility.

Additionally, between 12 pm and 2 pm and 5 pm until 7 pm are prime hours for these mystery shoppers, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

On top of that, there is a survey on the receipt that you can fill out online, and you’ll get a free McDonald’s food item, so getting the receipt is important!

3. The McFlurry Lid Makes a Great Sauce Holder

If you’ve ordered a McFlurry, you can use that lid to hold your sauce for the McNuggets or other food items you’ve purchased!

Additionally, using the McFlurry lid as a sauce holder comes in handy if you’re in your car and trying to dip your food into the sauce without making a mess.

4. Use the McDonald’s App and Get Free Fries on Friday

4. Use the McDonald’s App and Get Free Fries on Friday

Download the McDonald’s app and every Friday, there is a deal called Free Fries Friday, which entitles you to a free medium fry when you make any $1 or more purchase!

5. Ask for No Salt on Your Fries for Guaranteed Freshness

How do you make sure your fries are hot and fresh every time you go to McDonald’s? The secret is asking for no salt on your fries!

Further, since salt is used by default on almost everything at McDonald’s, requesting no salt on your fries guarantees that they have to cook you a fresh batch without the salt (then can add salt after).

6. Ask for Your Burger with an Additional Item or Item Removed for Freshness

Another trick to getting a guaranteed fresh burger at McDonald’s is to make sure you ask for an additional item on your burger or you ask for a certain item removed from the burger.

Furthermore, since the burgers are often sitting, staying warm with all ingredients for that particular item, adding or removing items means they have to make your order from scratch!

If you want to ensure your burger is made right then and there, just modify the normal ingredients, such as no pickles, and it’ll be made in front of your eyes.

7. If You Want the Most Calories Per $1, Then Order the McChicken

The McChicken is going to give you the most calories for your money, so if you want to get the most out of your meal, order the McChicken!

Furthermore, the McChicken gives you 400 calories for $1, and the Sausage Biscuit is second best since it gives you 210 calories per $1 of the cost.

8. You Can Get a Neopolitan Shake

While we all love McDonald’s shakes, it’s hard to choose between strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, so if you have trouble deciding which one, just ask for a Neopolitan shake!

9. Go Inside Whenever You Can

Going inside is the best option to get the quickest service possible, and it’s more likely you’ll get the correct order within seconds and no hassles.

Further, everyone goes through the drive-thru, especially around lunch and dinner time, so if you just take a minute to walk inside, you’re going to get in and out of there much quicker!

10. Ask for a Round Egg to Get a Real Egg

Looking for a real egg on your McDonald’s breakfast sandwich? Just ask for a round egg, and you’ll end up getting a fresh real, cracked egg as opposed to the liquid egg.

11. Ask for a Chicken Patty on Sausage McGriddle for Chicken & Waffles

While McDonald’s doesn’t offer chicken and waffles, you can get a similar taste by ordering a Sausage McGriddle but asking for a chicken patty instead.

12. Ask for Espresso in Your Milkshake for an Iced Coffee Shake

A lot of people enjoy iced coffee beverages, but if you want to take it up a notch, just ask for a shot of espresso in your milkshake, and it’s such an amazing flavor combination!

Furthermore, if it’s summer, then you’ll love the cool coffee treat, whether it’s morning or evening!

13. Ask for the Steamed Bun on Any Sandwich

Even if you’ve never had the Filet-O-Fish, you know that the bun is steamed, which makes it much softer and easier to chew.

You can ask for that same steamed bun on any McDonald’s sandwich, and it will give you a much fluffier and easy-to-chew sandwich. Plus, it’s different and adds new flavors to the meal.

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