McDonald’s Probation Period (How It Works + Other FAQs)

Did you recently get a job with McDonald’s or have applied for a job and you’re wondering about the McDonald’s probation period, such as how long it’ll last?

Well, keep reading below because I’m going to tell you everything I’ve found out while researching McDonald’s probation period, including answering all of your questions!

McDonald’s Probation Period In 2024

The McDonald’s probation period runs 120 days from the date that you were hired by the company as of 2024. Furthermore, during this time, it allows McDonald’s to see if you are an employee that can meet all of the standards set by the company, and allows you to see what the standards and expectations are of you as an employee.

Do you want to know additional details about the McDonald’s probation period, such as what it requires from you? If so, I’ll tell you even more useful information below so read on!

How Does McDonald’s Probation Period Work?

McDonald’s has a 120 day probation period where you’re constantly being evaluated by the supervisor and manager to see if you’re a good fit for McDonald’s.

For example, the manager might be looking to see if you’re following the dress code and if you’re friendly to the customers that enter the store.

Any mistakes you make will be written down and after those 120 days, you’ll be evaluated to see whether or not McDonald’s wishes to continue your employment.

Also, you’ll be notified at the end of the probation period whether your employment will continue with McDonald’s.

Can You Quit During the Probation Period at McDonald’s?

You’re free to quit your job during the probationary period at McDonald’s and you don’t need to give them 2 any notice you’re quitting since you’re on probation.

However, it’s always a good idea and the civil thing to do to give the company a little bit of notice if you feel that the job isn’t working out for you, such as a week.

What Does McDonald’s Evaluate During the Probation Period?

McDonald’s is evaluating you as an employee during the probation period and that’s why it’s 120 days since it’s important to see your work ethic and your personality.

Furthermore, during the probation period, the employer will be evaluating you on certain factors such as:

  • Whether you adhere to proper food safety procedures
  • If any disciplinary action is taken against you (write-ups)
  • Whether you show up on time as scheduled or show up late
  • If you call out or no-show
  • How well you are doing at the job and if you can handle the workload
  • Your attitude towards customers
  • Teamwork
  • Dependability
  • How well you handle security procedures (such as handling cash and if you come up short)

Can McDonald’s Fire You During the Probation Period?

McDonald’s is free to fire you during your 120 day probation period without notice as you’re subject to immediate termination for any reason the employer sees fit.

Additionally, since it’s a probationary period, McDonald’s doesn’t have to give you a specific reason you’re being fired, but can just say that they don’t think you’re right for the job.

Therefore, during the probation period you should be on your best behavior and if you’re having issues with a job task, seek assistance from management to show you’re trying to get it right.

Can You Get a Raise While on McDonald’s Probation Period?

Can You Get a Raise While on McDonald’s Probation Period?

You’re not eligible for a raise while you’re on the McDonald’s probation period, which is why it’s great to get off the probation period.

Furthermore, every six months after your probation period is over, you’ll have a performance review with the manager to see if you’re eligible for a raise.

The amount of your raise will depend on how high your performance rating is, with a 4.0 earning you $.25 more on the hour and a 3.0 earning you $.15 more an hour.

However, if you get a rating of 1.0 or 2.0, you’re not going to get a raise since that means you need to improve your performance and get better at your job.

Can McDonald’s Put You on Probation Any Time?

McDonald’s does have a policy in place where you could be put on probation well outside of the 120-day mark, but this happens in instances where there are questionable cash situations.

For example, one of the parts of the Cash Policy is that if you have more than 3 cash refunds or differences that amount to more than $2 in four months, you’re put on probation.

However, you also could be subject to termination at that point, so being put on a probation period is not always how it works out depending on the cash difference or refund situation.

Additionally, if you get put on probation a second time regardless of the reason, you’re automatically terminated as an employee.

Can You Be Fired For Calling Out During McDonald’s Probation Period?

You could be fired for calling out during your probationary period at McDonald’s, however, you would have to show a pattern of behavior in most cases to be fired.

For example, if you called out because you were sick and have a note from a doctor, you’re likely going to keep your job and it won’t be an issue.

 If you call out once or twice a week during your probation period, McDonald’s will fire you after a few weeks of noticing this pattern of behavior because you’re unreliable as an employee.

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McDonald’s probation period runs 120 days from the time you were hired on and it’s a time where the company can evaluate you to see if you’re a good fit for the company and job.

Additionally, during this time you can evaluate whether the job is the right fit for you, and you can choose to quit without any notice during probation.

McDonald’s will evaluate how well you can do the job, your reliability, dependability, teamwork,  work ethic, and your attendance. The company can fire you without notice during probation.

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