23+ McDonald’s Statistics, Facts & Trends

McDonald’s has become one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, which is highly impressive for a company that’s only been around for a little over 70 years.

Read on to learn some interesting McDonald’s statistics and facts about the iconic burger chain, and we’ll get into some cool trends that are in McDonald’s future too!

23+ McDonald’s Statistics, Facts & Trends

McDonald’s History

1. McDonald’s Was Established Back on May 15, 1940

The restaurant was formed by two brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald, and the restaurant was a barbeque joint located in San Bernardino, California.

2. In 1948, Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers Were Introduced

Not only were cheeseburgers and hamburgers on the menu in 1948 but the “Speedee Service System” was introduced as the restaurant was rebranded.

3. The Brothers Purchased Appliances from Ray Kroc in 1948

During this time, the brothers were purchasing equipment and appliances from a guy named Ray Kroc with the intent that the appliances would help speed up the services of the restaurant.

4. Ray Kroc Was in the Franchise Business & Joined the Brothers in 1955

Ray Kroc stayed in contact with the brothers, and in April 1955, he partnered with the brothers in their fast-food restaurant business and even paid equity to join the company.

There are now disputes over exactly what happened during this time, with the brothers and Kroc not seeing eye-to-eye on who did more for the business back then, but this is the known history.

5. The McDonald’s Trademark for “McDonald’s” Happened in 1961

Not only did the brothers apply for a trademark for the “McDonald’s” name, but also applied for the “M” trademark as the logo.

6. McDonald’s Corporation Bought Out the Brothers in 1961

In 1961, the McDonald’s corporation bought out the brothers.

McDonald’s Growth

McDonald’s Growth

7. McDonald’s Hires 1 Million Employees a Year in America

McDonald’s has a high turnover rate since it’s an entry-level job, but manages to hire more than 1 million people a year just in America.

8. McDonald’s Is One of the Largest Employers of Labor Globally

McDonald’s has over 2.5 million employees throughout the world, which makes it the 4th biggest employer in the world in the labor market.

Furthermore, 1 in every 8 Americans has been employed by McDonald’s at some point in their lives, so it’s been a staple of the teenage job market for years.

Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Pink, and Shania Twain all worked at McDonald’s when they were younger before they got famous, so you just never know what direction your life will go or what’s possible in the future by working hard young.

9. There Are More than 14,000 Locations in the United States Exclusively

What’s pretty amazing is that McDonald’s now has more than 14,000 locations in the United States alone! 

Additionally, worldwide there are about 37,000 locations, with over 8,000 locations in 47 countries offering some form of delivery services.

This number is expected to grow even higher as the company continues to seek out new opportunities throughout both the United States and the rest of the world.

10. McDonald’s Highest Revenue Was $28.11 Billion in 2013

McDonald’s had its highest-ever revenue back in 2013, with a revenue of $28.11 billion, which is something we can’t even fathom!

It’s estimated that the revenue for 2019 was $21.08 billion, which is significantly lower than in 2013, but still mesmerizing considering it’s a fast-food restaurant.

11. McDonald’s Net Worth was $170 Billion as of 2020

The entire net worth of McDonald’s has climbed to $170 billion as of 2020, which is a long way from its humble beginnings in 1940.

McDonald’s also had the highest net income ever, with $6.1 billion back in 2019, so it’s wild to think about how far McDonald’s has come from the small barbeque joint it once was.

12. McDonald’s Is Now in 120 Countries

McDonald’s continues to rapidly grow outside of the United States, with locations now in more than 120 countries.

In addition to that, 93% of locations are franchises, with the corporate locations not being nearly as valuable or popular for the company.

13. Japan Has Second-Most McDonald’s Locations Behind America

Japan has over 2,900 McDonald’s locations throughout the country, making it second to the United States.

Additionally, China is third with over 2,300 restaurants, whereas Germany is fourth with over 1,400 locations.

McDonald’s Biggest Food Sales

McDonald’s Biggest Food Sales

14. Every Minute, 80 Hamburgers are Sold

Globally, McDonald’s sells 80 hamburgers a minute, which is incredible and unimaginable when you think about that in a daily and weekly format!

Furthermore, McDonald’s goes through over 2,000 pounds of beef every minute, and the company is the largest purchaser in the world of beef.

15. McDonald’s Serves 69 Million People Per Day

Worldwide, McDonald’s has managed a steady flow of more than 69 million customers per day.

Even more interesting is that it serves more people each day than the entire population of the United Kingdom!

16. Over 12 Million Pounds of Fries Sold Daily

McDonald’s is known for its iconic French Fries, and it’s the biggest seller on the menu, with more than 12 million pounds sold each day.

Additionally, the company has to use multiple potato growers located throughout the world to ensure it has enough potatoes to keep the fry supply going.

Speaking of potatoes, McDonald’s uses a mixture of four different potatoes for fries, including Shepody, Umatilla Russet, Ranger Russet, and Russet Burbank.

17. 1 Billion Big Macs Sold Each Year

While the fries are iconic, the Big Mac is right behind it, with more than 1 billion Big Macs being sold each year.

It’s no wonder that so many Big Macs are sold due to the cult-like status of this iconic hamburger, and the company knows it’s a classic that’ll leave people coming back for more.

18. Over 200 Coffees Sold Every 30 Seconds

McDonald’s is a big hit in the morning, with more than 200 coffees being sold worldwide every 30 seconds!

The company has expanded its coffee line in recent years with the launch of McCafe drinks back in 2009.

19. Top 10 List of McDonald’s Foods Sold in 2020

  • French Fries
  • Big Mac
  • Snack Wraps
  • Happy Meal
  • Egg McMuffin
  • Apple Pie & Apple Slices
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Premium Salads
  • Double Cheeseburger
  • McGriddle Breakfast Sandwiches

That’s just a top 10 list of the biggest selling items, with the fries and Big Mac always being on top, and some new items, such as the Snack Wraps, have quickly climbed to become favorites.

McDonald’s Has Superstar Status

McDonald’s Has Superstar Status

20. More People Recognize the Golden Arches than the Christian Cross

While the cross might be a recognized symbol by millions of people throughout the world, it’s only recognized by 54% of people.

However, the iconic Golden Arches of McDonald’s is recognized by 88% of people surveyed; at least, that’s what Fast Food Nation found.

21. There are More McDonald’s in America Than Hospitals

While it seems unimaginable, there are more McDonald’s locations throughout the United States than there are hospitals, which is incredible and a little crazy!

There’s going to be an even bigger discrepancy between these two numbers as McDonald’s grows in America, and the buildings don’t take that long to construct.

22. Only One Place Is 100 Miles Away from a McDonald’s in the Continental United States

Out of the 48 continental United States, there is only one location that’s more than 100 miles away from a McDonald’s location.

That location is in South Dakota on a plain in the middle of nowhere!

It’s proof that you can be anywhere and find McDonald’s, whether you’re looking for food or you just need to hop on the free Wi-Fi and get some work done.

23. The Queen of England Owns a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Lastly, to show the star power of McDonald’s, the Queen of England owns a drive-thru McDonald’s location in Slough.

You didn’t think that just regular people liked McDonald’s, did you?

You know it’s good when the Queen of England wants a location close to her living quarters.

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