McDonald’s Student Discount (All You Need To Know)

Being a student gets you a ton of perks and benefits at various restaurants and retail stores, which gives you more ways to save on a tight budget.

Have you wondered whether a McDonald’s student discount exists? I’ve got all of the McDonald’s student discount information below, so keep reading to find out!

McDonald’s Student Discount

McDonald’s does offer a 10% student discount available at some store locations when a valid student ID is presented. Additionally, students can save money by downloading and using the McDonald’s app, which regularly offers free sandwiches and BOGO offers, and you can also earn points for freebies through the Rewards tab.

Keep reading because there are a lot more ways for students to save at McDonald’s if you’re a student!

Does McDonald’s Offer a Student Discount to Everyone?

As long as you’re a student, you can get 10% off of your total purchase (at some store locations), which might not sound like a lot, but it adds up quickly.

You just need to show off your student identification to qualify for the 10% discount.

However, you’ll have to ask before you place your order since not all locations may be participating in the offer.

Can You Get the McDonald’s Student Discount in the App?

Unfortunately, it appears that you cannot get the student discount if you use the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app unless you go inside to pay at your local restaurant.

If you’re paying through the app or website, there’s no place to select you’re a student, so it cannot be taken off the total order.

Other Ways Students Can Save Money at McDonald’s

If you’re a student and want to save even more money at McDonald’s, keep reading because we have some cool tips to help you out!

Download the McDonald’s App

Even though you can’t get a student discount in the McDonald’s app, you will save a ton of money in the app due to the cool perks and special offers.

Further, the app adds new deals all of the time, so you’re constantly finding new ways to save money, including buy-one-get-one-free deals and free items with no purchase required.

Additionally, the app will give you a free sandwich coupon just for joining, and the perks only get better from there.

Utilize the Rewards Tab Within the McDonald’s App

Utilize the Rewards Tab Within the McDonald’s App

There is a Rewards section found in the McDonald’s app, which gives you points for the money you spend at the fast-food restaurant.

Furthermore, once you get to 1,500 points, which means spending $15, you’ll get free items that you can redeem.

In addition to that, the more money you spend at McDonald’s, the more points you’ll earn and can trade in for higher-value McDonald’s menu items.

Sign up for the McDonald’s Newsletter

Another way students can save money at McDonald’s is to just sign up for the McDonald’s newsletter.

Not only will the newsletter give you special savings and coupons, but you’ll also be the first to know of new menu items and special menu promotions.

Always Buy the 20-Piece Chicken McNuggets

McNuggets are fairly inexpensive, but it’s always a better idea to buy the 20-piece McNugget over the smaller sizes because it’s cheaper.

If you’re a student, you should want to order the bigger box anyway so that you have food for later to snack on.

Additionally, if you break down the numbers, the 20-piece means that each nugget is $.27 compared to  $.50 for the 4-piece.

Fill Out the Survey on the Receipt

One way you can save money at McDonald’s if you’re a student is to fill out the survey that’s found on the receipt.

Furthermore, the survey entitles you to a coupon for a free item of some kind, which could be a free fry, sandwich, drink, or hash brown.

All you have to do is enter the code from the receipt into the survey website and answer some questions to get the free item.

Join the McCafe Loyalty Program for Free Coffee

As a student, you likely drink coffee regularly, so it’s always great to get free coffee for doing nothing!

Furthermore, if you join the McCafe Loyalty Program, you’ll be able to earn a free McCafe drink once you’ve made 5 purchases.

McCafe drinks are like a dessert and make a great summer drink when it’s hot outside.

Order a Sundae with Toppings Over a McFlurry

Did you know you can save money just by avoiding a McFlurry order and instead ordering a sundae with toppings?

Furthermore, you’ll also get the added benefit of the hot caramel or hot fudge, which you can’t find in a McFlurry.

The savings by ordering the sundae with topping as opposed to the McFlurry is huge, with almost $3 in savings each time.

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