McDonald’s VIP Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

You’ve probably heard about the McDonald’s Monopoly event, as it’s a popular and fun game where you can win many prizes and delicious McDonald’s food, but do you know about the McDonald’s VIP card?

We will tell you all about the McDonald’s VIP card, including what it is and the benefits below, so keep reading to learn about this exclusive McDonald’s prize!

McDonald’s VIP Card

The McDonald’s VIP Card is the top prize featured in McDonald’s Monopoly. If you’re lucky enough to find one of the 1,000 cards, you will get a free weekly meal from McDonald’s for a year. This card is worth more money than the free fries or drinks that are generally part of the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

Keep reading below to learn even more cool facts about the McDonald’s VIP Card and why it’s so awesome!

What Is a McDonald’s VIP Gold Card?

A McDonald’s VIP Card is the newest exclusive prize found within the McDonald’s Monopoly promotional event, and it’s finally a loyalty card worth having in your possession.

Further, if you get the McDonald’s VIP Gold Card, you’ll get a free meal from the restaurant once a week for an entire year, but you must order the free food through the McDonald’s app. 

On top of that, the VIP Gold Card looks incredibly cool, and it’s something you can flash your friends and show them how special you are with this coveted game prize.

How Do I Get a VIP Card for McDonald’s?

You can get the McDonald’s VIP Card by playing the Monopoly game during the limited-time Monopoly event, which, as you know, is a yearly promotion from McDonald’s.

All you have to do is order McDonald’s food like you usually do and just keep collecting as many street sets as you can with your order, just like with the regular Monopoly game.

However, not all McDonald’s products are a part of the promotion, so look for the qualified Monopoly McDonald’s menu items if you want to play and win a McDonald’s VIP Card.

Furthermore, there will only be 1,000 VIP Gold Cards given away during the Monopoly promotion, so the only way you can land one of these special cards is to keep playing the game!

What are the Benefits of a McDonald’s VIP Card?

What are the Benefits of a McDonald’s VIP Card?

The biggest benefit of the VIP card from McDonald’s is that it’ll entitle you to a free meal every week for a year!

While you can get free apple pies, Big Macs, and other freebies from McDonald’s Monopoly, the VIP cards are coveted and worth significantly more.

On top of that, another benefit is that you’re going to have bragging rights everywhere you go since there’s such a limited quantity available to win, and it’s always fun to brag.

Can You Purchase a McDonald’s VIP Card?

Unfortunately, there is no way to outright purchase the McDonald’s VIP Card since it’s a prize given away during the Monopoly event.

It’s a way to get you to spend more money at McDonald’s since each time you order food, you collect Monopoly pieces, and the more pieces you have, the more likely you’ll win a great prize.

However, even if you don’t win the McDonald’s VIP Card, you have a chance to win some valuable items such as cash, vacation trips, gaming consoles, and even cars!

How Do You Store Your McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces?

Fortunately, McDonald’s is continuing with a new way for you to store your Monopoly pieces by allowing you to store them virtually online through the McDonald’s Monopoly website.

This is a great addition since you no longer need to physically keep all of the pieces and have the fold-out Monopoly board, which takes up space and is annoying to constantly pull out.

What Ways Can You Enter the McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion?

There are a few different ways that you can play the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, including by heading to McDonald’s and purchasing qualified items that offer instant win prizes.

Most of the instant win prizes are for free food and drink items and are available for redemption immediately after you’ve peeled the winning sticker.

In addition to that, you can collect game pieces and try to get as many sets as you can since that’s where the biggest prizes are found.

McDonald’s Monopoly also has a way to enter online with a code, which gives you the best shot at winning cash.

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