McDonald’s vs. KFC (Price, Quality + Who’s Better)

McDonald’s and KFC are two of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America, and both offer a variety of chicken options, but do you know which is better?

We’re going to get into the McDonald’s vs. KFC debate and tell you which has more locations, better prices, and much more, so keep reading below!

McDonald’s vs KFC

The battle between McDonald’s vs KFC is difficult, but KFC comes out on top if you love chicken and want some flavorful fried chicken or a great chicken sandwich. McDonald’s offers more menu items and variety and also has cheaper menu options compared to KFC. KFC may be more expensive, but it has decent meal deals that’ll fill you up!

Do you want to know more about McDonald’s vs. KFC and which has better service and is healthier? We’ll tell you all that and more below, so read on!

Is McDonald’s Cheaper Than KFC?

McDonald’s and KFC aren’t that different when it comes to the prices of meals, but if you’re looking at purchasing items individually, McDonald’s is the cheaper option.

Additionally, McDonald’s offers a Dollar Menu where you can get certain items for just $1 and offers additional food items for $2 and $3.

KFC does not have a menu that offers $1 items up to $3, but they do offer meal boxes that are $5, so it’s not overly expensive for what you get.

Does McDonald’s or KFC Have Better Customer Service?

KFC offers better customer service than McDonald’s, although both scores are not great when it comes to overall customer service.

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index, KFC scored much higher than McDonald’s in the results from 2018.

Furthermore, KFC scored a 77 on customer satisfaction, and McDonald’s scored a 69, which looks at the accuracy of the order, food quality, courtesy of staff, food variety, and other factors.

You’re more likely to get quicker service at KFC as well as have friendlier staff, although McDonald’s has a better app and website that offers more customer deals.

How Is McDonald’s Different from KFC?

McDonald’s food is different from KFC’s because McDonald’s is known for iconic hamburgers such as the Quarter-Pounder and Big Mac.

KFC is known for fried chicken, which KFC has turned into a successful business not only with fried chicken but with chicken sandwiches, nuggets, wings, tenders, and more.

Additionally, you can get a lot of sides at KFC, such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits, green beans, and macaroni and cheese! You won’t find these side items at McDonald’s.

However, they are both similar in that they offer chicken sandwiches, and McDonald’s is the second-largest purchaser of chicken behind KFC.

Are There More KFC Than McDonald’s?

There aren’t more KFC locations than McDonald’s, although KFC is closer to McDonald’s in the number of locations than a lot of other fast-food restaurants.

McDonald’s wins in terms of the number of locations, but did you know KFC is in more countries than McDonald’s?

Furthermore, McDonald’s has nearly 39,000 locations and is in over 120 different countries, whereas KFC has more than 25,000 locations and is in 145 different countries!

Who Has Better Chicken McDonald’s or KFC?

Who Has Better Chicken McDonald’s or KFC?

KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, and you can’t get any better chicken than KFC. However, it’s very greasy, and that is a turn-off for a lot of people!

When you look at McDonald’s chicken, such as nuggets and sandwiches, they are less greasy and a little more healthy, although it does depend on what you’re ordering.

However, if you want flavorful chicken that’s breaded and fried to delicious goodness, you have to go with KFC because chicken is what KFC does and does very well.

KFC also offers both white meat and dark meat, so if you’re a fan of chicken legs or thighs, then KFC has better chicken since you can’t get dark meat in any form at McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s or KFC Have a Better Chicken Sandwich?

KFC has a better chicken sandwich than McDonald’s, which comes with mayonnaise, pickles, a fried chicken breast, and it’s in between a Brioche bun.

However, you’ll find that the KFC chicken sandwich is incredibly salty, which means it’s not for everyone, and you may find that not even the mayonnaise can hide that fact.

When you look at the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich, it has pickles, a crispy chicken fillet, but has salted butter on it, and it comes on a potato roll.

There is no mayonnaise on the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich, so it’s disappointing, and the salted butter doesn’t go as well as McDonald’s thinks it does!

On top of that, the piece of chicken was much smaller when compared to KFC, and the lack of mayonnaise made it drier, with the salted butter just melting into the bun.

Does McDonald’s Make More Money Than KFC?

McDonald’s does make more money than KFC, and it’s not that close of a competition considering McDonald’s annual revenue was $19.208 billion for the year 2020.

On the other hand, KFC’s revenue was $2.27 billion for the year 2020, which is quite a difference when compared to one another.

Does McDonald’s or KFC Have a Higher Brand Value?

McDonald’s has a much higher brand value than KFC, with McDonald’s coming in at $37.1 billion in 2020, and it’s the second most valuable fast-food brand!

However, KFC isn’t far behind, with a brand value of $17.1 billion in 2020, making it the third most valuable fast-food brand.

Are KFC Fries Better Than McDonald’s?

McDonald’s fries are going to win every time regardless of what other brand McDonald’s is going up against.

However, KFC has Secret Recipe Fries that are pretty good if you want more spice and seasoning, but they are thicker-cut, and not everyone is a fan of thick-cut fries.

On top of that, the natural beef flavoring that’s added to the McDonald’s fries is unbeatable in flavor, and the thin fries cook more evenly compared to the KFC fries.

KFC got rid of the potato wedge in 2020 and has permanently replaced them with the Secret Recipe Fries, but not even that change can get KFC close to McDonald’s when it comes to fries!

Is KFC More Calories Than McDonald’s?

Most menu items at KFC will be higher in calories compared to McDonald’s. However, KFC has lower-calorie fries than McDonald’s, so it does depend on what you order.

On top of that, since KFC doesn’t offer healthier menu options, you’re consistently going to be taking in more calories with a KFC meal or individual item when compared to McDonald’s.

A McDonald’s hamburger will have slightly fewer calories than if you purchase 2 chicken strips at KFC, but it’s hard to compare calories since they serve very different items.

However, you can guarantee that any KFC menu item that has sauce slathered onto it will be higher in calories than a McDonald’s hamburger, whether it’s BBQ or Buffalo sauce.

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