Meijer Military Discount (Do They Have One + Ways to Save)

The military is given exclusive discounts in various stores to honor their service to the country. At times the discounts are extendable to family members, saving them a decent amount.

That being said, if you’re a frequent shopper at Meijer with a military background and are interested in knowing whether Meijer offers military discounts, keep reading and get enlighted!

Does Meijer Offer a Military Discount In 2024?

Meijer does not offer military discounts in 2024. However, there are many other ways the military can save while shopping at Meijer. For instance, you can target Meijer’s weekly advertisements, where most products are at discounted prices, or use coupons. Also, Meijer has launched the mVets program for veterans with an aim to retain them either as employees or customers.

For more insight on why Meijer doesn’t offer military discounts, the alternative ways military personnel can save at Meijer, which stores offer military discounts, and much more, continue reading!

Why Doesn’t Meijer Offer a Military Discount?

Meijer is among the leading retailers and advocates for fairness and equality for all its customers.

For this reason, instead of offering a military discount that only covers a part of the shoppers, Meijer opted to focus on other discounts.

The available discounts have a higher chance of redeeming compared to military discounts. Along with this, they attract a more significant number of shoppers who feel valued.

What Does Meijer Do for Veterans?

Meijer is recognized as a veteran-friendly organization. It gained this recognition since it promotes employing and retaining veterans.

In acknowledging veterans, Meijer launched mVets, a resource group whose members are veterans.

With this group, Meijer attracts members of the armed service and their family members. The aim is to develop and retain them, whether as customers or employees.

Ways to Save at Meijer Without a Military Discount

Ways to Save at Meijer Without a Military Discount

There are many ways to save at Meijer, even without a military discount. They include:

  • Mperks

If you are a regular shopper at Meijer, then signing up for mPerks can be a starting point to the journey of saving while shopping at Meijer.

Meijer’s mPerks program allows you to earn bonuses depending on how you shop, and it’s possible to earn up to 2 % in rewards on qualifying items.

A trick to earning more mPerks points is to pay via a Meijer credit card.

Meijer mPerks members receive a digital coupon that you can easily clip from a computer or a mobile device.

 The store sometimes gives exclusive sales on its mPerks members, with discounts beyond particular items. You can earn up to a 10% discount on general merchandise.

You can use Meijer mPerks to shop both online and in-store.

  • Coupons

Using coupons at Meijer is another excellent way to save. Meijer accepts various coupons such as paper coupons, Catalina, mPerks digital coupons, and Meijer stores coupons.

The best coupons to use at Meijer are the mPerks digital coupons. Before going shopping, it is best to browse through your available mPerks digital coupons.

Do not just browse through hundreds of them. Instead, print and save them. Moreover, take note of the validity period.

Digital coupons are an effective mechanism to spend less when shopping at Meijer.

  • Weekly Ads

In pursuit of helping you save, Meijer runs weekly ads available on its website. You can view the weekly sale ads for a list of what is on sale on that particular week in different departments.

In addition, you can come up with a list for your shopping based on the items on sale for efficient shopping.

  • Buying Meijer brands

Veterans or active military personnel can save money by buying Meijer brand items, which are relatively cheaper than similar products in most Meijer stores.

  • Browsing Clearance Racks

In most cases, customers tend to overlook the clearance rack at Meijer. Surprisingly, you can find items at very low prices here and save a lot.

While shopping in-store, you can easily access items on clearance mainly situated at the back of the store.

Be sure to peep here before paying the total amount on an item you could otherwise buy at a clearance price.

  • Checkout for exclusive online discounts

Military personnel can also save at Meijer by frequently visiting its exclusive online page. This page favors you mainly if you like ordering from Meijer’s website.

The page is loaded with deals from various departments, where you can make your order for discounted prices.

  • Signing up for a Meijer credit card

If you are a frequent shopper at Meijer, you’ll have noticed that the associates will often recommend you to sign up for a Meijer credit card.

The card comes with many benefits, such as earning rewards on your purchase and increasing your points balance.

You save $10 on the first purchase within 30 days of signing up and another $10 for a purchase made on a Friday or Saturday in August.

Alongside those incredible savings, the Meijer credit card carries no annual fees.

Which Stores Offer a Military Discount?

Even though Meijer does not offer military discounts, some stores do. They include:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Adidas
  • Home depot

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Meijer does not offer military discounts but gives back to veterans through mVets. The resource group allows military personnel to work and be retained at Meijer.

However, Meijer has a bunch of other discounts that can help military customers save as they shop. They can sign up for mPerks, take advantage of Meijer weekly ads, or use acceptable coupons to shop.

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