Meijer Return Policy (No Receipt, After 90 Days, Electronics, Videos Games + More)

As one of America’s favorite stores, Meijer prides itself on offering customers an easy method to process return products. Also, it promises to provide quick and spontaneous returns, refunds, and exchanges.

So, if you bought a product at Meijer and would like to return it,  read on and learn about the process!

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy In 2024?

Meijer’s return policy states that customers can return items to the store within 90 days from the day of purchase in 2024. The store accepts returns of items bought in stores and at For instances where a customer does not have a receipt, the customer has to provide alternative proof of purchase.

If you want to get more information on the Meijer return policy, how to make returns with no receipts, how to make a return after 90 days, the policy on electronics, and more, keep reading!

Can I Make a Return to Any Meijer Store?

Fortunately, you can return to any Meijer store if you’re dissatisfied with the purchase.

Regardless of whether you bought an item from a Meijer brick and mortar store or at, you can return the item within 90 days and request for refund.

However, the company offers a Return, Refund, and Exchange policy to guide customers on the terms and conditions of making and completing return requests to the store.

Through this policy, it allows customers to return both general merchandise and groceries and request a refund or exchange.

It is important to note that even though the stores accept returns, refunds, and exchanges, the company reserves the right to refuse to accept the returns and offer refunds and exchanges.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy for General Merchandise?

Generally, Meijer accepts returns for general merchandise within 90 days from the day of purchase.

Hence, customers can return items and request exchanges or refunds depending on the situation. 

The store accepts the return of merchandise with or without a receipt. Once the 90 days are over, the manufacturer’s warranty (for items with a warranty) applies to the item.

The terms and conditions governing the return, exchange, and refund of items include the following:

  • Items like tents and airbeds must be returned in unopened conditions, otherwise, they may only be eligible for exchanges and not a refund.
  • Products that are powered by flammable liquids or gas are subjected to additional restrictions and processing fees of $25.

In addition to these terms and conditions, Meijer excludes some items from the return policy.

The items not eligible for return include the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Nicotine-based products
  • Ammunition
  • Gift cards
  • Trading cards and collectibles
  • Prepaid wireless phones
  • Open packages of blood glucose monitors

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Electronics?

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Electronics?

When returning electronics to Meijer, the store classifies them into two categories:

  • Electronics without data storage capabilities
  • Electronics with data storage capabilities

The conditions governing Meijer’s return policy on electronics include:

  • Customers must return electronics without storage capabilities within 30 days from the date of purchase. These electronics include gas-powered equipment, photos, books, and magazines.
  • If a customer returns the electronics after the set of 30 days, then the manufacturer’s warranty applies to the item.
  • For electronics with data storage capabilities, customers must return them in unopened and unused conditions.
  • These electronics include (but are not limited to) tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, computers, memory cards, and game systems.
  • If an electronic with data storage capabilities are returned in a defective and opened condition, Meijer will not refund but will exchange the purchase with an identical item.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Video Games?

According to Meijer’s return policy, customers should return video games alongside other electronic media like DVDs and CDs within 90 days.

The items must not be opened, and if they are, Meijer will only exchange the item and not provide a refund.

What Is Meijer’s Return Policy on Groceries?

Although Meijer guarantees customers the freshness and quality of its food items, the company also accepts returns in case of dissatisfaction.

According to the store’s return policy, customers can get a full refund of all consumable food items with or without a receipt as long as the item is not WIC- approved food items. 

Meijer does not offer refunds for state-approved WIC items but instead offers exchanges for identical items.

However, for customers to get refunds for the food items purchased at Meijer, they have to present a receipt as proof that the item was not purchased with a WIC transaction.

What Other Conditions Does Meijer’s Return Policy Have?

Although Meijer’s return policy accepts returns within 90 days, whether the customer has a receipt, the store offers many conditions, especially for items with promotions and coupons.

The conditions include the following:

  • Only returns involving earned rewards from Meijer Credit Card rewards and mPerks Personalize Rewards can be refunded when a customer makes a return request.
  • The items involving earned rewards from Pharmacy rewards will not be credited upon return.
  • Any discount on the original purchase for items bought as part of a Meijer special event, promotion, or bundled offer may be allocated appropriately when determining the return’s value.
  • Customers can return items with or without a receipt. The customer has to produce a valid ID for returns without the original receipt, and the return may be subjected to the lowest sale or promotional pricing.
  • If an item is returned without a receipt and the customer paid with a credit card, a debit card, EBT card, or a personal check, the store can look up the receipt for 21 days.
  • Furthermore, Meijer tries to look up the original purchase receipt for purchases made within 90 days.
  • If the mPerks account number was entered during purchase, Meijer will find the records of the transaction.
  • If items produced a Catalina coupon during purchase, the coupon does not have to be returned alongside the item.
  • However, if a customer does not return the coupon alongside the returned item, the return value of the item will be reduced by the amount of the coupon.
  • All purchases eligible for refunds will receive refunds in the original tender type. Nevertheless, Meijer will offer a Merchandise return card for the refund value if there is no receipt.

How Do I Return Items to Meijer?

Meijer allows the return of merchandise and groceries through physical stores and at

For items purchased in the store, customers can return them to their local store and request a refund or exchange as long as the request checks all terms and conditions.

Customers can return the items to FedEx, an authorized FedEx Ship Center, or a Meijer store if the products were delivered by a carrier.

Moreover, for orders delivered by a carrier, the customer has to provide a packing slip or the shipping confirmation email, which contains the receipt number and the order number.

According to the company policy, items delivered by LTL (To home, In-Room, or White Glove) can only be returned by Special pickup organized by calling 1-877-E-MEIJER (363-4537).

For items that were shipped by Special delivery, the return of the items can be arranged by calling 1-877-E-MEIJER (363-4537).

In this case, you must have your order number with you before calling. The order number can be found on the shipping confirmation email or the packing slip.

For more details on returning orders, customers can visit the Order Details section on their account to get a Return Authorization Number, a Return Label, and more instructions on returns.

Do I Have to Pay for Shipping When Returning Online Orders to Meijer?

You don’t have to pay for shipping costs when returning parcel-shipped items via FedEx.

However, Meijer requires a return fee cost for items shipped by LTL (To home, In-Room, or White Glove).

It is also important to note that parcel & LTL deliveries from Meijer are non-refundable.

How Many Returns Can You Do Without a Receipt at Meijer?

Customers are allowed to make returns without a receipt to Meijer for a maximum of three returns.

However, customers should confirm with their local store before making the return request.

Can You Return Unopened Prescriptions to Meijer?

Meijer allows customers to return unopened prescriptions through the Drug Take-back program that helps customers get rid of unused, unwanted, or expired medications.

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Meijer?

Fortunately, you can return an air mattress to Meijer within 90 days from the day of purchase. However, the air mattress must be unopened if the customer aims for a refund.

For opened air mattresses, Meijer can only exchange the item with an identical item.

Can You Return Gift Cards at Meijer?

Unfortunately, you cannot return gift cards to Meijer. The return policy singles out gift cards, among other items that cannot be returned to the store.

When Can I Expect My Refund From Meijer?

Once your Meijer return is approved, you can expect your refund within 14-21 business days from the time you return the item.

Meijer will notify you of your refund via email once they have processed the return request. The refunds will be credited to the original credit card or gift card account used during the purchase.

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Customers can return items to Meijer within 90 days from the time of purchase, with or without a receipt. In case of no receipts, customers are expected to produce a valid ID and alternative proof of purchase, such as a confirmation email. Meijer associates may locate past receipts.

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