PayPal G&S (What It Means, Protecting Seller, Is It Safe + other FAQs)

PayPal is a multinational company with many different features, and it is still growing, and G&S is one of PayPal’s many features.

So, if you use PayPal, you are probably wondering what G&S stands for and how it works. I looked into PayPal G&S, and this is what I found!

What Is PayPal G&S In [currentyear]?

PayPal G&S stands for PayPal Goods and Services. Moreover, PayPal Goods and services is the purchase of items or services from a seller, also known as a commercial transaction. Furthermore, PayPal G&S provides protection for both of PayPal’s users, the buyer and the seller, through PayPal’s Purchase Protection and Seller Protection Programs in [currentyear].

If you want to learn more about how G&S works, if it’s safe to use, how it protects buyers and sellers, and more, read on!

Is PayPal G&S Safe?

Fortunately, for PayPal’s buyers and sellers, PayPal G&S is safe to use. Moreover, it is safe to use because of PayPal’s Purchase Protection and Seller Protection Programs.

Furthermore, PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program provides security for both buyers and sellers. However, buyers are protected more.

Additionally, PayPal’s Seller Protection Program protects the seller.

Therefore, both of PayPal’s users have security when making or receiving a transaction, which makes it safe to use.

Does PayPal G&S Protect the Seller?

Fortunately, as stated before, the sellers on PayPal’s platform are protected through PayPal’s Seller Protection Program.

PayPal’s Seller Protection protects sellers against chargebacks, reversals, and any associated fees when a buyer creates a dispute or claim against the seller.

However, the transaction has to meet the eligibility requirements.

Moreover, PayPal’s Seller Protection eligibility basic requirements are as follows:

  • Your primary address for your PayPal account must be in the U.S.
  • You must be selling physical items that are shipped (unless it is an intangible item that meets the Intangible Goods Additional Requirements)
  • You must ship the items to the address on the Transaction Details page
  • You must respond promptly (within 10 business days) to PayPal when there is any information requested

Additionally, if the transaction meets the eligibility requirements then the seller will be covered for “Unauthorized Transactions” and “Items Not Received” disputes and claims.

Does PayPal G&S Protect the Buyer?

Does PayPal G&S Protect the Buyer?

As stated previously, buyers are protected by PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program.

PayPal’s Purchase Protection covers unauthorized charges, items not received, and orders being in incorrect condition.

Furthermore, you have 60 days to report unauthorized charges to PayPal and 180 days to create a dispute for items not received or in incorrect condition.

Moreover, If you report or create a dispute in the correct amount of time, then PayPal will fully reimburse you, including the shipping cost.

Additionally, if you have an unauthorized charge, you will not be held responsible.

Additional important information, Purchase Protection will not cover things like:

  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Custom-made Goods
  • Any items that violate PayPal policies
  • Etc.

How Do I Use PayPal G&S?

To use PayPal G&S as a buyer:

  1. First, do your shopping, either in-store or online and process to checkout
  2. Next, select PayPal as your payment option
  3. Then, log into your PayPal account
    1. Following, your payment information should be saved, as long as you have used PayPal before,
  4. Last, review the details and finalize the transaction

Additionally, if making a payment directly to a seller:

  1. Begin by logging into your PayPal account
  2. Second, click “Send and Request”
  3. Then, click “Pay for Good and Services”
  4. Next, put in the recipient’s email address or PayPal username, and click “Next”
  5. After, put the amount of money you are sending
    1. Additionally, you can add notes for anything in the text box below
  6. Finally, review the details and finalize the transaction

Furthermore, when using PayPal G&S as a seller, when a buyer pays you for an item, the money is deposited directly into your PayPal balance.

Unfortunately, the money may remain on hold until PayPal can confirm that the buyer received the item properly.

Once PayPal has confirmed that the item or service was received, the money will be available.

Furthermore, you can then move the money to your bank account or credit or debit card, or leave it where it is.

Additionally, to request money as a seller directly from a buyer:

  1. First, as stated before, log into your PayPal account
  2. Then, click “Send and Request”
  3. Next, click “Request from anyone under “Request Payments”
  4. Following, put in the email address or username of the person you are requesting money from, and click “Next”
  5. Then, put in the amount you want them to pay you
    1. Additionally, you can add any notes below the money amount
  6. Last, click “Request Payment”

Note that you can use PayPal Friends and Family, but turn it into Goods and Services.

Also, have it covered by Purchase Protection if you are using your credit or debit cards, and choose to pass on the fee to the recipient.

What Are PayPal G&S Fees? 

PayPal G&S fees depend on whether you are a buyer or seller. Unfortunately, the sellers must pay all the fees on PayPal.

If you are a buyer, you do not have to pay any fees, unless using your credit or debit card.

Furthermore, the fees for sellers are usually 3.49% + fixed rate. Moreover, the fixed fee depends on the currency you are receiving, therefore, the U.S. fixed fee is $0.49.

Additionally, here is more information about PayPal’s Consumer and Merchant fees.

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PayPal G&S, or PayPal Goods and Services, is used between buyers and sellers for the sale and purchase of items or services, also known as a commercial transaction.

Furthermore, G&S is safe to use, and protects both buyers and sellers because of PayPal’s Purchase Protection and Seller Protection Programs.

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