PayPal Security Challenge (What it Means, Removing + More)

Security challenges, better known as security checks, are used to protect users and their accounts.

If you have recently received a security check on your PayPal account and are wondering why and how to handle it, this is what I’ve found out!

What Is the PayPal Security Challenge In [currentyear]?

A PayPal security challenge also referred to as a security check, is used for user safety against fraud and scams. Furthermore, when PayPal notices “new or unusual activity” on an account that could be fraudulent, a security check is used to confirm the user’s identity. Additionally, an unusual activity could be logging in to an account from a new device.

If you would like to learn more about what PayPal security checks are, how to solve security checks, and more, read on!

What Is the PayPal Security Challenge?

A PayPal security check is used to confirm a user’s identity and make sure the account has not been hacked.

PayPal uses security checks when there is unusual activity on an account. Unusual activity can be:

  • A new login from a new or different device
  • A new login from an unusual location
  • Unusually large purchase amounts

Additionally, PayPal does not ask users to complete security checks to verify accounts.

This is because verifying your account can be done in other ways, such as confirming your bank account, or credit/ debit cards.

How Do I get Rid of a PayPal Security Challenge?

You have to complete PayPal’s security check to be able to get rid of it. To complete a security check, use the following method:

  1. Go to your PayPal account and try to log in
    1. Because of the security check, you may not be able to log into your account
    2. The security check should pop up immediately when you go to your account, even if you’re unable to log in
  2. Second, select one of PayPal’s options to confirm your identity
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Last, follow the instructions PayPal gives you and finish the process.

Moreover, when completing a security check, you have several options to choose from to confirm your identity. You can pick one of the following:

  • “Receive a text”
  • “Verify some info about yourself”
  • “Answer your security questions”
  • “Confirm your card number”
  • “Received an email”
  • “Have us call you”
  • “Changing or adding a phone number to receive a text”
  • “Push Notification”

One thing to note, depending on your PayPal account, you may see more or less of these options.

Additionally, once you have selected the way you want to confirm your identity, and you’re having an issue completing the task, you can click “Try another way.”

Why Does PayPal Keep Giving Me a Security Challenge?

Why Does PayPal Keep Giving Me a Security Challenge?

Unfortunately, if you continue to get PayPal security checks, it’s because PayPal keeps seeing new or unusual activity on your account that is suspected as fraudulent.

Moreover, to keep security checks from happening often, you need to keep your PayPal information up to date.

Keeping your PayPal information up to date means making sure your PayPal account has the following correct information:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Any other personal information PayPal may need,
    • Email address
    • Mailing address, if different from your address
    • Security questions
  • Current financial information,
    • Bank account
    • Credit or debit cards
    • Preferred currencies

What Security Features Does PayPal Have?

Along with security checks to keep user accounts secure, PayPal uses:

All of these protection plans and policies help make and keep PayPal safe and secure for all users, both buyers and sellers.

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If you receive a security challenge from PayPal, it’s because PayPal suspects that activity on your account is fraudulent. Furthermore, PayPal security checks are meant to confirm your identity and keep your account safe from fraud.

Moreover, completing a security check is simple. All you need to do is select the option you want to use to confirm your identity and follow PayPal’s directions.

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