Petco Employee Discount (Is There One, How It Works + More)

Petco focuses on pets, but it has several departments, all of which require different employees to keep the company running.

Petco has an employee discount in place to give its workers some advantages. We’ve looked into it and found the information below!

What Is the Petco Employee Discount In [currentyear]?

Petco has an employee discount that gives the employees a minimum of 20 percent off most items, and 40 percent off items from Petco owned brands. You can use your Petco employee discount when shopping on the company website, but you would have to provide your employee details so your identity can be verified in [currentyear].

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the employee discount at Petco, including how it works, when to apply it, and more!

What Brands Do Petco Employees Receive Discounts For?

Petco employees get a minimum 20 percent discount on most brands and items in the store, including pet food, supplies, and accessories.

This discount goes up to 40 percent for brands that are owned by Petco, which include the following:

  1. Reddy
  2. Whole Hearted
  3. Well and Good
  4. Leaps and Bounds
  5. EveryYay
  6. So Phresh
  7. Good Lovin’
  8. Youly
  9. Imagitarium

Who Can Use the Petco Employee Discount?

There are some sources that say the Petco employee discount is open to the employees, as well as their friends and family, but these are unverified.

Based on the information we’ve found from actual workers at Petco, the employee discount can only be used by the employees themselves.

This makes sense when you consider the measures in place that make it difficult to use an employee discount at Petco, unless you’re applying it in person so they’re certain that it’s not someone else.

It’s actually a long process to get an employee discount when shopping online at Petco for this reason, but we’ll discuss the process in the next section.

How Do I Use My Petco Employee Discount Online?

Petco allows its employees to use their employee discount online, but they need to provide additional information to prove that they actually work at the store.

There are several reports from current and former Petco employees who detail how they were able to use their employee discount online and, while their methods were different, the above principle was constant across the board.

One way employees applied this discount online is by using their regular account, and contacting support to set it up for them.

In this method, customer service would verify their details to ensure that the account belongs to an actual employee, before setting it up to apply the discounts as necessary.

Other employees say they use the code ASSOCIATE10 for the Petco employee discount while on their website, and they would also have to provide some details to verify their status.

We also found some that said the easiest way to apply an employee discount when shopping online at Petco is by using one of the computers at work.

This works because they have special permissions that make it easier to apply these discounts without having to jump through too many hoops.

You can shop on and use your employee discount, then have the items you buy delivered to your home if you want.

Do Petco Employees Get a Discount at Thrive? 

Do Petco Employees Get a Discount at Thrive?

We found a Reddit thread where some Petco employees say that you can use the employee discount at Thrive.

However, one of the replies on that thread states that if you use the employee discount, you can’t use Thrive Plus.

Thrive Plus is an annual membership program that grants members access to benefits such as the following:

  1. Unlimited free pet exams
  2. 10 percent off all boarding services
  3. 10 percent off all services
  4. Unlimited $5 nail trims

This limitation makes sense, because employee discounts are treated like most other discounts and coupons, where you can only apply one at a time and layering is not allowed.

What Is the Petco Employee Discount Code?

As stated above, Petco’s employee discount code is ASSOCIATE10, and you can use it when shopping on the company website.

Entering this code won’t work immediately, because you’ll be asked to fill in some more information that will be used to verify whether you’re an employee.

There are several websites dedicated to coupons, discounts, and other deals that will give you a code they say you can use to get a Petco employee discount.

However, note that these codes almost certainly won’t work.

What Is the Petco Employee Discount For Grooming?

Petco’s employee discount lets you access grooming services at 20 percent off. However, keep in mind that Petco only has grooming services for dogs and cats.

If you want to groom a different type of pet such as a rabbit, you can use the employee discount to buy the grooming supplies from Petco and do it yourself.

What Is the Petco Employee Discount For Live Animals?

Petco’s employee discount does not cover live animals.

This is going by all the information gathered from various sources, mainly consisting of former and current employees on different online forums.

They all mention that the discount is for items sold in the store, as well as certain services like grooming, but none of them mention actual pets.

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Petco has an employee discount that covers 20 percent off most items and services, as well as 40 percent off brands owned by the company. This discount covers services like grooming, but does not cover live animals.

When you apply the Petco employee discount, you can’t layer another discount or coupon on top of it to reduce the price further.

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