Popeyes Complaints (How to Make One, Common Complaints + More)

Popeyes has over 3500 locations in 46 US states and 30 countries worldwide. In the US alone, it has over 2500 locations. In the course of a year, these exceed over a million customers.

The volume of complaints generated by all these people must be enormous. How does Popeyes deal with all of that? Well, come along and see what I found out!

How Does Popeyes Receive Complaints In 2024?

Customers who wish to complain to Popeyes can complain in-store, call, and contact customer care on the Popeyes website or through Popeyes Social Media accounts in 2024. Consumer protection agencies and review sites are the other complaints options. Popeyes’ common complaints include staff service, food quality, and matters to do with refunds.

Stay on if you want to know how to make complaints to Popeyes, what type of complaint you can make, and how Popeyes handles your complaints!

How Do I Make a Complaint to Popeyes?

Complaints can be made in any of the following ways:

In Location

Customers could make their complaints in location if the incident arose from a transaction wholly or partly within the restaurant.

For instance, if you ordered online but discovered that your order was inaccurate during pickup or the staff was rude, you can lodge your complaint to the relevant personnel in the restaurant.

Phone Call

Call Popeyes customer care toll-free at (877) 767 3937. This service is available 24 hours every day of the week.

A real person will pick up your call, but you may wait up to seven minutes. Usually, it is no more than three minutes.

To get to live support quicker, press 8. You cannot request a call back on this facility.

Have all relevant details about your transaction, your order, and your complaint at hand so that you do not have to hang up to look for them.

Popeyes’ Contact Page

You can use the Contact Us page to originate a complaint or escalate one whose response has been unsatisfactory.

The digital assistant will require you to log into your account if you have one. Otherwise, proceed as a guest.

There are handy and detailed prompts all along the way. Select each that defines your issue as you go.

Social Media

You can lodge your complaint on Popeyes Social Media accounts as a comment on any of their posts or as a Direct Message.

If you make the complaint as a comment, the account administrator gets back to you, directing you to the appropriate place to make your complaint.

Corporate Headquarters

Some complaints are best addressed to the corporate headquarters.

For instance, communications made to sue and made in requirement of the law are most appropriately directed to the corporate headquarters.

Which Are Popeyes Complaints Contacts?

Which Are Popeyes Complaints Contacts?

Here are Popeye’s customer care contacts:

Corporate Office Headquarters Address:

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen, Inc

400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000

Atlanta, Georgia 30346

Unites States

What Are the Common Complaints Made Against Popeyes?

Most complaints to Popeyes customer care revolve around food quality issues, staff treatment by superiors, quality of service, and order accuracy.

On Popeyes food quality, some customers have accused the restaurant of serving them chicken that is not cooked through, is too soggy, or too done.

Others have alleged that some locations handle food in unsanitary conditions, and have been food poisoning incidents.

Customers also complain that Popeyes has an issue with accurately fulfilling their orders.

Sometimes the restaurant will pack fewer items than ordered, the wrong combination, or even leave out some things entirely.

When this happens, it is an arduous process to get a refund.

Service at Popeyes is wanting, and customers in drive-through have complained of wait periods of up to 45 minutes, sometimes with no service at the end because they are out of an item.

Some locations are short-staffed, and the worker stressed that inaccurate order taking and snappishness is common.

Customers take issue with how supervisors sometimes handle their subordinates and make complaints about it.

Where Else Can Popeyes Customers Lodge Their Complaints?

Here are alternative platforms for Popeyes customers to lodge their complaints against the restaurant:

Review Sites

Several review sites like Better Business Bureau and Do Not Pay receive and handle complaints on behalf of their users.

Users make a complaint on the review site, and the site forwards the complaint to Popeyes, checking in regularly to see if it has been resolved. The site then rates Popeyes on that.

Every company is after positive reviews and will try to resolve these complaints.

Negative reviews on other sites constitute bad press, and companies like Popeyes will try to ensure they do not get out of hand.

Consumer Protection Agencies

Customers can forward their grievances to the agencies that regulate business relations with consumers at the local, state, or federal levels.

Issues like the sanitary conditions under which food is prepared are best reported to the local sanitation inspectorate authorities.

There are state agencies that safeguard consumers’ rights. Try to find out which one your state has and escalate your complaint there.

At the federal level, consumers can resort to the Federal Trade Commission for any acts by Popeyes that are unconscionable.

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Popeyes has offered its customers various channels to lodge their complaints, and most of them run round the clock. They can choose to call in or contact customer care online through Social Media or the company website.

Those dissatisfied with the internal complaint resolution processes can complain to consumer protection agencies or review sites.

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