Popeyes Hiring Process (Step–by–Step)

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen enjoys a rich customer base with over 1700 locations. To offer effective services, the restaurant hires employees yearly.

 If you are interested in a job position at any of the restaurant outlets, keep reading for an elaborate Popeyes hiring process!

Popeyes Hiring Process In 2024

Popeyes’ hiring process comprises five main stages: declaration of vacancy, application, interviews, orientation, and lastly, training in 2024. Any individuals interested in working for Popeyes should visit the company website, create an account, and proceed with the application process. After which, the company shall contact the successful candidates for interviews.

For more information about the various steps involved in the Popeyes hiring process, keep reading!

What Is Popeyes Hiring Process?

Popeyes’ Hiring process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Vacancy Declaration

This is the primary step for any vacant position at Popeyes.

Through its website platform, the company announces a vacancy at a given position and welcomes interested parties to apply for the post.

At this stage, the company indicates the necessary guidelines that any applicant should follow before even attempting to apply. Some of these elementary guidelines include the following:

  • Minimum age requirement– the minimum employment age at Popeyes is 16.
  • Method of Application– you can apply for a job position at Popeyes, either via the restaurant website or in-person application delivery at the relevant outlet.
  • Hours of Operation– applicants are advised to submit their application within the company’s official operation hours (10:00 am-11:00 pm).

More importantly, applicants should only apply for the post declared vacant and ascertain they have the requirements for the position.

Step 2:  Applications Process

Step 2:  Applications Process Popeyes

Upon declaring a vacant position, interested individuals are encouraged to apply for the post.

Candidates can apply for these posts by visiting the official company website and clicking on the “Apply Now” button located underneath the job description and requirements.

 By clicking the field, you will be prompted to open an account to access the application portal.

Once you access the portal, the company will subject you to random questions such as the following:

  • Will you accept a background check on your integrity?
  • Do you have a work permit?
  • Will you be available to work?

Alternatively, one can opt to apply face to face by making a point to visit the Popeyes franchise location with a vacant position.

In this case, it is would be best to visit the restaurant during the less busy hours.

At times, after you submit your application in person, the manager may request a meeting on the spot.

During the application, Popeyes will request you grant them permission to conduct a background check.

Ideally, a background check involves determining if an applicant has a past criminal record or if they are involved in drugs.

These two elements help the company select the best employees with no risk at work.

If you are applying at Popeyes.com, you will be required to upload your resume to the system for review.

Moreover, Popeyes will demand you fill out an application form and indicate your personal information, work experience, and educational background.

To avoid filling many lines automatically generated by the system, check off the most recent under your work experience and educational information.

Furthermore, under work experience, the company will be interested to know if you’ve ever been laid off from your duties in the past and your availability.

It is important to note that you might be asked to provide some basic information about yourself during the application process.

Step 3: Interviews

After a successful application, Popeyes’ recruitment officers will take at least three days to go through your application and decide if you qualify for interviews or not.

The purpose of Popeyes’ interview is to engage the confidence of the applicants and confirm if they match the qualities indicated in the resumes.

Here are some commonly asked questions asked during Popeyes’ interview.

  • What can you tell us about Popeyes? This question is to test how well you’ve known Popeyes regarding its menu, the company history, and a few services offered at the restaurants.
  • Why do you want to work for Popeyes? – This question is simply asking why did you choose Popeyes. Is it better than other fast-food restaurants? If yes, state the reason.
  • Why Should Popeyes Hire You?– describe how your skills match the job description of the position you applied for and any extra value you are adding to the company in case you are selected.

For instance, if you applied to be a cashier, prove you have excellent computing skills.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?-ideally, share your vision at Popeyes if you dream of greater positions such as managers. This will determine the kind of commitment you will exude.
  • How would you deal with an angry customer?-Popeyes is looking for professionals with high regard for quality customer services. You must prove your ability to control your tempers.
  • How would you define excellent customer service? – Here, state how you can warmly welcome customers to the restaurant and offer them food in a term without delay.
  • What hours can you work? – The company will be interested to know your availability and flexibility. Popeyes will always consider readily available applicants who can work over weekends.
  • Do you have any restaurant experience? This question helps the company determine the suitable training for each applicant and categorize applicants by assigning them different roles.
  • What is your greatest weakness? Accept that you have a shortcoming that’s mostly related to the job, but you are ready to make improvements.
  • Do you have any questions for us? Always have a question for the panel to show how attentive you were during the interview process.

After the interview, Popeyes will take one to five working days to notify successful candidates of available job offers.

You can also stay in contact with Popeyes after completing the interview and call to inquire about your hiring status.

Step 4: Orientation

Orientation is the second last stage of the Popeyes hiring process, which is open for the few selected applicants after the intense interviews.

Normally, Popeyes pays for orientation.

Moreover, Orientation lasts for four to six hours to familiarize the new employees with dining sections, drive-thru, kitchen, lavatories, and the company uniforms.

During the orientation, you can carry a work permit with you if you need one, but most importantly, bring a positive attitude and a warm smile.

In some locations, the outlet manager will let you know what you carry for the orientations

Step 5: Training

Training is the last stage of Popeyes’ hiring process. Training lasts for a period of 3 days-one a week or so.

Different training is provided to different employees depending on their position; for example, a cashier might receive different training skills than a chef.

Popeyes offers training with patients and is more comprehensive enough to help new employees acquire the required skills and know-how for the new assignments.

Additionally, the restaurant’s senior workers also guide the new workers and help them build confidence while executing their duties.

Popeyes training acknowledges that training is a process; thus, they practice patients and a positive vibe to create a conducive learning environment for the new employees.

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Popeyes has a detailed hiring process applicable to all applicants. Interested candidates can visit the company website to submit their applications.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Popeyes interviews. More importantly, only successful applicants will be contacted for orientation and training.

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