Does Popeyes Hire Felons? (All You To Know)

Typically, felons encounter numerous challenges after completing their sentence. The most predominant one is finding a job. Nonetheless, some companies give a chance to former offenders to earn and support themselves.

If you are wondering if Popeyes is among the companies that do not discriminate against felons, keep reading and get enlighted!

Does Popeyes Hire Felons In 2024?

Despite no concrete stand on the matter, numerous online sources claim that Popeyes hires felons as of 2024. In some instances, the restaurant can promote ex-convicts to higher managerial posts after a comprehensive background check. Popeyes doesn’t offer information about whether it hires felons to the public. However, the restaurant is an equal opportunity employer.

To discover whether Popeyes conducts background checks on felons, how ex-convicts can apply for a job at Popeyes, and the type of jobs recommended for felons, keep reading!

Does Popeyes Run Background Checks On Felons?

Yes, Popeyes does conduct a background check on all applicants they may be interested in hiring for any given position. In most of its locations, it may subject its applicants to a drug test.

Usually, Popeyes’ application forms have an area where applicants indicate if they have any previous criminal record.

In any case, if an applicant has been convicted, Popeyes requires them to indicate when and where it occurred with the deposition of the offense.

Occasionally, Popeyes will request its applicant’s permission to allow the company to perform a pre-employment background check.

More importantly, the background check may vary from one location to another because different states have laws on what employers can access during background check investigations.

Ultimately, Popeyes cannot decline to hire someone because of their past criminal records but might turn down their applications based on a position.

What Does Popeyes Look For On A Background Check?

As one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains, Popeyes is interested in the following areas while it conducts a background check on its applicants:

  • Work history: past working experience at fast-food restaurants is always an advantage. Aspirants should provide recent employment by including the name, address, supervisor, telephone number, starting and ending dates, salary, and reason for leaving.
  • Driving records: driving license might be necessary for the company drivers.
  • Criminal records: to determine if you qualified to work at Popeyes outlets.
  • Educational records: aspirants provide the type of schools, corresponding names and addresses, and the years of attendance.
  • Court records: reveal any existence or pending court case.
  • Medical records: to show if you have any underlying health-related issues.
  • Drug test results: will help to determine your suitability for the post.

Further, the above factors help the company branch manager determine candidates’ past mistakes, character, and final fitness before they are given any chance to work.

What Does Popeyes Consider A “Bad Hire” In Felons?

What Does Popeyes Consider A “Bad Hire” In Felons?

Like other companies, Popeyes usually reviews the applicant’s background to avoid hiring someone who fails to deliver after successfully passing the necessary tests.

In other words, such candidates are considered by the company as a “bad hire” if they display the following traits:

  • Displaying a high level of dishonesty while at work
  • Producing low-quality work
  • Portraying negative attitudes towards fellow workmates or even to customers
  • Shows little interest in teamwork while working with other employees
  • Poor customer relations
  • It doesn’t match the skills they stated on the application
  • Not punctual, thus having attendance problems

Popeyes, therefore, advises felons interested in working with the company to be honest and provide correct information about their past.

Essentially, any form of dishonesty will lead to immediate discontinuation.

How Can A Felon Apply For Job At Popeyes?

Job applications at Popeyes have the same procedures for anyone interested in any position at the company. That said, here are the steps a felon can follow when applying for a job at Popeyes:

  • Visit the company’s official website and right-click the link near the top of the page to open it on a new browser.
  • Enter your location (city/state/country) into the search form (or enter a keyword/job title).
  • Scroll down the page to view current openings.
  • Click the position/location link.
  • Review the job summary, requirements, responsibilities, etc., and press “Apply Now.”

What Are Tips For A Felon Trying To Get A Job At Popeyes?

When applying for a job at Popeyes as a felon, you must be tasked with many things before qualifying for the position.

Therefore, here are some tips that will put you ahead of others and improve your chances:

  • Be flexible and willing to work various hours
  • Have reliable references
  • Be ready to provide a current resume outlining job skills
  • Be honest about all personal information and history
  • Arrive early for an interview
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Speak up clearly and show enthusiasm

What Are Entry-Level Positions Felons Can Apply For At Popeyes?

At Popeyes, the entry-level positions felons qualify for include:

  • Crew/Team member: mandated with welcoming guests (greetings), preparing and packaging foods, operating a Point of Sale (POS) system, and maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the workplace.
  • Shift manager: tasked with leading each shift by delegating duties, assigning tasks, and ensuring product quality is upheld throughout.
  • Cashier: tasked with providing efficient and reliable services to customers and meeting customers’ expectations and satisfaction. Also, occasionally prepares, packs, and serves food products for guests and maintains tidiness at work.
  • Cook: has a role in providing outstanding services and making high-quality food in a clean, pleasant, and fun atmosphere.

Has Popeyes Hired Felons In The Past?

Although Popeyes’ hiring process may differ depending on the franchise owner and locations, reviews indicate that the restaurant has hired felons in the past.

Usually, after a thorough background check and the candidate is approved fit for work, nothing stops ex-convicts from working at Popeyes as long as they have the necessary credentials.

Ideally, if the applicant’s record poses no threat, Popeyes will reconsider giving a second chance for any felon to work and earn a living. 

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In conclusion, Popeyes believes in providing an equal opportunity to anyone who might be interested in working at the fast-food restaurant.

That said, the company does not discriminate against potential employees based on their past criminal records.

However, Popeyes conducts a proper pre-employment background check to determine a candidate’s suitability and if there is any risk that individuals might bring.

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