Popeyes Headquarters (Where Is It + More)

Popeyes, a renowned fast-food chain, has over 3,451 outlets located in 46 states in the US and 30 countries worldwide. Despite having numerous franchise locations, Popeyes offers high-quality chicken meals.

In case you’re a customer or an employee intending to contact Popeyes headquarters to lodge a complaint or make inquiries, read on for factual details on Popeyes headquarters!

Where Is Popeyes Headquarters In [currentyear]?

Popeyes headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, the United States in [currentyear]. Previously, the company’s headquarters was located in Atlanta, Georgia, 30346. However, after the company’s acquisition by Restaurant Brands International Inc., Popeyes had to shift its locations to facilitate easier operations alongside the sister company, Burger King.

If you want to find more information on Popeyes headquarters, including the contact information, the owner of the company, and the executive committee, among others, keep reading!

How Many Corporate Headquarters Does Popeyes Have?

Popeyes has one corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida, United States.

Initially, the headquarters of the restaurant chain was in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, the headquarters changed locations to Miami in order to combine the operations of Popeyes, Burger King, and U.S. Tim Hortons.

Although Popeyes is an indirect subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International Inc (RBI), the company maintained its corporate headquarters in Miami.

Popeyes’s corporate headquarters in Miami is designed to create and implement the company’s strategic objectives.

How Do I Contact Popeyes Headquarters?

You can contact Popeyes headquarters through the following means:

  • Physical Address: 5707 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126 United States.
  • Phone number: 1-877-POPEYES or 1-877-767-3937.
  • Facebook account: @Popeyes.
  • Instagram Account: @popeyes.
  • Twitter: @Popeyes.

Who Is the Owner of Popeyes?

Popeyes is owned by Restaurant Brands International (RBI), a Toronto-based multinational fast-food holding company.

Restaurant Brands International (RBI) is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange and has headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The company was initially formed in 2014 through a merger between Canadian coffee shop and restaurant chain Tim Hortons, and American fast food restaurant chain Burger King.

Later in 2017, the company purchased the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (previously owned by AI Copeland) as an indirect subsidiary of the company.

Due to tax purposes, Popeyes and Burger King retained their initial operations and headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Jose Cil was named the CEO of Restaurant Brands International in 2019, while Daniel Schwartz was named the company’s Executive Chairman. 

Who Is the CEO at Popeyes Headquarters?

Although several sources claim that Cheryl A. Bachelder is the CEO at Popeyes headquarters, she is a former CEO at the company, having served Popeyes as a CEO from 2007 to 2017.

Cheryl stepped down as Popeyes CEO after the merger with Restaurant Brand International, which created a change in the leadership structure of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Currently, it is still unknown whether Popeyes has a CEO apart from the CEO stemming from the parent company, Restaurant Brands International.

Who Are on the Executive Committee at Popeyes Headquarters?

Who Are on the Executive Committee at Popeyes Headquarters?

Since Popeyes is a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International Inc, the Executive committee overseeing the operations of the company is primarily governed by RBI.

The RBI Corporate leaders are as follows:

  • Jose E. Cil – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jose E. Cil was appointed as the CEO of Restaurant Brands International Inc. in 2019, having previously served as Burger King’s president since 2014.

  • Matthew Dunnigan – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Matthew Dunnigan was appointed as the CFO of the company in January 2018, having previously served the company as a Treasurer from October 2014.

  • Duncan Fulton – Chief Corporate Officer (CCO)

Mr. Fulton was appointed as the company’s CCO in June 2018 to oversee RBI’s global communications, government relations, and ESG initiatives.

  • Jill M. Granat – General Counsel

Ms. Granat was appointed as the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of RBI Inc. in December 2014.

She was moved to this position after serving Burger King Worldwide as the Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary.

  • Jeff Housman – Chief People & Services Officer

Mr. Housman was appointed as the Chief People and Services, having previously served as the Chief Human Resources Officer in 2017 and the Head of Global Business Services from 2015 to 2017.

  • Joshua Kobza – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kobza was appointed the COO of the company in January 2019 after serving as the Chief Technology Officer and Development Officer of the Company from 2018 to January 2019.

He also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Development Officer of the Company from 2014 to 2018.

  • Tom Curtis – President of Burger King US & Canada

Mr. Curtis was appointed as the President of Burger King US and Canada in October 2021 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer from May 2021.

  • Don Fox – Chief Executive Officer of Firehouse Subs

Mr. Fox was appointed the CEO of Firehouse Subs in 2009, having previously served the company as the Chief Operating Officer since 2005.

  • Axel Schwan – President, Tim Hortons Canada & US

Mr. Schwan was appointed as the President of Tim Hortons Canada & US in October 2019 after serving Tim Hortons as a Global Chief Marketing Officer since 2017.

  • David Shear – President, International

Mr. Shear was appointed as the company’s President International in January 2021.

  • Sami Siddiqui – President, Popeyes U.S. & Canada

Mr. Siddiqui was appointed as Popeyes President in September 2020 after serving as president of Asia Pacific for RBI from 2019 to 2020 and as Burger King’s Chief Financial Officer from 2018 to 2019.

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Popeyes headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, United States. The company’s headquarters was previously located in Atlanta, Georgia, until its acquisition in 2017.

Customers can contact the headquarters through calls, through the company’s social media sites, and by visiting the company at its physical location in Miami, Florida.

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