Publix Attendance Policy (All You Need To Know)

If you work at Publix, you should know the Publix attendance policy because it’s essential to understand how many tardies and absences you’re allowed.

Have you wondered how many tardies you’re allowed to have or other important questions? Read on because I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Publix attendance policy!

Publix Attendance Policy

The Publix attendance policy is that you cannot be absent more than twice in six months or have more than two tardies in one month. If you go above the allowance, you’ll get a counseling statement, and three of those could lead to your termination. The Publix ‘no-call, no-show’ policy counts those types of incidences as absences.

Do you want to know even more about the Publix attendance policy? How many times you can miss work without being in trouble? Read below to learn more!

How Many Times Can You Call in Sick at Publix?

According to employees, Publix changed its policy to only allow two absences within six months, and any more absences than that could lead to a counseling statement.

Furthermore, if you have more than three counseling statements, you’re subject to disciplinary action that could range from suspension without pay to termination.

Are You Paid If You Call in Sick at Publix?

Publix pays full-time workers if they still have sick days left or have accrued sick days from working for the company for more than 90 days.

However, Publix doesn’t offer sick days to part-time employees, so any time you need to take off is unpaid.

How Do You Notify Publix Of an Absence?

When Publix employs someone, they receive a card with an attendance line phone number that they need to call in an absence.

Furthermore, this attendance line is an automated phone call where you simply choose the department you work in and leave a message stating the absence and why. 

Also, you need to use this attendance phone line if you’re going to be late for work.

After you call in, the assistant department manager or utility trainer will receive these messages and write them down in the attendance book.

How Many Tardies Can You Have at Publix?

How Many Tardies Can You Have At Publix?

Publix policy is that you can only have two tardies within 30 days, or else you will receive a counseling statement. Then, more than three counseling statements could lead to termination.

Additionally, Publix considers you tardy if you show up three minutes later than your scheduled shift, so you don’t have much leeway.

However, you can have a total of ten tardies and not have a counseling statement on your record for being tardy every month, as long as those tardies are not more than twice in one month.

What Does Publix Consider No-Call No-Show?

Publix has a no-call no-show policy which states that if you don’t call before the start of your shift to say you’ll be late or can’t come in, it’s considered a no-call no-show.

On top of that, a no-call no-show is considered an absence, so you have to be careful not to have more than two absences in six months.

Also, Publix considers it a no-call no-show if you said you would be late but then just never show up to your scheduled shift.

Additionally, calling to say you would try to make it and then don’t show up is considered a no-call no-show and counted as an absence.

Can You Be Fired from Publix For Poor Attendance?

Yes, Publix absolutely can fire you if you have poor attendance because working at Publix is considered at-will.

Further, “at-will” means you can leave Publix at any time you want without reason, and Publix has the right to terminate you for any reason.

However, if you have a personal issue causing tardiness or absence, try to talk to your manager before it gets out of hand.

Then, your manager might work with you on hours or days if there’s a specific reason for the problem.

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