Publix Termination Policy (All You Need To Know)

If you work at Publix or are considering getting a job there, you might want to know details about the Publix termination policy, such as what causes the company to fire people.

I’ve looked into the matter and will tell you all you need to know about the Publix termination policy, so read below to learn more.

Publix Termination Policy

The Publix termination policy states you’re an at-will employee, meaning you or Publix can terminate the employment at any time. Publix will not tolerate lying or dishonesty, including lying or omitting information from the application. The company does give employees second chances depending on the policy violation and offers a rehire appeal form for terminated employees.

Do you want to know even more about the Publix termination policy? For example, what actions could get you fired immediately? You’ll find out all that and more below!

What Are Publix Policy Violations That Could Lead To Termination?

Several situations could lead to someone being terminated from Publix, including violating the following policies.

Lying On the Application

If you enter false information during the application process and it’s not discovered until after you’ve started working for Publix, it will fire you immediately.

Additionally, you’ll notice that this is stated in the Terms & Conditions of the employment application.

So, even if you don’t think your lie is a big deal, such as an award you won or a skill you claim to have, a lie on a job application is a quick way to be fired.

On top of that, omitting information from your application will also lead to termination.

Being Dishonest & Lying While at Work For Any Reason

Publix will terminate an employee engaging dishonestly while working at the store under any circumstances.

Furthermore, Publix takes honesty very seriously and won’t tolerate lying. So, even if the lying seems minor to you, such as claiming you’re fluent in four languages, Publix takes it seriously.

In Publix’s opinion, lying is a huge character flaw, leading managers not to trust you in any situation.

Publix Employees Engaging in Discrimination Or Harassment

Publix Employees Engaging In Discrimination Or Harassment

Publix doesn’t tolerate employees who discriminate against someone. Therefore, if a manager thinks an employee discriminates, an investigation will begin to get down to the truth.

On top of that, Publix will not tolerate harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, and sexual harassment.

That said, if Publix starts an investigation for either reason and the investigation uncovers discrimination or harassment, then Publix will fire that employee.

Immoral Or Unethical Behavior and Actions

Publix values morality as much as it values honesty, so if you’re an immoral person, then Publix will terminate your employment.

Examples of these behaviors include:

  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Misusing company time
  • Nasty pranks on co-workers or customers
  • Lying about being sick when you call out
  • Other similar behavior

Continuous Absences From Work Or Excessive Tardiness

Publix expects that employees show up to work on time every shift and work scheduled shifts unless they’re sick or have another valid reason.

Furthermore, suppose someone is calling off once a week or a few times a month. In that case, Publix is going to terminate employment because that’s not a reliable employee.

However, if there’s a valid reason for the call-outs or tardiness, the employee needs to talk to the manager and work it out.

On the other hand, if there is no valid reason for excessive tardiness or call-offs, Publix will fire the employee.

Substance Use and Abuse

Publix is a drug-free workplace, so the policy is that if someone is caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Publix will fire them.

However, Publix is known for trying to help people, so if you struggle with substance use, you can talk to the manager and see about being on a probationary period instead.

That said, Publix does have probationary periods for people who made a mistake, and it will give you another chance if you’re serious about getting clean.

On top of that, Publix will try to help with rehabilitation or counseling services, according to an employee, so termination isn’t a guarantee.

Can You Be Rehired at Publix Once You’ve Been Fired?

Being rehired by Publix after being fired depends on the situation and circumstances that led to termination.

On top of that, every Publix store doesn’t operate the same way and might have a slightly different policy on rehiring a previously fired employee.

So, if you’re looking to get your job back at Publix, it’s best to talk to the manager and see if it’s possible.

Publix Rehire Appeal Form

Publix does have a rehire appeal form that allows someone who was fired to appeal the firing and possibly be rehired by the company.

However, not everyone who fills out the form will be rehired, and an investigation into the firing will occur.

After the investigation, Publix determines whether it will welcome you back onto the staff.

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