Safeway Club Card (Price, Benefits, How To Apply, Redeeming + More)

Many retail and grocery stores are now bringing loyalty programs into their businesses, enabling their customers to save money on purchases and gaining more regular shoppers.

Safeway also has a loyalty program, The Safeway Club Card, recently renamed to Just For U Rewards. But what is this program, and how does it work? If you’d like to find out, continue reading through this article to see what I learned!

What Is the Safeway Club Card?

The Safeway Club Card recently retitled Just For U Rewards, is a loyalty card for Safeway shoppers that enables customers to save up to 20% on their groceries, homewares, and other eligible items. Safeway customers can obtain a card by requesting an application at the customer service desk.

If you’d like to learn more about registering for a Club Card, updating the card, the benefits of having a Club Card, and more, keep reading!

How Do I Register For A Safeway Club Card?

The process is very simple if you’d like to register for a Safeway Club Card!

At your local Safeway store, head to the customer service/ reception desk and ask for an application.

Once you’ve finished filling out the application, the store associate assisting you will give you a card.

If you didn’t finish the application at Safeway, you could also register your card online. In order to set the card up online, customers can do the following:

  1. Go to You’ll be led directly to the account registration form.
  2. On the form, fill out your first and last name and email address.
  3. Create a password for your account.
  4. Once you’ve filled out all the above, you can enter the number on your Safeway Club Card on the “Mobile Number or Club Card Number” option.
  5. After selecting the terms of use, your card will be fully registered and can be used at any Safeway location.

What Are the Benefits Of A Safeway Club Card?

There are a variety of benefits to having a Safeway Club Card.

For one, Club Card members are able to gain sale prices from advertised products, and they will gain points every time they shop and swipe/scan their Club Card.

Additionally,  members can earn points on their cards when shopping at any department in the store, including the pharmacy department and the gas station.

Members can also use their Club Card to log in to and check out the Coupon Center for more savings.

What Items Are Excluded From Club Card Minimum Purchase Requirements?

Some offers from the Club Card have a minimum purchase requirement.

For example, a customer may have to spend at least $50 to get $5 off the purchase.

However, not every item available for purchase at Safeway can have this offer applied. The exclusions are as follows:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Fuel
  • Liquid dairy products (milk, cream, etc)
  • Prescriptions
  • Bus passes
  • Fishing/ hunting licenses
  • Tags
  • Stamps
  • Tickets
  • Gift cards

How Do I Redeem Safeway Club Card Points?

How Do I Redeem Safeway Club Card Points?

In order to redeem Club Card points, cardholders have to swipe or scan their card every time they purchase at Safeway.

According to, the below list is how they can figure out how much their points are worth:

  • For every $1 spent on eligible groceries= 1 point
  • For every $1 spent on gift cards= 2 points
  • For every $1 spent on pharmaceuticals= 1 point

Is There A Rewards And Points Limit On The Club Card?

There is no limit to how many points Safeway Club Card members can earn.

However, points earned will expire at the end of each month if they are below 100 points.

Therefore, customers are urged to keep track of how many points they regularly earn so that they can fully utilize their rewards.

When Can I Redeem My Club Card Rewards?

All points and rewards will show up on Safeway Club Card accounts shortly after they’re earned.

However, it may take up to 15 minutes for the Safeway website and app to refresh and display how many rewards the cardholder currently has.

Can I Use The Club Card Online?

If Safeway shoppers enjoy using the online grocery shopping feature, they can easily apply their Club Card rewards to their online purchases.

As long as their Safeway account is linked to their Club Card, current offers will be applied to their purchase, and they can use their points for the final total.

Can I Link Two Club Card Accounts?

If multiple household members have Club Card accounts, Safeway allows their members to link the cards to maximize their points and savings.

In order to link their accounts, customers can call the Safeway toll-free number 1-877-258-2799.

Are Gas Points And Grocery Points From The Club Card Different?

Safeway Club Card members can earn points both for grocery purchases and gas fill-ups.

However, there is no difference in these points, as they are all converted into Rewards (100 points= 1 Reward).

When Are Club Card Offers Updated?

Safeway Club Card offers are updated on a daily basis, frequently featuring new discounts and coupons.

In order to find updated offers, members can visit or check the Safeway App.

They can also subscribe to email notifications in order to receive an email every time a new offer has been added to the website.

What Is The Difference Between Limited and Unlimited Club Card Offers?

While unlimited offers can be applied to indefinite transactions, one-time offers can only be used on one full transaction.

Customers should bear in mind that some offers may have quantity limits and are recommended to read through the offer details before attempting to apply the offer to their purchase.

How Long Are The Grocery Rewards Offers Available For?

How Long Are The Grocery Rewards Offers Available For?

When cardholders add a grocery reward offer to their account, they have until the end of the month to use it on one of their transactions.

Customers should also bear in mind that some of the grocery rewards offers are subject to quantity limits and are urged to check the offer details to ensure the offer is available at their store.

What Is My List On The Club Card Account?

The Safeway Club Card added the My List section to help customers plan their shopping lists.

Once members have added an offer to their account, it will show up in the My List section.

Offers can be removed from My List without deactivating the coupon.

How Do I Update my Safeway Club Card?

In order to update their loyalty program information, customers can use one of three methods:

  • Members can log in to My Account on the Safeway website and click on their settings.
  • Members can log in to the Safeway App, access My Account through the Just For U section, and click on their settings.
  • Members can call the Customer Support Center at 1-877-258-2799

Can I Get A Safeway Club Card Online?

Customers who prefer a digital card can sign up for it either through the registration form or on the Safeway app.

Customers can access their rewards card by downloading the Safeway app to their iPhone or Android devices. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Additionally, customers can access the Just For U rewards on the homepage of the app, create/log in to their account, and begin clipping coupons and discounts from their devices.

How Much Does A Safeway Club Card Cost?

Safeway Club Cards are completely free of cost.

Customers must ask for an application at the customer service desk, or they can fill out an application on or the Safeway app.

Can I Use A Safeway Club Card At Albertsons?

Because Safeway is part of Albertsons Companies, customers can use their Safeway Club Card at any Albertsons store. They accept both physical cards and Club Cards through the Safeway App.

Additionally, Safeway gift cards can be used at any store owned by Albertsons Companies, such as Vons or Pavilions.

Does Safeway Canada Have The Club Card?

While all store locations in the US currently have the Club Card, Safeway Canada does not have the Safeway Club Card in their stores.

The loyalty program is currently only available in the US. However, Safeway Canada still offers many discounts and coupons to their customers.

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The Safeway Club Card (or Just For U Rewards) is a loyalty program that enables members to save up to 20% on purchases of groceries, pharmaceuticals, fuel and products from other departments in the store.

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