Safeway Pharmacy (Who Can Pick Up, Delivery, Products, Hours + More)

Safeway stores have had operational pharmacies for many years and have proven preferable over pharmacies such as Shoppers Drug Mart and similar companies.

If you’re a Safeway customer and are considering getting prescriptions through their pharmacy, you may wonder how their pharmacies operate. If so, continue reading to see what I learned!

How Does The Safeway Pharmacy Operate?

Safeway Pharmacy operates with a number of well-trained pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. They offer prescriptions and fill them on a daily basis, give immunizations, book appointments, check blood pressure, and provide many other services. Safeway pharmacy also offers prescription deliveries to their patients.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get prescriptions through Safeway pharmacy, what products they sell, how to refill prescriptions, and more, continue reading!

How Do I Get Prescriptions Through the Safeway Pharmacy?

Safeway Pharmacy offers prescription refills online, in person, and over the phone. In order to refill a prescription over the phone, customers can phone their local Safeway pharmacy directly.

To refill prescriptions online, customers can use the form on and enter the relevant information for their prescription requirements.

If customers would prefer to refill prescriptions in person, they can visit their local Safeway Pharmacy and speak to a pharmacy assistant.

Who Can Pick Up my Safeway Prescriptions?

If a customer cannot pick up a prescription when it’s ready, there are a couple of circumstances that allow another person to pick up the prescription for them.

Customers are generally allowed to have family members pick up their prescriptions, as long as they have the relevant information. This also applies to caretakers who are authorized to pick up medication.

Individual Safeway pharmacists may use their own judgment if a non-family member or non-medical worker comes in to pick up a prescription for a patient.

Does Safeway Pharmacy Deliver?

Most Safeway pharmacies offer delivery for medications to their patients. There is generally a delivery fee of $7.99 for courier service and $3.99 for mail delivery.

However, sometimes Safeway Pharmacy will offer free prescription delivery as a promotion. Customers can have contact-less delivery and have their package left at the door.

Safeway pharmacy also offers same-day delivery to patients if they are requested and ordered before 10:30 am if they select courier delivery.

Mailed prescriptions are processed through USPS and may take up to a few days to arrive, depending on the USPS schedule.

What Products Does Safeway Pharmacy Sell?

In Canada, Safeway pharmacy receives its pills, supplies, and necessities from McKesson Pharmaceuticals. This may vary in the United States, though Safeway does not provide this information online.

If patients in the United States would like more information about where Safeway receives their pharmaceuticals, they can call their local Safeway pharmacy and ask for assistance.

In Safeway stores, the pharmacy area is combined with the hygiene department. Customers can purchase vitamins, pain medication, and other on-the-shelf pills in this area.

In addition to pills, customers can purchase soap, shampoo and conditioner, bandages, and other medical and hygienic necessities in the pharmacy area.

What are the Operational Hours for Safeway Pharmacy?

What are the Operational Hours for Safeway Pharmacy?

Safeway pharmacies operate within regular store hours. While some stores may vary their pharmacy hours, Safeway pharmacies are generally open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday.

Customers can come into Safeway to refill and pick up prescriptions anytime during their hours of operation. The hours available for booking appointments may vary per store.

If customers want more clarification on store hours, they can call their local Safeway pharmacy and ask for their schedule or check by searching their pharmacy location online.

Can I Refill a Prescription Through the Safeway App?

Safeway’s Pharmacy app allows patients to refill their prescriptions from their mobile devices.

If customers would like to utilize this method of filling prescriptions, they can do the following:

  • Download the app from either Google Play or the App Store
  • Create an account or log in to your current Safeway account
  • You’ll find a list of prescriptions on the app, which can be managed from the app.
  • Refills can be instantly requested from the app, and gives a notification when the prescription is ready to be picked up

Unfortunately, the Safeway Pharmacy app is only available in the United States.

If Canadian patients wish to fill a prescription, they can do so through the website, on the phone, and in person.

Can I Sign Up Multiple Family Members for Prescriptions on One Account?

When Safeway adds patients to their pharmacy log, they can add multiple people on the same phone number. However, each patient will have to be separately registered.

If a family has requested to be added to the Safeway pharmacy on the same number, a pharmacy assistant can help them to properly fill out their registration.

How Do Safeway Pharmacy Text Alerts Work?

Safeway gives patients the option to receive text alerts for their prescriptions. These messages will be sent soon after a prescription has been filled and alert patients to when they can pick it up.

Patients have 10 days to reply to a text reminder. If 10 days have passed before responding to the message, patients must refill a manual request for their prescription.

Can I Change my Prescription Pick-up Time?

If customers cannot make their prescription pickup time, they are allowed to change their pickup time.

They can do so by phoning the Safeway pharmacy and making a request.

If a customer has made a confirmation for their pickup time and needs to change it later, they are also allowed to do so by phoning the pharmacy directly.

Finally, suppose a Safeway customer accidentally types STOP into their text reminders for a prescription pick-up. In that case, they can be added back to the text alert list by calling the store and informing them of the mistake.

Does Every Safeway have a Pharmacy?

Most Safeway grocery stores have a full-service pharmacy among their other departments.

Some smaller Safeway locations may not have a pharmacy or may have shut down the service.

If customers are unsure about whether or not their Safeway has a pharmacy, they can find out by phoning their local store and asking for assistance.

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Safeway pharmacies are fully staffed with experienced pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

They fill prescriptions, give immunizations, book appointments and other services. Patients call fill prescriptions in the store, online or through the pharmacy app.

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