Sam’s Club Auto Buying (How It Works, TrueCar, Leasing, Dealers + More)

With Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program available exclusively to members, it seems as if there is nothing Sam’s Club doesn’t offer its members.

However, you may be hearing about Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program for the first time and might have questions about how it works and whether it is worth using.

Here is everything I uncovered about Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program throughout my research!

Sam’s Club Auto Buying

Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program is available only to members through an online service called TrueCar. Combining deals from Sam’s Club and TrueCar, members can save as much as $4,000 on new cars. TrueCar offers nearly all new and used vehicles available at dealerships in your location.

To learn about how the Sam’s Club Auto Buying program works and if the program offers financing options, continue reading!

How Does Sam’s Club Auto Buying Work?

Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program is a benefit that is only available to active Sam’s Club members.

The service is operated by TrueCar, which is an online marketplace for new and used cars for sale based on your location.

The Sam’s Club Auto Buying program works because the service offers a fixed-price offer from a car dealer that is usually below MSRP for new cars or below the average selling price for used cars.

To view the vehicles for sale in your location, first sign in to the Sam’s Club Car Buying website with your Sam’s Club credentials.

Then, you can browse the inventory for new and used cars based on make, model, interior specifications, and exterior colors.

Although it is possible to browse for cars without signing in, you will eventually be required to enter your member information.

After searching for your desired car, the website offers a pricing summary that compares MSRP and TrueCar Market Average prices.

To receive discount pricing options from TrueCar, you must enter your first and last name, phone number, and home address.

After submitting your personal information, you receive personalized price offers from a certified TrueCar dealer in your area. TrueCar has an extensive network of dealers, with about 16,500 car dealerships across the United States.

So, even though not every car dealership in your area is a TrueCar certified dealer, there is likely one near you!

If the car you are interested in is available, contact the dealership for a test drive and to finalize the purchasing process.

After finishing the car purchase, notify the Sam’s Club Auto Buying program that you bought the car to receive even more benefits.

On top of discounted car prices exclusively available through TrueCar, you can also access manufacturer incentives.

Does Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Program Offer Financing?

Does Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Program Offer Financing?

Unfortunately, the Sam’s Club Auto Buying program does not currently offer auto loans of any kind. If you are searching for financing options, numerous options exist.

For example, many banks and credit unions offer car loans. Also, the dealership you purchase your car from may provide financing options for you as well.

Additionally, LendingTree has a free online form that generates up to 5 different loan options from local lenders, depending on your creditworthiness.

One thing to keep in mind about financing a new car is the added fees tacked onto the purchase price.

For example, many dealers have taxes, registration fees, document fees, and others.

The dealership you buy your car from may also offer extended warranties and additional products and services.

Is Using Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Service Worth It?

You may wonder if there is any guaranteed advantage to using Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program instead of searching for a car the traditional way.

The main advantage of using Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program is that you will receive a vehicle’s upfront, pre-negotiated price.

TrueCar’s pricing tool considers various factors that affect the price of a car, including the car market in your location.

Then, you can combine the TrueCar pricing tool with the dealer’s exclusive Sam’s Club membership price.

Depending on where you live, the nearest dealership that is TrueCar-certified may not be very close to you, especially in smaller towns.

How Much Money Can Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Program Save You?

Of course, the amount of money you save on a car purchased through Sam’s Club and TrueCar varies based on the make, model, year, and other factors.

However, TrueCar reports that the average Sam’s Club price for cars is $3,400 off the MSRP.

Additionally, some auto manufacturers provide exclusive Sam’s Club member discounts that range from $200 to $3,000.

Another advantage to using Sam’s Club is that being a member can save you between $100 and $300 more than what TrueCar can provide.

TrueCar also has service agreements with its dealers to ensure the dealerships honor Sam’s Club pricing.

In regards to buying used cars through Sam’s Club, the main advantage is that TrueCar labels the cars’ price ‘Below Market,’ ‘At Market,’ or ‘Well Below Market.’

The TrueCar labels help ensure that you understand what kind of deal you are getting on a used car.

However, because there are so many used cars on the market, TrueCar’s inventory may not include every single used car available in your area.

But do not worry! The TrueCar database has more than 1.6 million used cars available.

One advantage of using Sam’s Club to find a used car with TrueCar is that members receive a used car condition report on the vehicles they are interested in.

What Car Brands Are Available Through Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Program?

What Car Brands Are Available Through Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying Program?

No matter what brand of car you are looking for, new or used, the TrueCar database likely has what you are searching for.

Additionally, TrueCar gives you access to luxury, high-end brands like Maserati alongside more traditionally affordable brands like Nissan.

It is essential to keep in mind that the car brands available vary based on your location. However, some of the auto brands that are sold through TrueCar include:

  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche
  • GMC
  • Acura
  • Honda
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • Volkswagen

These are only a select few brands that are available for purchase, according to TrueCar’s website! Check out the Sam’s Club Auto Buying site for the complete list of available auto manufacturers.

Who Are TrueCar’s Car Dealers?

TrueCar works with certified dealerships, which allows it to provide haggle-free pricing on new and used cars. TrueCar’s network is composed of over 550 auto-buying sites across the country.

Additionally, TrueCar works with various industries, like insurance providers, military organizations, and retail stores like Sam’s Club.

Essentially, TrueCar works with dealerships in your area to offer the lowest price available for new or used car purchases.

With that, TrueCar’s network is so extensive it currently reaches over 350 million members across the United States.

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Sam’s Club’s Auto Buying program is made available to members through TrueCar, an online marketplace of new and used cars at dealerships near where you live.

Using Sam’s Club and TrueCar to buy a new car can save you a tremendous amount of money. Additionally, manufacturers and dealerships may provide even more ways to save on a car purchase.

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