Sam’s Club Gas (Price, Opening Hours, Discounts, Locations + More)

Sam’s Club is best known for its massive warehouse stores, incredible deals on bulk purchases, and its member-only customer base.

But did you know that several Sam’s Club locations also have gas stations?

If not, you might be wondering about the quality of Sam’s Club fuel, when the gas stations are open, and whether or not you have to be a member to buy fuel from Sam’s Club gas stations.

Here is your complete guide with everything you need to know about Sam’s Club fuel centers!

Sam’s Club Gas 

Most Sam’s Club gas stations are restricted to members only. However, select locations are open to the public and offer a $0.05 discount to members. Sam’s Club fuel isn’t Top Tier; however, it’s backed with a satisfaction guarantee, qualifying you for a refund if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

To discover more about Sam’s Club fuel centers and additional ways to save money on gasoline purchases, continue reading!

Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy Sam’s Club Fuel?

Yes, at a majority of Sam’s Club gas stations, you must be an active member to purchase fuel.

However, there are a select few locations where Sam’s Club opens its gas stations to the general public as well as members.

The Sam’s Club gas stations available to everyone are usually located right next to a Walmart or are required by state law to be open for public use.

At Sam’s Club gas stations open to the general public, Sam’s Club members and Walmart+ users have access to additional savings on their fuel purchases.

The only exception to this discounted fuel price pertains to residents in New Jersey. The state law in New Jersey prohibits fuel discounts for membership.

How Much Does Fuel Cost At Sam’s Club?

Just as they do with all in-store and online products, Sam’s Club offers low prices on their fuel as well. Depending on the season and location, the exact cost of gas at Sam’s Club varies between stores.

However, compared to other gas stations, Sam’s Club’s fuel prices are often between $0.05 and $0.10 lower.

To find the exact price of gas at your local Sam’s Club gas station, you can use the club locator to do so.

When Are Sam’s Club’s Gas Stations Open?

Unlike some gas stations, Sam’s Club gas stations are not open 24 hours. Standard fuel center hours are from 6 AM – 9 PM Monday through Saturday and 9 AM – 7 PM on Sunday.

Depending on employee availability, Sam’s Club’s gas station hours of operation may vary. To check when your Sam’s Club gas station is open, use the club locator or give the store a call.

Is Sam’s Club Gas High Quality?

All products that Sam’s Club sells, including its fuel, are backed by the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This satisfaction guarantee states that you can receive a refund or replacement for any product if you are not entirely happy with your purchase.

Although Sam’s Club fuel is not rated Top Tier, the warehouse retailer assures the gasoline is high quality.

To learn more, you can see our full guide if Sam’s Club gas is good.

Does Sam’s Club Offer Discounts On Fuel?

Does Sam’s Club Offer Discounts On Fuel?

Sam’s Club members are constantly receiving new benefits and perks on in-store products, online deals, and additional ways to save money.

When members sign up for the Sam’s Club MasterCard, a credit card only available for Sam’s Club members, there are cashback opportunities.

For example, Sam’s Club offers 5% cash back on gasoline purchases up to $6,000 during the first membership year. For the following years, members receive 1% cash back on fuel purchases.

Additionally, Sam’s Club MasterCard holders can receive 1% or 3% cash back on other eligible purchases, depending on the type of membership plan they have.

There are a small number of Sam’s Club gas stations that are open to the public. Sam’s Club members have access to a $0.05 discount at these locations that non-members do not.

A couple of additional ways to save money on Sam’s Club fuel is to use a gift card. Both Sam’s Club and Walmart gift cards are acceptable payment methods at Sam’s Club gas stations.

So, if you have an extra gift card lying around, you can use it to save a few dollars on gas!

Do All Sam’s Clubs Have Gas Stations?

Unfortunately, not every Sam’s Club store has a gas station available for its members.

If you are curious about where the nearest Sam’s Club gas station is for you, the company website has all the information you need.

Using the store locator, type in your zip code to locate nearby Sam’s Clubs. Check the box that reads ‘Gas Station’ to narrow down your search.

The website will display the nearest Sam’s Club gas stations, fuel prices, and hours of operation.

What Payment Methods Are Acceptable At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

At Sam’s Club gas stations, a wide array of payment methods are accepted. Some of the acceptable payment options include:

  • Sam’s Club MasterCard
  • Walmart credit cards
  • Sam’s Club gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Cash
  • Check

If a Sam’s Club gas station does not accept a specific form of credit, there will be a sign on the pump to let you know.

Also, it is helpful to keep in mind that you cannot use a Sam’s Club Private Label credit card to buy fuel at Walmart gas stations.

Are There Car Washes At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

It is pretty common for other chain gas stations, like Shell or BP, to have a car wash on the premises. Sam’s Club gas stations are no different!

Currently, 39 Sam’s Clubs offer car washes alongside their gas stations. Click here to find the nearest Sam’s Club gas station with a car wash located near you!

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Sam’s Club gas stations allow members to get all of their errands done at a single location. Although most fuel stations are restricted only to members, some are open to the general public.

Sam’s Club members have the opportunity for additional savings when they own a Sam’s Club MasterCard, which provides 1% cash back on gasoline purchases.

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