Sephora Cologne Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

There is no doubt that Sephora is a great store for stocking up on the best quality fragrance, plus other beauty and cosmetic products.

However, what baffles many is whether the company has a perfume return policy. Well, I have conducted in-depth research on the matter, and here is what I discovered!

What Is the Sephora Cologne Return Policy?

Sephora’s U.S. returns and exchanges policy allows customers to return cologne, unopened, opened, or gently used within 60 days after purchase with proof of purchase. Moreover, the policy applies to in-store and purchases. Colognes returned within 30 days are eligible for a full refund, and those returned past 31 days for store credits.

Read on for more information about the Sephora cologne return policy, if you can return used or opened perfume to Sephora, if the company refunds the initial shipping fees, and much more!

Can You Return Sephora Cologne After Opening?

Sephora accepts the return of opened or slightly used perfumes for returns or exchanges if it’s accompanied by an original Sephora receipt for a full refund.

All online or in-store orders must be returned to and in-store, respectively, within 30-60 days of the purchase date for a full refund or other reimbursements.

What Should I Know About Sephora’s Perfume Return Policy?

Despite Sephora’s cologne return policy being extremely accommodating, there are some things you should keep in mind before any attempt at returns.

  • For starters, over 60 days after the initial purchase, perfumes bought from any Sephora online website or other online platforms and in-store are not eligible for refunds or returns.
  • Also, perfumes that are over-used or lack a Sephora genuine shipping document, or are not bought from the brand may not be refunded or returned.
  • Lastly, Sephora cologne bottles that are damaged or have their lid missing and are susceptible to being shipped to a package transit firm will not be replaced or refunded.

More importantly, Sephora allows returns, both opened and unopened, within 60 days of purchase, and may also accept Cologne returns without a receipt in exchange for store credit.

Do I Get a Refund On Initial Shipping When I Return to Cologne to Sephora?

Sadly, if you bought the perfume online, you will not receive a refund on the initial shipping fees.

Although, it’s worth noting that both online and in-store returns are completely free of charge; no extra handling or shipping fees are charged.

How Can I Return Sephora Cologne?

How Can I Return Sephora Cologne?

You can return Sephora products via two methods:

  • Take the items to your nearest Sephora store
  • Sending the items back to Sephora by mail

You should choose any of the above methods depending on the option you used to purchase the product. For example, if you purchased the product online, you return it via mail.

However, if you bought Sephora cologne in a store, then you must return it in-store.

For online purchase, you can follow the below free mail-in return process to return your cologne:

  1. Visit Sephora’s returns page.
  2. Input your order number and ZIP code.
  3. Select “Next.”
  4. Print out the prepaid return label.
  5. Stick the label to the package with the enclosed products.
  6. Use USPS to mail the package.
  7. As soon as it processes, Sephora sends you an email to confirm the return and issue the refund (it can take up to 30 days).

Keep in mind that, if Sephora receives your perfume returns within 30 days of purchase via mail, the store will compensate you using the method you used to make the purchase.

On the flip side, if you return the opened perfume after 31 days via mail, the store will award you online credit that you can only use at

How Can I Return Sephora Cologne Without a Receipt?

The return of cologne at Sephora is very easy and quick with the following method:

  1. Locate your nearest Sephora location.
  2. Go to the shop with the cologne you wish to return and the original packing slip and payment method.
  3. An employee searches the database to find your purchase and processes the return instantly.

How Can I Get Compensated After Returning a Sephora Cologne Gift?

Normally, after returning a gift, Sephora compensates the buyer’s account.

Therefore, if you want to receive compensation for a Sephora cologne gift, contact the store to arrange a gift exchange in your name before shipment.

In this case, the reimbursement amount will be converted into online store credit, which you can spend on your favorite Sephora perfume.

Additionally, you can also collect your web store reward by calling the store directly at 1-877-737-4672, or you can ask the person who purchased it to arrange the return for you.

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Colognes purchased from Sephora’s website, in-store, or purchases made on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be returned with no charges within 30-60 days of purchase.

Nevertheless, if the cause of the return is not Sephora’s fault, the company may not be willing to refund you, and also, they won’t repay your initial shipment expenses.

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