Does Sephora Pay Weekly? (All You Need to Know)

Employees are the backbone of any business and, as such, must be respected, valued, motivated, and rewarded. While there are various ways a company can reward its employees, salaries or wages take center stage.

So, if you’re a Sephora potential employee, it is imperative that you understand the company’s compensation structure before accepting an offer. Lucky for you, I researched the matter, and here’s what I found out!

Does Sephora Pay Weekly in 2024?

Sephora pays employees bi-weekly in 2024. The salary is determined by the number of hours worked during the pay period and your position at Sephora. Those in management earn the highest hourly rate, while salespeople earn the lowest. Furthermore, no commission is paid on sales; instead, bonuses are given to employees to refocus them on customer service and satisfaction.

Read on for more details on how frequently Sephora pays its employees, positions, and potential hourly wages, whether Sephora offers commission, and much more!

Does Sephora Pay Weekly or Bi-weekly?

Sephora pays its employee after every two weeks through direct deposit. Ideally, the payment process is stress-free since the company uses Dayforce to schedule employees’ salaries.

Consequently, it’s necessary for new employees to activate their Dayforce Sephora portal after training. You can easily activate the portal by signing up using your email address.

Does Kohl’s Sephora Pay Weekly?

Kohl’s Sephora employees receive a weekly paycheck.

Besides, the employees receive various benefits that come along with working in Kohl’s: associate discounts, perks, and health insurance.

Does Sephora Offer Commission for Sales On Top of Hourly Pay?

Sephora doesn’t operate on a commission basis. Instead, it offers its employees monthly bonuses based on total store sales.

This eliminates the need for pushy or aggressive sales tactics and encourages employees to provide an exceptional customer experience to foster customer loyalty.

How Much Does Sephora Pay?

Pay rates in Sephora vary depending on the job title.

For instance, the managerial positions are among the highest paid, with the consultant, co-manager, and operational lead earning $23,499, $62,498, and $80,871 annually, respectively.

On the other hand, popular positions such as beauty advisor receive an average salary of $16.23 hourly, and client manager gets an average salary of $88,049 annually.

Finally, the least paid positions at Sephora are in the sales category.

The fragrance consultants make an average of $14 hourly, sales associates earn an average of $15.13 per hour, and sales leaders receive an average of $21.49 per hour.

What Is the Highest Position at Sephora?

What Is the Highest Position at Sephora?

A lead operator is one of the most senior positions at Sephora, with an annual salary of $112,400 on average.

Moreover, the operations manager ranks second with a salary of $101,474 annually, and the sales representative third with a salary of $95,744 per year.

Other positions in descending order include makeup artist ($81,923), color artist ($80,418), and co-manager ($52,772).

How Much Does a Sephora Lead Make?

A lead at Sephora makes an average of $22 per hour. However, depending on the store’s location and responsibilities, the hourly wage can range from $17 to $27.

How Much Does the CEO of Sephora Make?

Sephora’s CEO earns a yearly salary of $65,612.

The total amount, however, is much higher due to the numerous benefits of being a company’s CEO, such as stock options, bonuses, and other incentives.

How Much Does Sephora Pay Seasonal Sales Associates?

Usually, the average hourly rate for a Sephora seasonal sales associate in the USA is $12 per hour. However, the hourly range can vary from as low as $10 to as high as $14.

Does Sephora Provide Paid Training?

Sephora offers paid training for its employees to become familiar with the company’s goals and culture before committing to a career.

Additionally, training is always open and ongoing due to the constant emergence of new products and initiatives.

How Many Hours Do Sephora Employees Work?

Most employees work between 20 to 30 hours per week.

Typically, the number of hours an employee will work will depend on the manager and whether they are part-time or full-time.

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Sephora employees are paid biweekly, and their compensation is based on their positions and the number of hours they work.

Some of their highest-paying positions include lead operator, operations manager, and sales representative. The company also offers paid training to all new hires as well bonuses for performance rather than commissions to its staff.

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