Spark Reviewer Program (Your Complete Guide + Common FAQs)

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and everyone loves receiving non-bill-related mail.

Walmart combines those two things with its Spark Reviewer program, an exclusive club of sorts that rewards its most loyal (and thoughtful) customers.

But what exactly is the Spark Reviewer Program? You’re probably not alone, but you won’t be in the dark much longer. Here is what you need to know!

What Is The Spark Reviewer Program?

The Spark Reviewer Program is run by Walmart as a method of garnering honest reviews for their most popular brands. Random customers with a history of insightful product comments are selected to participate. Additionally, once invited, they receive free samples of items and, in turn, write their honest reviews for the product listings on the website.

Let’s explore deeper into how the Spark Reviewer program works, how you might be asked to join the program, and how you could also receive Spark activities!

How Does The Spark Reviewer Program Work?

The Spark Reviewer Program is a clever strategy to boost customers’ confidence when making purchases at Walmart.

Have you ever looked at a product description but noticed there weren’t any reviews? Did it affect whether or not you purchased it?

It has certainly made me shy away from the products and gravitate toward similar items on other websites with many reviews.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest forms of earned marketing, especially when the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Walmart recognizes this phenomenon, and that is where the Spark Review Program comes into play.

By getting loyal customers’ honest opinions on a variety of items, Walmart increases the likelihood that positive reviews on those products will galvanize shoppers to purchase.

Walmart does not interfere in any way, and reviewers are asked for honesty, not false positivity.

It’s a win/win situation: loyal customers with a history of thoughtful reviews already receive free samples in the mail, and Walmart boosts its reputation for selling quality products and brands.

You’ll know you have made an impact if you receive an official invitation from Walmart to join the program.

If you are to get invited, you’ll register via their instructions and sign up for sample alerts, which occur about once a month.

When you receive an appealing sample alert, select that item to be mailed to you and wait for it to arrive.

You’ll then be given a timeframe by which Walmart wants the review, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Next, you will need to write up what you think about the product page and submit it. Boom! You’re done, and you obviously get to keep the sample.

Even better, Walmart pays all the postage and shipping, so the process costs you nothing but a little of your time.

How Do You Join The Spark Reviewer Program?

How Do You Join The Spark Reviewer Program?

Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program. You have to be invited by Walmart.

But never fear; there are ways to fall on Walmart’s radar!

First and foremost, start becoming an active commenter for the products you purchase. Yes, even that boring toothpaste or pack of socks.

Walmart is looking for commenters who give thoughtful reviews. You don’t have to be the best writer!

But you do have to show a certain insight into the products you’re reviewing. Particularly, think about the reasons that would make a person buy this item.

Now how well does it fulfill those needs? You can focus on one or mention a few different ones.

You want to stand out from the people who simply comment one word or leave unintelligible reviews that don’t offer any value to interested buyers.

Even if your review is negative, you’re on the right track if you can convey that without sounding irate.

Is The Spark Reviewer Program Real?

The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is completely real.

As you can see from this thread on Reddit, numerous shoppers have received invitations and signed up.

One user details how they have been a Spark Reviewer for nearly a year and recounts all the freebies they have received: dishes, mixing bowls, jeans, blankets, etc.

A wide variety of goods receive at least four samples per month.

The Walmart Spark Reviewer program is a real way to get quality samples for free!

Does Walmart Have A Spark Community?

Walmart’s Spark Community is a different but related rewards program that Walmart offers loyal customers.

Rather than writing reviews, Walmart Spark Community members partake in activities that help Walmart’s marketing department learn more about its customers.

By completing these activities, Spark Community members can earn points that they can redeem toward gift cards.

Activities include things like interviews, surveys, focus groups, discussion board participation, and shop-along.

Chosen members can expect the activities to arise somewhat sporadically; per the Spark Community page FAQ, some months may include one or two activities.

And some months might not have any activities at all.

The activities will also vary in the length of time needed. Surveys are the shortest, at about five minutes, but I imagine something like a focus group would be much longer.

The points are awarded based on how “involved” the activity is, so an in-person interview would obviously be worth more than a five-minute survey.

Once the community member has accrued enough points to earn a gift card, they can “cash it in, ” add the digital card to their account and shop online.

Or they can print it out and use it in-store. It can be used at Walmart stores and Sam’s Club locations, in-store and online.

How Do You Get Walmart Spark Activities?

You can get chosen to participate in Spark Activities the same way you get chosen for the Spark Reviewer program – by being an active commenter on the Walmart website.

By showing that your reviews are thoughtful, and insightful and offer real value to other customers, you can earn your way to free Walmart shopping!

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Walmart’s Spark Reviewer and Spark Activities are invite-only programs that give loyal Walmart shoppers free stuff for their honest opinions.

By becoming an active reviewer on Walmart’s product pages, you too can increase your likelihood of catching Walmart’s eye and being chosen for these lucrative programs.

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