How To Get Free Stuff At Walmart? (12 Different Methods)

One aspect of Walmart that draws in millions of customers each year are the store’s consistently low prices on essential items.

But if you are curious about ways to save even more money at Walmart, you may be wondering if there are methods to get free stuff at the retail store.

Here are 12 simple ways to save money and get various free products from your local Walmart store!

How To Get Free Stuff At Walmart? (12 Methods)

1. Get Free Samples While Shopping In-Store At Walmart

Sometimes, Walmart allows certain vendors to set up a sampling station in the store, usually in the grocery section, to give you free samples to try.

Free samples are meant to give shoppers something new to try while promoting new products. Different companies partner with Walmart to provide various samples to encourage more sales.

If you do not see any samples set up in your store, you can visit the customer service desk and ask when samplers will be in your local store.

2. Get Free Samples With Online Orders At Walmart

Walmart occasionally offers free samples with online purchases. In the past, you could search for free samples in the search bar on the Walmart website. To get free samples online, it seems to rely mostly on chance.

Sometimes, if you buy certain products, Walmart throws in a free sample with your order. Walmart customers have reported receiving free samples of shampoo, body wash, granola bars, lotion, and much more!

3. Sign Up For Free Sample Boxes From Walmart

Sign Up For Free Sample Boxes From Walmart

Walmart also offers a few different sampler boxes called the Beauty Box and the Baby Box. The Beauty Box includes products like makeup, lotions, body wash, and hair care.

The Baby Box, on the other hand, is designed for different aged infants. You can choose from the Pregnancy, Newborn/Infant, or Toddler box.

The only catch of the free sample boxes is paying $5 for shipping and handling fees, a small fee to sample various products.

4. Attend An Event Hosted By Walmart

Walmart hosts events where customers can sample foods, healthcare products, beauty products, and even toys at different points in the year.

Additionally, Walmart hands out coupons during these events for later purchases.

These events are only held at select Walmart locations. To find out if your local store hosts events, visit the Walmart website and enter your zip code to find your local store.

On the right side of the screen, there is a section for local events. Or, you can call your store and ask if they will host any events.

5. Look For Expired Products At Walmart

The store has a ‘fresh or free’ policy for food products Walmart carries.

So, if you start your shopping as soon as the store opens, you may be able to find some expired products from the previous night.

When you bring an expired product to the customer service desk, they will give you a similar package for free.

For health and safety reasons, Walmart cannot sell you expired product.

6. Visit Blogs To Find Walmart Coupons

Visit Blogs To Find Walmart Coupons

If you do not want to spend time searching the web for coupons at Walmart, several bloggers do so for you!

For example, blogs like FreeStuffFinder dedicate an entire section of their website to Walmart coupons, and the deals are updated each week.

All that is left for you to do is print out the coupons and check the weekly sales for the products you need!

7. Sign Up For The Walmart MasterCard

The Walmart MasterCard is an excellent way to get free stuff at Walmart! The credit card offers significant cash back on qualifying purchases that you can redeem for credit on your statement or use it to receive a Walmart gift card.

The cashback the Walmart MasterCard offers includes:

  • 1% cash back on in-store purchases and anywhere else the card is accepted
  • 2% cash back on fuel purchases at Walmart gas stations
  • 3% cash back on purchases made on Walmart’s website

With the Walmart MasterCard, you get rewards for purchasing items you usually buy anyways!

8. Download Walmart’s Savings Catcher App

Walmart has an app that serves as a price match tool, making all the price comparisons for you, so you do not have to spend time searching for different prices from other retail stores.

The Walmart Savings Catcher app is compatible with Apple and Android devices and compares prices from stores like Target.

Additionally, Walmart will pay you back for the price difference between items.

9. Apply for Walmart Funds Through The Community Grant

Apply for Walmart Funds Through The Community Grant

Walmart’s Community Grant program helps provide essential items for families in financial need.

For example, Walmart gives funds ranging between $250 and $2500 depending on the individuals’ need for assistance.

To receive grants, you must apply to be enrolled in the program. If accepted, Walmart provides cash or items like cleaning and school supplies of equal value.

10. Use Rebate Apps To Receive Walmart Gift Cards

Another way to save some money at Walmart and earn money towards future purchases at Walmart is to use rebate apps.

There are several rebate apps available on the app store that are compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.

Most rebate apps require that you take surveys or watch commercials to earn money towards purchases from Walmart.

After taking the surveys, you earn points that you can redeem for Walmart gift cards.

11. Become A Walmart+ Member

Walmart recently introduced Walmart+, a membership plan that offers members exclusive deals and additional ways to save money.

The membership costs $98 a year (or $13 per month), and Walmart claims it can save you over $800 a year on groceries and household items and $84 a year on fuel.

Some of the benefits that come with a Walmart+ membership include:

  • Mobile scan and go
  • Save $0.05 per gallon at Walmart gas stations
  • Savings on prescription drugs
  • Free next-day shipping on online purchases

Not only does Walmart claim a Walmart+ membership can save you money, but they also estimate you will save 1.5 hours of time a week if you grocery shop online.

12. Buy Refurbished Technology From Walmart

Now, you may not receive free items from Walmart by purchasing refurbished items, but you can save a lot of money on the latest devices like TVs, laptops, and other electronics.

Refurbished items are gently used products that professionals fix up so Walmart can sell them at a discounted price.

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If you want to save even more money on products you already buy from Walmart, there are several ways to receive free products from the retail giant.

For example, enrolling in Walmart+, signing up for free sample boxes, and signing up for Walmart’s MasterCard are just a few ways to get free things from Walmart.

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