Starbucks Assistant Manager (Job Description, Salary, Duties, Is It a Good Job, Hours + More)

The Starbucks Assistant Manager helps the store manager in all aspects of store operation and coaching and mentoring the team. That said, this is a leadership position with great potential for upward career mobility.

If you would like to know more about the Starbucks Assistant Manager position, the job duties, and the qualifications you need to apply, read on!

Starbucks Assistant Manager In 2024

The Starbucks Assistant Manager helps the store manager in all store operations, including leading the store team as of 2024. This position offers an excellent benefits package and the average pay of $42,000 a year. Also, this job is a full-time position (40 hours/week) that requires at least a high school diploma and two years of retail experience.

If you would like to learn more about the Starbucks Assistant Manager position, the skills and qualifications needed, and how to apply for the job, keep reading!

What Does A Starbucks Assistant Manager Do?

The Starbucks Assistant Manager helps the store manager with store operations while learning management and business skills.

That said, the Assistant Manager helps the entire team create the Starbucks Experience for customers and leads and inspires the store team to generate business success.

Further, the Assistant Manager position builds supervisory experience, store management skills, and coffee and tea knowledge.

Also, the Starbucks Assistant Manager is responsible for creating a strong relationship with the local community.

Along with the store manager, the Assistant Manager is responsible for the store’s success on every front.

Starbucks Assistant Manager Job Description

The Assistant Store Manager position prepares you to become a store manager. That said, it may be seen as an eight to 12-month training program for a store manager position.

Regarding the job’s responsibilities, the Assistant Manager’s include:

  • Delivering excellent customer service.
  • Creating a meeting place in the community.
  • Modeling Starbucks values to the public.

Further, Starbucks Assistant Manager duties will also include the following:

  • Communicating with the store manager and store team
  • Monitoring team morale and performance and communicating these to the store manager
  • Engaging with customers to understand their needs and the surrounding community
  • Maintaining regular attendance and punctuality
  • Maintaining and modeling a “customer comes first” attitude
  • Monitoring store and business indicators for concerns and opportunities
  • Supporting store manager in meeting company’s operational and organizational objectives by working with shift teams to carry out the required actions
  • Supporting the team by recognizing individual and group accomplishments
  • Coaching and mentoring team members
  • Making employment recommendations to the store manager

Starbucks Assistant Store Manager Job Requirements

Starbucks Assistant Store Manager Job Requirements

The Starbucks Assistant Manager position requires at least two years of retail or customer service experience, managerial skills, and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Instead of two years of retail experience, Starbucks will accept four or more years of military service in the US, too.

Additionally, the minimum educational requirement for this position is high school graduation or GED.

Moreover, there are required skills and qualifications to apply for a Starbucks Assistant Manager position, which include:

  • Two or more years experience in retail or customer service OR four or more years of US military service
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Experience in a sales-focused environment
  • Supervisory experience
  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Minimum High School or GED
  • Ability to deliver exceptional customer service

Excellent customer service skills are required for this position because the Assistant Manager is called upon to support the team when the store gets busy, and any problems arise.

That said, the ability to function in a fast-paced environment and anticipate and prevent problems is essential for this position.

What Hours Does A Starbucks Assistant Manager Work?

Starbucks Assistant Manager is a full-time position requiring 40 hours a week.

How To Apply For An Assistant Store Manager Position At Starbucks

 Starbucks lists all open positions at the store on its website. So, you can search for “Assistant Manager positions” and complete an application online.

What Are Some Starbucks Assistant Manager Interview Questions?

The interview process for the Starbucks Assistant Manager position has been described as thorough and fun.

That said, interviewers ask a lot of situational questions to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, you can expect a lot of questions about your customer service experience and other behavioral questions.

With that, some of the questions might include:

  • Why do you think Starbucks is a good fit?
  • Could you stay motivated in stressful, high-volume times?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • How would you handle them if put in certain difficult scenarios, such as a customer who hasn’t received their order?
  • What skills would you bring to Starbucks?
  • How well do you work with others?
  • Can you work in a fast-paced environment?
  • What is your availability?
  • What is a challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

Additionally, the interview process may include a coffee tasting, and two rounds of interviews, by phone and in person.

What Is The Salary For A Starbucks Assistant Manager?

The average annual pay for a Starbucks Assistant Manager is $42,243. Depending on the location, it may vary between $36,563 and $49,023.

Also, the position comes with an excellent benefits package and bonuses.

Is Starbucks Assistant Manager A Good Job?

Several people see the Assistant Manager position at Starbucks as a stepping stone to becoming a store manager.

Therefore, it’s a good way to take on a role of greater responsibility, produce results, deepen your knowledge of coffee, run a business, and build ties to the community.

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For anyone looking for a leadership position with responsibility and the potential to move up in a career in management, Starbucks Assistant Manager would be a good choice.

The Starbucks Assistant Manager is responsible, along with the store manager, for all store operations, for leading the store team, and for the store’s success.

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