Starbucks Black Coffee (What Is It, Best One, Calories, Caffeine + More)

Starbucks is famous for having so many different and creative types of drinks that people sometimes wonder if it’s possible to get just a regular cup of coffee there.

So, if you prefer your coffee without milk or cream, you may be wondering how to order a Starbucks black coffee. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

What Is Starbucks Black Coffee?

Starbucks black coffee can refer to either hot coffee, cold brew, or espresso, all without any added ingredients. Dark, medium, or blonde roast hot coffee can all be taken black; Starbucks cold brew coffee, without any added ingredients, is also referred to as black coffee. Finally, espresso shots with hot water can also be called black coffee.

If you want to know more about Starbucks black coffees, their calorie and caffeine content, and more, read on to learn more useful facts and tips!

Does Starbucks Have Black Coffee?

If you’re a diehard black coffee drinker, you may be wondering if you can find it among all the exotically-named coffees and drinks on the Starbucks menu.

The good news is that you can indeed get a black coffee at Starbucks, and even better, it comes in three varieties.

Black coffee means coffee without any additions, and at Starbucks, you can get either their hot brewed coffee without milk, cream, sugar, or any other additions, as well as cold brew.

A third option is espresso shots with hot water, which also doesn’t have any added ingredients.

What Is Starbucks Hot Brewed Black Coffee?

As you might know, Starbucks has three signature roasts, which are used for making their hot brewed coffee:

  • Signature Dark Roast
  • Pike Place (medium roast)
  • True North Blonde Roast (light)

Additionally, there’s also a decaffeinated version of the Pike Place medium roast.

Every Starbucks store has two pots of coffee brewing at any given time, and one of these is usually the Pike Place medium roast.

When you ask for a brewed coffee, you’ll receive a Pike Place coffee automatically unless you specify which roast you want.

Generally, Starbucks baristas will inquire whether you take coffee black. However, if a barista forgets to ask about customizations, you will automatically receive your coffee black.

What Is Starbucks Cold Brew Black Coffee?

What Is Starbucks Cold Brew Black Coffee?

Cold brew coffees are different from iced coffees. Iced coffee at Starbucks is brewed in a regular way using hot water and then cooled by adding ice or being refrigerated.

However, Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee is made by steeping the coffee beans in cold water for 20 hours, meaning the coffee beans don’t come into contact with heat at any stage.

Cold brews have a smoother flavor with a natural sweetness. They also have lower acidity than coffee made with hot water, as the slow brewing process helps to reduce the acid content.

What Is Starbucks Espresso?

Starbucks Espresso shots with hot water may also be called black coffee (though baristas refer to this as an Americano) and have a rich flavor with a natural sweet, caramel taste.

Starbucks offers Signature, Blonde, or Decaf espresso shots, which customers may choose between when placing their orders.

Overall, Espresso without milk, cream, or sugar is an excellent choice if you want the maximum flavor of the coffee without any distractions.

How Many Calories Are There in a Starbucks Black Coffee?

The calorie content in all the hot or cold brewed coffees is 5g in a 16 fl. oz. serving. Espresso shots have slightly more calories, but at 10g, it’s still not a significant amount.

However, the amount of caffeine varies in the different types of roast because the longer coffee beans are roasted, the less caffeine they have.

This is because the coffee beans actually lose caffeine during the roasting process. Therefore, the blonde or light roast, which is roasted for the shortest period, has the most caffeine, and the dark roast, which is roasted for the longest time, has the least caffeine.

This is how they stack up in terms of caffeine in a 16 fl. oz. serving:

  • Blonde Roast 360 mg
  • Pike Place 310 mg
  • Dark Roast 260 mg
  • Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee 205 mg
  • Espresso 150 mg

Which Is the Best Brew Among Starbucks Black Coffees?

Generally, the Pike Place roast from Starbucks is the most popular among customers. However, the Signature Dark Roast and True North Blonde Roast are both full of flavor and well-loved among customers.

To compare, Pike Place Roast carries berry and nut flavor notes, Signature Dark Roast contains chocolate notes, and True North contains caramel notes.

Therefore, it’s recommended to try each roast from Starbucks in order to determine which brew suits your personal flavor palate.

How Do I Order a Black Coffee at Starbucks?

When you want a hot black coffee at Starbucks, simply request the type of roast you prefer, and request the coffee to be served black (or plain).

If you wish to order a cold brew, request a plain or black cold brew. Finally, if you prefer espresso, request a black Americano and specify whether you’d prefer a signature, blonde, or decaf espresso.

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