Starbucks Puppuccino (What Is It, Are They Free, Ingredients, Safe For Dogs + More)

If you’re a Starbucks fan and a dog owner, you’ve probably wanted to get something along with your latte for your best friend. You may have even heard about the Puppuccino, or Pup Cup treat you can get for your dog at Starbucks.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Starbucks Puppuccino for your dog but want to know more about the ingredients being ordered, you’re not alone! I’ve looked into the Puppuccino at Starbucks, and here’s what I discovered!

Starbucks Puppuccino In 2024

Starbucks’ Puppuccino is a treat for dogs made with sweetened whipped cream, milk or water, and ice that’s served in a small cup as of 2024. Puppuccinos aren’t on the Starbucks menu, but baristas will whip up one on request. Puppuccinos are free, but it’s generally a good idea to order something else simultaneously and leave a tip.

If you have more questions about Starbucks Puppuccinos, like how and where you can order one, if they’re good for your dog and more, keep reading!

What Is A Starbucks Puppuccino?

You’ve probably heard of the Starbucks secret menu, which refers to items that don’t appear on the menu, but you can ask the barista to prepare for you.

That said, one of the favorite items from the Starbucks secret menu is the Puppuccino, a treat for dogs that baristas can make on request.

Also, the Puppuccino is sometimes known as the Pup Cup, and you can get one at stores and in drive-thrus.

Moreover, you may even have seen those pictures on social media of dogs enjoying their sweet and slightly messy treats.

What Are The Ingredients Of A Puppuccino?

The Puppuccino is made with sweetened whipped cream mixed with milk or water and ice. As you can imagine, dogs love this concoction.

Further, Starbucks serves the Puppuccino in a small or espresso-sized cup, so it’s only a very small amount of whipped cream that your pet is consuming.

Are Starbucks Puppuccinos Free?

Yes, Starbucks Puppuccinos are free. However, it’s generally a good idea to order something else as well, so you’re not just showing up for a freebie.

Additionally, you can add a little extra to the barista’s tip for taking the time to make a treat for your dog.

Is Starbucks Puppuccino Suitable For Dogs?

Your dog will love the Puppuccino, but as a pet parent, you may have some concerns about whether or not it’s good for them.

Understandably, some people are concerned that the sugar and cream in the doggie treat may not be the healthiest choice.

However, because the serving size is so small, it won’t do any harm once in a while.

Further, the Puppuccino doesn’t contain any caffeine, so your pet isn’t going to go on a hyperactive rampage after enjoying a Pup Cup.

Of course, you can’t add it to your dog’s daily menu without the risk of all that sugar and cream making your dog overweight.

Also, too much of the sugary treat may lead to dental problems down the line. So, like all things, moderation is the key.

It’s a choice that every pet owner must make, but as an occasional or even weekly treat, a Puppucino shouldn’t hurt a healthy dog.

Is The Starbucks Puppuccino Safe For Dogs?

Is The Starbucks Puppuccino Safe For Dogs?

Some dog owners may be concerned about the effects of a sweet and sugary treat on their dog’s health.

That said, there are some things you should keep in mind when ordering a Puppuccino for your dog.

For example, some dogs are lactose intolerant and may not digest milk and milk products. In that case, they should not be given Puppuccinos.

A small amount of whipped cream may be safe for lactose-intolerant dogs, but anything more substantial may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Also, the treat may not be good for dogs who suffer from diabetes or any other chronic conditions.

If you’re in doubt, you should consult your veterinarian before getting a Puppuccino for your dog.

A recent news item contained the distressing news that a woman in the UK claimed that her pup choked to death on the biscuits added to the Pupouccinos she requested.

So, this tragic and unique occurrence could be prevented by asking baristas not to add anything to the basic ingredients of the Puppuccino.

Can You Get A Starbucks Puppuccino For Cats?

There isn’t a separate Starbucks secret menu item for cats yet, but that hasn’t stopped some intrepid cat owners from finding a treat at Starbucks for their pets.

While the Puppuccino is too large for a cat to finish, a small amount of whipped cream will go down just right.

Also, some cats are lactose intolerant, but many cats love the taste of whipped cream as much as any dog.

How To Order A Puppuccino At Starbucks

At Starbucks, it’s easy to order a Puppuccino: all you have to do is ask your barista for one! However, the barista may know it as a Pup Cup, so you can try both names.

Unfortunately, because it’s not a formal menu item, you can’t order a Puppuccino on the Starbucks mobile app. Also, you can ask for a Puppuccino at the drive-thru.

In fact, it’s the easiest way to order a Puppuccino because you don’t have to leave your dog tied up outside while you dash into the store to pick up your order.

Additionally, some extra busy locations in metro areas may not be able to serve Puppuccinos because of the sheer number of requests they would get.

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Starbucks Puppuccino is a free tasty treat for dogs that you can get at stores and drive-thrus.

Further, it consists of a small or espresso-sized cup with whipped cream mixed with water or milk and ice.

As an occasional treat, the Puppuccino is not unhealthy or unsafe for your dog to eat. However, it may not be suitable for dogs who are lactose intolerant or diabetic.

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