Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise (What You Can Get + More)

Starbucks has millions of loyal customers who love the signature drinks, food, and merchandise available in these stores, the latter of which is eagerly sought after when new designs are released.

You may not be familiar with Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise, but you are curious about it. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise

Starbucks customers who join the loyalty Rewards program can earn Stars with each purchase, which can be used to earn Rewards like free drinks, food, and merchandise. The highest Rewards tier is 400 Stars, allowing customers to buy merchandise like coffee beans, Starbucks cups/ tumblers, and other items valued at $20 or less.

If you have questions about what kinds of merchandise you can get for your 400 Stars, where and how to redeem your Stars, and more, keep reading to find the answers below!

What Is Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise?

Starbucks customers can earn Stars by joining the Loyalty Rewards program, downloading the Starbucks app, or acquiring a physical Starbucks Card.

You earn Stars when you scan your card/ app every time you make a purchase, and you can redeem them for free drinks, food, and merchandise.

Additionally, it’s free to join the Rewards program, and you can sign up online or in the Starbucks mobile app.

You can start earning Rewards with just 25 Stars, allowing you to customize your drink for free. Also, you can wait till you have more Stars, which will earn you a higher level of Reward.

For example, 150 Stars can be redeemed for a handcrafted drink, a hot breakfast sandwich, or parfait.

The highest Reward tier is 400 Stars, which can be redeemed for a prepackaged bag of Starbucks coffee products like coffee beans or select merchandise worth up to $20.

Also, if the item you want is worth more than $20, you can still use your 400 Stars and pay the difference for the remaining amount.

What Is Included in Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise?

What Is Included in Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise?

Merchandise is an integral part of the Starbucks experience, and it includes packaged coffee beans of various types, coffee accessories, and signature Starbucks cups and tumblers.

You can choose any of the above items for your 400 Stars if the value is less than $20.

However, some limitations and exclusions exist, and alcoholic drinks are not included in the Rewards.

If you’re curious whether an item you want is valid for the 400 Stars tier, you can see the full Terms and Conditions of the Starbucks Rewards Program on

How Do I Redeem Starbucks Stars For Merchandise?

You can redeem your Starbucks Stars at participating company-owned stores. However, some stores (usually located within grocery stores) may only offer a single tier of Rewards with 150 Stars.

Sometimes, new and popular merchandise, like the latest designs in Starbucks cups and tumblers, sell out very quickly.

Also, the types of packaged coffee beans and merchandise available will vary from store to store.

Can You Redeem More Than One Reward With Each Purchase?

For in-store purchases made at the cash register, you can get more than one Reward simultaneously if you have enough Stars.

For example, if you have 550 Stars, you can simultaneously get a 400 Tier Reward plus a 150 Tier Reward.

However, if you are using the Starbucks mobile app or your Starbucks account to pay ahead online, you can only get one Reward for each purchase.

Can you go over 400 Stars at Starbucks?

You can earn over 400 Stars at Starbucks before redeeming the points. Many Starbucks regulars have thousands of Stars in their Rewards accounts.

However, you must remember that if you don’t use your Stars, they will expire after six months.

Additionally, you can track your Stars in your Rewards account or the Starbucks mobile app, which will show you the Stars due to expiration.

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