Subway Complaints Australia (How to Make One, Common Types of Complaints + Contact Information)

Subway is a multinational restaurant franchise, serving millions of customers in Australia and inevitably generates many customer complaints.

If you would like to know how Subway Australia handles customer complaints, and how to make your complaint under that system, then kindly read on!

How Does the Subway Australia Complaint Resolution System Work In [currentyear]?

Subway Australia customers can contact customer support online and offline to lodge complaints by calling, emailing, social media, and mailing. If the outcome dissatisfies them, the customers can resort to Australian consumer protection agencies, courts of law, or review sites. Common complaints involve billing, inadequate customer support, and poorly prepared food in [currentyear].

Keep reading if you want to know how to make your complaints to Subway Australia, what you can complain about, how it handles your complaints, and much more!

How Do I File a Complaint Against Subway Australia?

Complaints that arise from incidents in the restaurant should be first made to the restaurant’s management or customer service representative.

You can make the complaint first to the employee who serves you, and as long as it is straightforward, there should be no problem resolving it.

Otherwise, you escalate to the restaurant’s management. You can call the local store management if you are not physically at the restaurant.

When you call, have all the details of your complaint at hand so that it’s not necessary to break off to look for them while on the call.

How Do I File a Complaint Against Subway Australia Online?

Customers can file complaints against Subway Australia online as a way of escalating from a restaurant dispute resolution that has failed.

You can file your complaint via the Contact Us page on Subway Australia’s website. You will be required to fill in your contact information first.

Subway Australia also reacts to the complaints made on its social media pages, in some instances quicker than it responds to emails.

Where Can I Send Subway Australia Official Letters?

When it becomes necessary to send Subway Australia letters or physical documents, you can do so via its official address:

 Corporate Head Office Address: Level 1/42 Amelia St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.

What Are Subway Australia’s Customer Support Contacts?

Subway Australia customer support contact includes the following:

What Are the Contacts for the Regional Subway Australia Restaurants?

What Are the Contacts for the Regional Subway Australia Restaurants?

You can contact regional subway Australia restaurants using any of the following contacts:

7 Hunter Street

  • Shop F15, Hunter Connection, Sydney, NSW 2000.
  • Phone: 02 9223 6064.


60 Margaret Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. P: 0280199390.


  • Melbourne, VIC 3000.
  • 187-193 Elizabeth Street, Phone: 03 9670 2422.
  • 218 Swanston Street, Phone: 03 9662 4562.
  • 40 Exhibition St Melbourne 3000, Phone: 03 9654 0551.
  • 104 Exhibition St Melbourne, Phone: 03 9663 5344.

Where Else Can I Complain About Subway Australia?

Australia has several consumer protection agencies that operate at the local state, territory, and inter territory levels.

These consumer protection agencies protect you from inferior products and immoral business practices.

Here are the relevant consumer protection agencies with whom you can file your complaint against Subway Australia:

Department of Health

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

These two agencies deal with Subway Australia’s food production and commercial aspects.

Subway Australia’s customers may also pursue legal justice in a Small Claims Court, in any of the territories of Australia.

As such, there may be some slight variance in procedure from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

According to the Australian Capital Territory, the following will take place when filing a case at a small claims court:

  1. Obtain a form from the court officer, fill it out and file it in the court. Make sure you fill inaccurate details about you, the defendant, and your claim.
  2. The court will help you serve Subway Australia as the defendant. Within 14 days of being served, Subway may offer to make amends, deny the claim, or negotiate.
  3. When your claim is denied, Subway Australia will file a notice of defense, using files available in court.
  4. You will be notified of this and a date set for an informal conference you and Subway Australia attended.
  5. You may choose to have a lawyer. The court officer will advise you as to court procedure.
  6. You will get a chance to argue your claim, backed up by evidence, and the defendant gets their chance to argue their defense.
  7. If Subway Australia fails to react to your claim, you may apply to the court to enter judgment against them.

What Are the Common Complaints Against Subway Australia?

Common complaints against Subway Australia include:

  • Being billed for canceled orders
  • Badly prepared food
  • Unsanitary conditions while serving food. For instance, a worker sneezing into their hand while preparing food
  • Overwhelmed staff leading to delayed or missed orders and inattentive staff
  • Rude management staff while handling complaints

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Subway Australia’s customers have several avenues to channel their grievances within the company’s customer support system.

If they find these unsatisfactory, the customers can use consumer protection agencies, or file a case at a small court to resolve their complaints.

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